Boys Basketball pairings: La Verne Lutheran and Damien ready to chase CIF titles

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
The chase begins for Damien and La Verne Lutheran’s boys basketball teams after receiving favorable seeds following Sunday’s CIF-Southern Section boys basketball pairings, with the Spartans earning the top seed in Division 3AAA and the two-time defending state champion Trojans seeded second in Division 4AA.

Glendora could make some noise in Division 2A and Covina, Northview and Wilson are hoping for deep playoff runs in Division 3A.

Lutheran, the area’s top-ranked team all season, earned the second seed in Division 4AA and more importantly, is on the opposite side of the draw behind top-ranked Serra and fourth-seed Price.

Lutheran, an at-large that competed as a freelance team after leaving the Arrowhead League, will open Wednesday’s first-round game on the road at Delphic League third-place Marshall. That actually could pay off for Lutheran, who could have more home games the rest of the way.

Montview League champion Workman is home against Don Bosco Tech on Wednesday with the winner likely meeting top-ranked Serra in the second round.

As expected, Damien earned the top-seed in Division 3AAA and will be home in the first round on Wednesday at Century at-large El Dorado.

Hacienda League champ Bonita was seeded seventh in 3AAA and will host Cerritos in the first round.

CIF-Southern Section Boys Basketball playoff Schedule
Division 1A
Friday’s first-round games

Diamond Bar at Glendale, 7 p.m.
Burbank at Chino Hills, 7 p.m.
Yucaipa at Walnut, 7 p.m.
Division 2A
Friday’s first-round games

Rowland at Don Lugo, 7 p.m.
Glendora at Whittier, 7 p.m.
Baldwin Park at Leuzinger, 7 p.m.
Division 3AAA
Wednesday’s first-round games

El Dorado at Damien, 7 p.m.
Beverly Hills at Arroyo, 7 p.m.
South Hills at Esperanza, 7 p.m.
Cerritos at Bonita, 7 p.m.
Division 3AA
Wednesday’s first-round games

Diamond Ranch at Agoura, 7 p.m.
Rosemead at Torrance, 7 p.m.
Los Altos at Gabrielino, 7 p.m.
Charter Oak at Temescal Canyon, 7 p.m.
Division 3A
Wednesday’s first round games

Tahquitz at Azusa, 7 p.m.
Bishop Amat at Santa Paula, 7 p.m.
Rubidoux at Wilson, 7 p.m.
San Dimas at South Pasadena, 7 p.m.
Santa Margarita at La Puente, 7 p.m.
Gladstone at Estancia, 7 p.m.
Yucca Valley at Northview, 7 p.m.
Pioneer at Covina, 7 p.m.
Division 4AA
Wednesday’s first-round games

Bosco Tech at Workman, 7 p.m.
La Verne Lutheran at Marshall, 7 p.m.

Sierra league at-large South Hills is at sixth-seed Esperanza and Mission Valley League runner-up Arroyo is home against 14th-seed Beverly Hills.

In Division 3AA, Los Altos was seeded 11th but will be on the road in Wednesday’s first-round at Mission Valley League champion Gabrielino.

Charter Oak was awarded a 15th seed at will be at Temescal Canyon while Rosemead is at fifth-seed Torrance.

Valle Vista league champion Covina leads Division 3A. The Colts earned the eighth seed and will host Del Rio at-large Pioneer in Wednesday’s first-round.
Northview, seeded seventh, is also at home in the first round against Yucca Valley.

Azusa and La Puente, both from the Montview League, also have first-round home games in 3A. Azusa will host 15th-seed Taquitz and La Puente will host powerful Trinity at-large Santa Margarita. San Dimas is at 13th seed South Pasadena.

Del Rey league at-large Bishop Amat was given an 11th seed and will be at Santa Paula. Wilson is hosting Rubidoux and Gladstone is on the road at 14th seed Estancia.

Glendora earned an at-large in the Division 2A playoffs but was still awarded a 13th seed. However, the Tartans will be on the road at Del Rio league runner-up Whittier in Friday’s first-round.

Also in 2A, Baldwin Park will travel to fourth seed Luezinger and Hacienda League runner-up Rowland is at eighth seed Don Lugo.

In Division 1A first-round games, Chino Hills is the seventh seed after finishing third in the Sierra and will host Burbank, a fourth-place finisher from the Pacific in Friday’s first-round game.

Walnut, seeded 15th, is home against Citrus Belt at-large Yucaipa. Hacienda third-place entry Diamond Bar will be on the road at 16th-seed Glendale.

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  • Doug

    Wow, what a good yr for Hacienda league..Looks like they got 5 entries! Is this std. for a 7 team league??

  • Prep Fan

    In basketball they will take all the at large teams that apply up until the 32 spots in the bracket are filled. It is not uncommon for most teams in a league to go, especially if the teams are split into multiple divisions.

  • Prep Fan

    I hope it is a mistake but the CIF bracket actually has Marshall hosting La Verne Lutheran. I guess CIF really doesn’t like freelance teams if this is true.

  • Prep Fan

    Actually, every freelance team in all of the divisions are on the road in the 1st round (despite many of them being seeded). Interesting.

  • CIF might have this one right

    Covina, NView, and Wilson all finished 9-3 in league, they get 7th, 8th, and 9th seeds in Div3A

    Bishop Amat gets 11th seed, maybe because Wilson beat them earlier in the year, and if they both win on Wed – they will face each other again in the 2nd round

  • Alumni.

    Who does Mountain View play?

  • Sierra League Wondering

    Hey Fred! Did Ayala Boys make CIF?

  • Sierra League Fan Wondering

    Hey Fred!
    Did Ayal Boys Basketball make CIF?? And if so why no mention

  • SEM Alum

    @ Alumni

    Mtn View plays St. Francis @ Mtn View

  • @ CIF might have this one right

    “Covina, NView, and Wilson all finished 9-3 in league, they get 7th, 8th, and 9th seeds in Div3A”

    Except for the fact that from the valle vista league Covina went in as the #1 seed, Wilson as the #2, and Northview as the #3. But Northview goes in as the 7 seed? How did NV pass up Wilson and Covina? This divisions bracket is a joke. Looks like league and head to head play means nothing to CIF… Why do they even play the games…

  • Prep Fan

    That is interesting because CIf’s playoff bulletin for basketball explicitly states that a team cannot receive a higher seed in the bracket then another team from the same league who was submitted as the higher seed.

  • CIF blew it!

    @Prep fan, that is what I thought, thanks for verifying it. Download the brackets and look for yourself. The bracket is all messed up! Covina at Valle Vista #1 is the 8 seed, Wilson at Valle Vista 2 is the 9 seed, and Northview as Valle Vista #3 IS THE 7 SEED. CIF doesn’t even follow their own rules! Tribune should write a story about this…

  • Joe Amat

    I’m pretty sure what CIF would say is they only “officially” recognize the top 4 seeds, even though they sight seeded numbers that reflect the final Coaches poll. I believe they will move those teams around a slot or two to avoid league opponents being ithe same quarter bracket or when geography dictates.

    I believe this is the only (ore at least one f very few) whe the coaches polls are followed fairly closely 1-16. It certainly more closely reflect the polls and a more accurate seeding than football, which after the forst 4 seeds is all by formula.

  • CIF blew it!

    @Joe Amat I understand your arguement but don’t find it to be an excuse for CIF to blow it like this. If Valle Vista teams make it to quarter finals, then vv#3 would play 3 seed, VV#2 would play 1 seed, and VV #1 plays 2nd seed. It wouldn’t affect geographics or place any League teams at risk of playing each other in the current bracket if Covina went in as 7, Wilson at 8, and Northview at 9. Now St. John Boscoe (2) and Alemany (1) have a greater chance of playing a first and second seed in the quarter finals then Oak Park (3)!

  • Prep Fan

    Joe, they officially seed the top 16 in basketball. It says so right in there bulletin. Having said that, they also will swap seeds as necessary to avoid first round and if possible second round match ups of teams the same league. This may have been what happened in this case.

  • CIF blew it!

    @Prep Fan, Even if the bracket was altered to avoid 1st and 2nd round match-ups, it still doesn’t explain why Northview VV #3 was still seeded higher than VV#2 and VV#1 giving Northview an “easier” opponent in the quarter finals then the other teams from their league that went in from their leagues seeded higher. A bizare injustice.