Boys Soccer Playoffs: Magic ends for Mountain View, falls 1-0 to Lakeside; Defending champion Claremont loses 1-0 to La Reina


Division 2
La Sierra 1, Claremont 0
Division 4
El Rancho 2, South Torrance 1
Division 5
Lakeside 1, Mountain View 0

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  • dirtmob

    The schedule for san dimas on friday is wrong…the correction is loara at san dimas….

  • Fred Robledo

    I just checked the CIF website, it says San Dimas at Loara..

  • dirtmob

    Wow..thats crazy..why would the #2 seed travel to a lower seed??

  • Rick

    Can someone tell me why the game next Tuesday between El Rancho vs. Cathedral would be played at a neutral sight? I thought that it would be at Cathedral.

  • Phantom Fan

    Talked to People at Cathedral and the game is at Cathedral Tuesday

  • Rick

    Yes your right, I double checked the brackets and it is at Cathedral. I guess just wishful thinking from El Rancho. It will be a very high skilled game and I don’t think that I will be disappointed. I believe that it will be a last minute goal. El Rancho has a very creative free kick. I have seen the tape, and I will tell you that that that shot against Duarte. Was a thing of beauty. I will not tell it because I don’t want to spoil it for El Rancho. Also that gol from Cathedral that beat Godinez the first round reminds me of that goal from Ronaldhino in the world cup against England several world cups ago. Google it. I have tapes on almost everyone.

  • #??

    Rumor has it that were making a comeback. šŸ˜‰