Boys Soccer Rankings: Mountain View at South El Monte for MVL title is huge on Thursday

1. Claremont (18-2-2) – The defending CIF champs have wrapped up at least a share of the Sierra and can win it outright with a win over Ayala or South Hills this week. Of course they would like to win both, go undefeated in league and grab one of the top seeds for next week’s D-2 playoffs.

2. South El Monte (10-2-1) — The biggest surprise of the year is closing in on ending Mountain View’s four straight MVL titles. The Eagles beat Mountain View 1-0 earlier in the season and can win the title outright when they meet again on Thursday at South.

3. Mountain View (10-4-4) — The Vikings can still claim a piece of their fifth straight MVL title, but to do it they have to avenge a 1-0 loss to South El Monte on the road Thursday. The Vikings haven’t forgotten how South celebrated their 1-0 win on their field a few weeks back. Will they return the favor?

4. Damien (11-7-2) – The Spartans sit in second in the Sierra and have a favorable close-out schedule with games against Ayala and Charter Oak.

5. Pomona (10-3-1) — Clearly the best in the Valle Vista. With Baldwin Park struggling, the VVL was down this year, but give the Red Devils credit for clinching at least a share of the title.

6. South Hills (13-5-2) — If you told the Huskies before the season they would finish third in the Sierra ahead of Chino Hills and Ayala, they would have taken it. By all accounts, it was a very good season. They’re a game behind second-place Damien, but they have a tougher schedule closing against Claremont on Thursday.

7. La Puente (10-5-4) – Need a win this week to clinch the Montview League title, a wonderful accomplishment considering how much parity there is with Azusa, Ganesha and Sierra Vista. In fact, Sierra Vista may not make the playoffs, needing a big final week to get third.

8. Baldwin Park (9-6-2) – Will finish second in the Valle Vista and don’t count them out once the playoffs arrive. Something tells me they checked out mentally in league, but the playoffs are different and they’re the defending champs.

9. Arroyo (10-8-1) – Finishing third in the Mission Valley was no easy task this year. The Knights are a scary team that no league champion will want to face in the first round of the playoffs.

10. Diamond Bar (8-9-1) – Have been reluctant to include Diamond Bar in the top ten because of its overall record, but the fact is they’re about to win the Hacienda league title and deserve to be here. That is if they don’t stumble against Rowland, Bonita and Los Altos in the final week.

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  • LA Grad

    Gotta ask, how does Los Altos get snubbed off the Top 10 with 12 wins. Only #1 Claremont has more wins. Baldwin Park lost to Wilson and LA beat Wilson easily.

    I am glad that got it right and ranked LA in the Top 10 for Div 4. You guys should come out and watch a soccer game every once in while. I can imagine its hard to rank teams you dont see play. Come out on Feb 9th when Hacienda winners Diamond Bar face Los Altos in an important game for LA for post season seatings.

  • LA Grad

    Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention that LA also beat your #8 pick La Puente when they only scored a late 2nd half goal.

  • Fan

    LA fan, I agree with you on the rankings. LA can has has played with the best of them! Once the coach decided to stop making all his unnecessary substitutions, they have been playing much better. It looks like they should start peaking when it matters most, post season! Good luck LA!

  • wells

    LA Grad:

    In defense of this top ten, LA was fourth in league when Fred put it together. has it wrong. Even though that top ten comes from the coaches who will be seeding the CIF tournament, there are strict guidelines that must be followed. League placement is #1.

    The Hacienda League is not represented very well since the teams play strong non-league schedules and end up beating each other during the league season. As an example, DR was #3 last week, loses three games against three strong teams, then falls out of the top ten. As you mention, BP lost to weaker teams than the teams in the Hacienda and they don’t lose much respect.

    LA is a tough team. Even tougher on their home field. I don’t even know how they can have a quality practice on that field.

  • kfgmndg

    who has a higher goal difference? one-hit wonder, never won a CIF title South? or the best team in the league MVHS?

  • LA Grad

    Wells, I agree with you. Its hard to say that LA should be ranked above D Ranch when they are ranked above them. I was just surprised to see La Puente and Baldwin Park ranked higher when LA beat LP and Wilson that beat BP head to head.

    In Basketball and Football, there are always conversations of league strength.

    LA started strong but then had a slump in the middle which has been rectified with some substitution changes from the coaches. Even then they have 12 wins which has to account for something. They had 6 preseason/tourney wins with teams that have 10+ wins.

    Anyways, wins and losses are earned on the field and it looks like LA is headed for CIF Playoffs.

  • x

    The score for sem and mv was 2-1

  • wells

    LA Grad —

    Head to head matches should count for something as well; as well as posting 12 wins. Rankings are always difficult.

    As far as league goes, the Hacienda is tough. The parity this season is amazing. The four playoff teams are set, although there could be a three way tie for second. It may not be very likely, but it could happen.

    It would be nice if there was a weekly recap of each league in the area.

    There will be three hotly contested games tomorrow. Hopefully, there will not be any injuries.