What would happen if Charter Oak and Bishop Amat girls met in the Division 3A playoffs? Wiard would be in a tough spot

The Charter Oak girls basketball team is the ninth seed in the watered-down Division 3A basketball playoffs. Bishop Amat is the third seed. Amat advancing to the championship is a huge possibility while the Chargers are a longshot, but not impossible. But here’s the problem, Richard Wiard is both the athletic director at Charter Oak and the girls basketball coach at Bishop Amat. I don’t mind Wiard having both duties, he’s a coaching legend in these parts and is someone with great character, but this is a tough spot for him to be in. A meeting in the final would be a disaster for Wiard and raise a huge conflict of interest question. Fortunately for Wiard, Charter Oak is on the opposite side of the Division 3A bracket. Wiard can thank CIF for doing so, it would have been a P.R., disaster for Wiard if Amat had to meet Charter Oak in the first or second round. How would that look? There are no CIF rules preventing Wiard from being the AD at one school and a coach at another, but there are always the ethical issues of what happens if they meet, especially in the playoffs, or in this case, the championship. Good scheduling can prevent the two from meeting in a non-league or tournament, but CIF is CIF, Wiard has no control once the brackets are released.

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  • Here’s what would happen:

    Wiard would coach Amat to the best of his abilities. And J-Strike would coach CO to the best her abilities.

  • Aaron

    Fred I always knew you had no intestinal fortitude.

    Jenny Strycula is being paid to coach…and if Mrs. Wiard roots for Amat she should be fired. In fact she should talk trash to her husband the entire time leading to the game.

    You don’t have to thank CIF for the match up you can thank Coach Wiard for applying for the CO AD job and still coaching at Bishop Amat.

  • Get a grip!

    This is a non-story. The two teams will not meet.

    @Aaron: You are a joke. Should Bonita’s principal talk trash at Brea’s coach the entire time leading up to the game or else be fired? It’s high school girl’s basketball. Grow up.

  • Aaron

    Sarcasm dude. It would be a non-story if they met anyays…the only reason it’s a story is that it must be a slow news day at the Trib.

  • sgvpride

    Why was that previous comment taken down? Every other coach on this blog is allowed to get thrashed but your favorites aren’t allowed to?

  • BIGDOG54

    I don’t see a problem.A.D. has nothing with in game coaching.As for family connection, I’m sure the Wairds can come up with a friendly dinner wager if the schools ever meet.That’s what my wife and I did every time our schools met.Wait a minute…I paid for all the dinners win or lose! Darn.

  • Pick and choose

    Very true about picking their favorites on this blog. I have had the same experience with Wiard. Great coach, but certainly more of an A-hole than is the general percePtion. And if you’ve ever sat near his bench or been on the other one – he has an incredibly foul mouth. How he lasted for as long as he did is amazing. Of course, he did get fired as the boys coach at Charter Oak many years ago – so I guess i t helps to have a wife as an administrator.

  • Fred Robledo

    If I was playing favorites, I wouldn’t post a subject that invites criticism…But you can’t write whatever you want, there are limits….

  • Pick and choose

    I don’t remember the post verbatim, but I don’t remember any language – or even an unfounde personal attack. I remember ego and arrogant – both 100% true. Backstabber – not sure – but would NOT put that past him. It’s clear through his actions over the years he IS out for him and his family. Not that I hold that against him – but Mother Theresa he’s not. Just look at his past. After years of coaching boys – gets the Amat girls job to coach his daughters. Gets his hooks in the boys program so he can coach his son – then sets it up so said son can remain as an assistant. Fenegals (sp) his way into an AD position under his wife – but wants to keep the Amat job because – he has another daughter coming soon. Sounds like that deleted post was pretty true

    What “limits” wewe crossed that aren’t crosed ten-fold on other posts (particularly Amat football bombs!)

  • AMAT 73

    Wasn’t this a thread on the tough spot of Wiard if AMAT met CO in the championship game if both advance???? Why do the haters on this blog as soon as they see AMAT bring their bs into the mix. When Fred puts up a thread on rating Wiards character , have at it but until then just post on the related subject. Which by me is a non issue but smells of a hit count issue as the blog has been quiet for a while now, perhaps ?????

  • Just Because

    Just because you are anonymous doesn’t mean someone can’t take legal action against you for slander and defamation of character.

    Fred did you a favor by deleting it.

  • itsallright

    I see nothing wrong with whats been said, good luck with that slander case.

  • Who You Know

    A) something must be ntrue to be slanderous
    B) if you think Bishop Amat and CO being on opposite ends of tthe bracket were an “accident” or coincidence – look more closely at Wiard and who is IN the CIF office then take a look at the floor of the CIF finals and watch for who has walkie taklies. You’ll find your answers there

  • Topic at Hand

    Amat 73 we know you’re a bit toucjy about all things Amat, but Fred raises questions about “conflict of interest” and “ethical issues” (his words -not mine. Doesn’t that speak DIRECTLY to Wiards character and is PRECISELY the topic of the thread?

  • Topic at Hand

    Amat 73 we know you’re a bit toucjy about all things Amat, but Fred raises questions about “conflict of interest” and “ethical issues” (his words -not mine. Doesn’t that speak DIRECTLY to Wiards character and is PRECISELY the topic of the thread?

  • Que Tee

    Why is it that this old wind bag of Amat73 needs to always jump in and try to defend Amat? This has nothing to do with Amat or your stained reputation in football, you old gummer. If we were talking about who had the best school trash, you would be on here defending the Amat school trash too! Wouldn’t you? You Dumb A$$!

  • AMAT 73

    I have no problem with someone posting a reply to the “conflict of interest” or the “ethical issues” when they purtain to the subject matter which is AMAT vs CO if they both make it . For someone to use the thread to blast Wiard or to list their personal feelings on him such as pick and choose did is what I don’t agree with . My opinion which you don’t agree with and that’s fine but I don’t think those issues were put forth in any other way than pertaining to this game if it should happen .

    Que Tee or Quasi ????
    Why is it idiots such as yourself litter this blog with assinine comments like you jst made. What stined reputation are thinking of in football. As far as the best school trash , I will leave that up to you because it seems to be a topic of which you have plenty of wisdom.

  • jcaz


    Why is it if someone wants to stand up for his school that you should take it upon yourself to come out and trash the guy or even call him a dumb a$$ ?

    Grow up dude