Fred’s, uh, on vacation this week. So it’s back to the Aram Regime … just don’t expect me to use Fred’s crusty mouse …

There are currently 1,459 forms of the flu virus on Fred’s mouse. Blet.

Anyway, it’s good to be back in the saddle again (not really). The suggestions Fred left this week for the Tribune coverage plan wreaked of soccer. Which is nice, but don’t expect The Fat Man to stick to it word-for-word. We’ve got Signing Day on Wednesday and that’s gonna be huge. If you know of any athletes signing a letter of intent on Wednesday, please contact me at to let me know.

As for the Top 10s, I will be handling those as well. With Glendora and Damien both losing to Etiwanda last week, and La Verne Lutheran losing to Westchester, we’ve got some decisions to be made. Wilson No. 1, anybody? Also, Amat’s girls team is slip-sliding away.

And this week is The Rematch: Workman at Duarte (girls).

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  • jcaz

    I’m sitting here in vegas watching ESPN 2 ob the TV. Theyre talking about football helmets and much of the High school footage that’s being used on the program includes bishop Amat football
    Even in Vegas the lancers have a presence LOL !


    Hacienda girls League Standings

    BONITA 5-0-2
    DIAMOND BAR 5-2-1
    WAlnut 4-1-3
    LOS ALTOS 4-2-2
    DIAMD RANCH 3-5-0
    ROWLAND 2-5-0
    WEST COVINA 0-8-0

    *Diamond Bar girls have lost 2 of its last 3 games.

  • NV98

    throw some wrestling info at us.. don’t need a killer story, just some rankings and results. Fred hasn’t done ANYTHING for wrestling this winter. remember Northview hasn’t lost a league match since 1997 and I hear they won the prestigious five counties tourney. Fill us in!!

  • DuarteMan

    The Workman Duarte Rematch Should Be Really Nice. Both Teams Are Only Only Teams That Can Compete In The Montview League So It Should Be Nice To See This Game Even Though Workmans Evelyn Herrera Leads The League In Scoring Duarte Has Scary Size In Yasmine Wilson And A Crazy All Around Player In Imari Brown.
    With Shereese Cox And Mikayla Tickey In The Starting Lineup Duarte Should Get The Win.

    Keys To The Game For Duarte
    Contain Evelyn Herrera

    Keys To The Game For Workman
    Stop Imari Brown While Also
    Trying To Stop Yasmine Wilson..

    DUARTE VS WORKMAN(Girls Basketball)
    Montview League Battle For The CHAMPIONSHIP
    Duarte High School

  • Anonymous

    LOL fred dirty, that thing look like if you was to use it you would be at a high risk of catching a staph infection

  • Word on Cameron

    What ever happened to the baseball preview? Fred did softball but not baseball…

  • Battle for the ‘hubcap’

    tonight Wilson @ Los Altos, Wilson wins their 7th straight, 55-39, next up is Northview at home on Wed, with a one game lead in the VVL

  • kill it with fire

    Stick that thing in the dishwasher. If that doen’t do it, just kill it with fire.

  • PARTY!!!

    Are we having a party at the Tribune office now that Fred is gone for a week? I’ll bring the beer.

  • Sierra League Fan

    “I’m sitting here in vegas watching ESPN 2 ob the TV. Theyre talking about football helmets and much of the High school footage that’s being used on the program includes bishop Amat football
    Even in Vegas the lancers have a presence LOL !”

    That’s because Amat’s helmets are the cleanest, least scratched due to the lack of contact!…LOL

  • World Wide Presence

    Take it easy Serta League Fan not a whole lotta bangin goin on in that gauntlet that is the Serta League, I mean sierra league!

  • Anonymous

    Sierra League Fan
    LOL hahahahaha you right it was an episode about the cleanest helmets worn all year. they were congratulating Amat on not using the helmet but in the episode there jersey’s were also clean

  • seriously?

    “they were congratulating Amat on not using the helmet but in the episode there jersey’s were also clean”

    …their jerseys….

  • Sierra League Fan

    It’s not that Amat’s helmets are safer….it’s just that they don’t use them to hit people and they fall down before other teams can hit them….hell, they could wear cardboard boxes on their head…lol

  • bobbradstreet

    I saw my first high school wrestling match last night and it was exciting. W.Covina beat
    Bonita for the league championship, but
    no mention in the tribune.

  • technique

    Sierra League Fan – last I heard, the helmet is not supposed to be used when making tackles. Maybe thats why the Sierra Teams get smacked in all their step up games and are going to get smacked down to the Central because they cant hand with the Inland.

  • Sierra League Fan

    I Seem to recall a Chino Hills team that beat Tesoro in a step up game…you know, the same Tesoro team that upset Amat in the first year of the playoffs…..LOL
    Take a chill pill dude…I’m only joking!

  • technique

    SLF – how’d that game with Tesoro go this year? Or do you have concussion induced amnesia? Or REV? Or Rancho? Same Rancho that smacked CO, or the Upland and Murritta teams that concussed them too. Or for that matter the dMaien team you needed a fluke last second play to beat after Amat smacked them weeks earlier.

  • Sierra League Fan

    You are really going to bring up this year’s Tesoro game? The same Tesoro team that beat Servite in the playoffs…..the Servite team that Mercied Amat? CH was only down 10-3 @ half. I will admit, REV physicall beat up CH but it was only 10-0 @ half against the team that beat your PAC 5 power Mission Viejo. We had no business playing with Rancho, but still hung on until the last second. They would have dominated Amat. Unlike Amat, CH plays step up games. Every team they played in non league made the playoffs…1 Pac 5 team and 2 inland division teams (which without question was a stronger division this year than the pac 5) . Garfield??? , Cathedral???, LaMirada??, Venice?? WOW…those are some step up games….Amat, try scheduling some inland division schools Like Centennial, Upland, Vista Murrieta, North, Rancho, etc…..Hell, even Westlake or Thousand Oaks, Oaks christian. If you guys are so bad ass, schedule the big boys. We see what happened in the one game you did…you got a running clock in the 4th qtr. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Blue and Gold

    Sierra League Fan, wait Sierra League? Sierra League? WHY AM I EVEN RESPONDING TO YOU? The Sierra League is A JOKE! Didn’t CH get absolutely WORKED by C.O.???? Only to have that VERY SAME C.O. team get Absolutely and Positively Destroyed, Embarrassed, Humiliated and BEAT INTO THE FREAKIN GROUND by UPLAND? On TV with a running CLOCK at the end of the year when they should have been playing some of their best ball? Yeah, great showing by the sierra league. Whoo Hoo! HA,HA, HA, HA, HAaaaaaa!!!!!