Sondheimer reports Marmonte League moving to the Pac-5; more changes to come

L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer is reporting that preliminary proposals for the new CIF-SS football playoff divisions brings a big change in the Pac-5, where Bishop Amat resides. He reports that the Marmonte League has been moved from the Northern Division into the Pac-5 and the Sunset League has been moved from the Pac-5 to the Southwest. There was some chatter that the Serra League might be dropped from the Pac-5, but that’s not likely now. In the coming months we also will find out if the Sierra League remains in the the Inland, if the Hacienda stays in the Southeast and the Rio Hondo in the Mid-Valley. West Covina and Monrovia have dominated the Southeast and Rio Hondo, respectively, the past two years, sparking debate that the divisions will be strengthened or the Hacienda and Rio Hondo league’s could be moved to stronger divisions.

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  • Just wondering

    I’m trying to figure out how that’s going to work. The Marmonte has 10 teams in their league which, by CIF Bluebook means that they are guaranteed 5 automatic playoffs spots. The Sunset was only guaranteed 3 playoff spots and because the Pac-5 does not have any At-Large births to give up we’re looking at 18 automatic births. Is CIF going to make an exception for the Marmonte and re-league them this year?

    As far as the Sunset is concerned, the sunset will dominate the Southwest Division for the next 4 years. No way the Hacienda get moved to the Southwest now. Probably going to flip spots with the Mt. Baldy league and get moved to the Central. Unless they move the Sierra down to the Central which would them mean that the Hacienda stays where they are and CIF beefs up the Southeast Division.

  • How about this

    How about adding the Marmonte, Big 8, Southwestern, and the Baseline (call the Division the Pac-8) and go with a 32 team playoff (1 additional playoff round) To compensate for the additional game they could go to a 9 game season with 1 less preseason game. CIF could then match up all the non-playoff teams for an additional game at the end of the season.

  • AmatNation

    I’m tired of seeing our football team get their butts kicked every year. We need to move down to a division where we can at least compete and get embarrassed every year.

  • AmatNation


    I meant a division where we can at least compete and NOT get embarrassed every year. I know we don’t like to admit it, but come on people! Every year we get badly beat and out played by teams like Servite and every year we get beat in 1st round of the playoffs like with Tesoro and Santa Margarita. Come on people. Lets do it!

  • Illogical

    Heres whats funy about this thread and bozos like Amat Nation (pretending to be someone from Amat – but we know who it is). First, we want to move teams who do well in league (Charter Oak, South Hills,) out and put them in tougher leagues. Then schools like West Covina are left with no peers to compete with. Then, we want to take leagues who do well – and move them up to tougher divisions. THEN, once we have all the tougher teams in tough leagues and tougher divisions we want to complain that someone doesn’t make the playoffs or do well in them (think South Hills, Crespi, Notre Dame, Orange Lutheran) all while claimng superiority for someone like Mnrovia or West Covina – who play no one along the way to their little local championship without ever facing someone from out of the area. Yet those formerly mentioned teams would kick all of their tails. Freakin’ South Hills beat Monrovia. loyola waxed West Covina and if not for an injury – who knows how Amat does in that 14-3 game (or in either of their 5 pt losses in league. Without those we could be talking about League Champs 2/3 years and playing for the 3rd on the last week. But we dismiss Monrovias loss to South Hills and West Covinas drubbing to Loyola because of injuries. It would make NO sense to move Amat or their league down. This year Notre Dame didn’t make the playoffs and destroyed the Westerrn #1 seed (Serra) Mater Dei has beat Centennial a couple times the last 5 seasons – and they struggle in the Pac 5. When Amat was aweful (3-7) they beat the Western champions. These teams are in the Pac 5 for a reason – they are better. Period.

  • Norco

    Marmonte is being split in half, Norco had a game with Oaks Christian #5 this year and Oakes asked out of it when they heard they were being moved up to the PAC5…As for Edison they better dominate the SouthWest Divison…hell their being moved down FIVE divisions…Also this is a big blow to Edison and LA, look for them to lose kids to MD & Servite….The Inland divison from what I hear will lose the baseline league and add the Ivy league with Rancho Verde & JW North…