Final CIF-Southern Section soccer polls; CIF pairings are on Monday

Today’s games: I’m covering Diamond Bar at Bonita girls soccer this afternoon and we also will have Ayala at Claremont girls soccer covered. Both games with league title implications.

If you ask who has the best chance of winning a boys soccer title, I’m still going with South El Monte or Mountain View, and wouldn’t rule out Pomona — all in D-5. Claremont is the defending champ and No. 2 in D-2, but that’s such a tough division to repeat in. There parity is ridiculous, but then again, they’re experienced and will be a tough out. In girls soccer, the area’s top teams are in D-3, which includes defending champ Amat along with Claremont, Ayala, Bonita and others like Diamond Bar, Walnut, South Hills and St. Lucy’s, but the team with the best chance of winning a title is San Dimas in D-6. The Saints advanced to the semi’s last year and have a veteran team to get it done.

Boys Soccer Polls
Division 2:
1. Valley View, 2. Claremont, 3. Riverside Poly, 4. Santa Ana, 5. Kennedy, 6. Placentia Valencia, 7. ML King, 8. Damien, 9. Indio, 10. La Habra.
Division 4: 1. El Rancho, 2. Artesia, 3. Crescenta Valley, 4. Cathedral, 5. Oak Hills, 6. Santa Monica, 7. La Salle, 8. Salesian, 9. Beverly Hills, 10. Los Altos.
Division 5: 1. Cajon, 2. San Luis Obispo, 3. Carter, Granite Hills, 5. La Canada, 6. South El Monte, 7. Animo Leadership, 8. Silverado, 9. Mountain View, 10t. Carpinteria, 10t. Pomona.

Girls Soccer Polls
Division 3
: 1. Granite Hills, 2. Lakewood St. Joseph, 3. Bishop Amat, 4. Quartz Hills, 5. Claremont, 6. Serrano, 7. Flintridge Prep, 8. Righetti, 8. Ayala, 10. Bonita.
Division 6: 1. Hemet, 2. San Dimas, 3. St. Margaret’s, 4. South Pasadena, 5. Ocean View, 6. Sierra Vista, 7. Segerstrom, 8. Crean Lutheran, 9. La Canada, 10t. Loara, 10t. Wilson.

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  • Soccer

    “but the team with the best chance of winning a title is San Dimas in D-6.”

    And yet you still put a picture of Amat up on this story. And you wonder why people claim you have a bias in favor of the Lancers!

  • Fred Robledo

    Is that what concerns you, the photo? … Love hearing things people come up with to complain about…

  • Here you go again

    Really, who cares about D-6 soccer? San Dimas will be surprised once again in playoffs. They pad the wins by playing in that pathetic league while everyone else is battling and earning a CIF playoff berth. Look at the Sierra, a very good 4th place team will sit out of the playoffs btw, didn’t South Hills beat up on them 5-1 earlier in the season? San Dimas always complains about getting no respect, respect is earned. Man up and move out of that league and stop whining.

  • Fred Robledo

    In defense of San Dimas, they can’t help the league they play in. And remember, they did beat Bonita 5-0 … the same Bonita that is undefeated in the Hacienda….

  • Fred Creditability?

    I believe it isnt a Boshop Amat thing, he’s just lazy. I remember Courtney Gano’s junior year he must have used that picture of her at least 20 times during the year, no lie.

    Everyone knew who was going to be the Tribune player of the year before the first pitch of the season. I’m sorry co-player of the year with one of if not best pitches in the SGV in over a decade, Paterson. I don’t thnk Paterson rearch 100 wins, that must be why. At least Los Altos got it right, Paterson was the team MVP.

  • Fred Robledo

    Where do you get this stuff from, it’s hilarious. Patterson was back-to-back player of the year…You people sure do get bent out of shape over the use of photo’s…

  • LA Grad

    Hey Fred, did or anyone else catch the boys score between Bonita & Diamond Bar.

  • Fan

    Bonita, DR boys tied, 1-1.

  • x

    There’s a possibility of something shocking happening down at south El Monte. Well just wait and see what happens šŸ˜‰

  • What are you covering today?

    What are you covering for Wednesday?

  • Fred Robledo

    There wasn’t a lot going on, I was thinking of covering Nogales at Baldwin Park boys today and Mountain View-South El Monte tomorrow….got a better game, let’s hear it?

  • LA Grad

    Want to see a great game on Thurs, go watch the D Bar vs LA at D Bar 5;30 PM. You have the Hacienda Boys Soccer #1 and #2. D Bar wont lose their title but LA wants to go in with high pairings position. Should be a real battle. Come see the best of the Hacienda League.

  • Nope!

    LA Grad…

    No gonna happen buddy! Fred has made it clear all season that basketball is more important than soccer. He won’t cover any 5:30 soccer games because then he would have to miss his precious roundball! Apparently there is only ONE reporter at the Trib these days! Funny how he can cover 25 football games that are all happening a the same time, but when it comes to winter sports, covering two games at the same time is IMPOSSIBLE! Makes total sense!

  • Fred Robledo

    Football is football, we spend our resources with part-time help covering every Friday night football game because it’s the most popular readership sport by far … have you not been paying attention to what sport gets the most hits? In football there are only 10 regular season games, in the winter you have boys and girls basketball and boys and girls soccer all playing 20-25 games or more spread throughout the week — we don’t have those type of resources to cover even a third. What we do is have sports clerks at the office taking calls and emails from coaches who want to report those results so we can get them in the paper. If they don’t call or email us, there is no much we can do. BTW, game I’m covering today is Mountain View and South El Monte at 3:15 p.m., at South for the league title.

  • NV98

    did wrestling have league finals yet?? and what about CIF duals?

  • Fred Robledo

    CIF Duals are on Saturday, we plan on covering most of them. The pairings are released today, and when they do, I will post it.

  • wells

    For fans of sports other than football —

    The tribune is going to cover sports that have the most interest. As much as I would like to see soccer (or other sports, for that matter) in the paper and the blogs, the interest in football is greater than all winter sports combined.

    Check the number of hits for the blog on the football schedule and it is very evident that football fans show interest on the blogs. Albeit, so many opinions are from rude, misinformed and myopic fans it is amazing.

    Good luck to all of the soccer teams that will be playing next week. There are some fine programs being represented next week.

    Represent your school and players on the blogs and Fred will give soccer more exposure.