Girls Soccer semifinals: Bishop Amat and Claremont will meet in Division 3 title game; San Dimas falls to St. Margaret’s, 1-0

Defending champion Bishop Amat’s 4-1 victory over Chino Hills sets up a dream Division 3 final this weekend against Claremont, the third-ranked team in the country and 1-0 winner over St. Lucy’s. After losing to St. Margaret’s in last year’s D-6 title game, San Dimas loses in semifinals to St. Margaret’s again, 1-0

Game Story: The Nation’s third-ranked Claremont Wolpack advance to meet Bishop Amat in finals with 1-0 win over St. Lucy’s. Wolfpack haven’t allowed a goal in the playoffs.

Game Story: San Dimas falls to St. Margaret’s for second year in a row, losing in semifinals 1-0 after falling in title game to them last year.

Inland Insider Tom Kiss’ highlight video and interviews from Amat’s 3-1 win over Chino Hills.

Bishop Amat-Chino Hills photo gallery

By Fred J. Robledo
Chino Hills will have to settle for advancing to its first girls soccer semifinal in the school’s history.

Defending champion and fourth-seed Bishop Amat, looking as dominant as ever, overcame an early deficit and overwhelmed the visiting Huskies 4-1 in Tuesday’s CIF Southern Section Division 3 semifinals to advance to either Friday or Saturday’s championship at a site to be determined against national power and second-seed Claremont, a 1-0 winner over St. Lucy’s.

After Chino Hills’ Dayna Garcia scored off an Amanda Bell assist in the 19th minute, Amat’s reigning divisional player of the year and two-time area player of the year April Juarez went to work.

Juarez chested down a pass from Yazmin Montoya, turned and fired in the 21st minute to tie the game. Then Juarez took a long throw-in from freshman Natalie Tillman, and with her back to the goal, somehow freed herself to fire the go-ahead goal in the 28th minute for a 2-1 lead.

Juarez also set up the third goal just before half. She was tripped in the penalty area to set up a penalty kick and Nayeli Requejo stepped up and finished it in the 39th minute to go up, 3-1. (To continue click thread).


Division 3
Bishop Amat 4, Chino Hills 1
Claremont 1, St. Lucy’s 0
Division 6
St. Margaret’s 1, San Dimas 0

Requejo also scored in the 50th minute as a result of a long throw-in, and that was more than enough to lift the Lancers to their second straight title game.

“I thought we took advantage of our opportunities,” Bishop Amat coach Ruben Gonzalez said. “They’re a good team but I don’t think they’ve seen a team like us, especially with a player like April.”

Juarez’s two goals gave her 25 for the season and 117 for her career. Juarez is likely headed to USC in the fall and is as gifted as anyone with the ball at her feet and finishing opportunities.

“She’s a special player,” Gonzalez said of Juarez. “It’s once in a long, long time you’re able to coach a player like that. She’s fantastic in tight spaces and can create goals as easy as she finishes them.”

After Chino Hills knocked off Bonita 5-1 in the quarterfinals, Gonzalez said limiting the Huskies’ opportunities was crucial, and they did so by making life difficult on their two best attackers, junior midfielder Meilessah Rangel and sophomore forward Ashley Gonzales.

“We used (Requejo) to shadow (Rangel) in the middle to reduce her getting balls to their forwards, then we shadowed their best finisher (Gonzales) with (Natalie) Rivas.
“We figured if she (Rangel) didn’t get a lot of balls up top they wouldn’t have many opportunities to score.”

Both teams grew more physical as the game wore on, but defensively, Amat disrupted everything the Huskies tried to do.

“They played that deep sweeper and our girls weren’t use to that,” Chino Hills coach Tom Hummer said. “We’re use to facing a flat four and their defense is good, you can’t take anything away from them, they’re the defending champions.

“But I thought we could have scored a couple more goals and made it interesting early on, but it didn’t happen.”

Amat’s control of the midfield could be attributed to Montoya as well. She’s a ball-winner who thinks defense first.

Montoya was the first player to grab the championship plaque and wave it in front of fans after winning last year’s title.

But to do it again, the Lancers (22-2-4) have to get past once-beaten Claremont (26-1-4) — the third-ranked team in the country according to Maxpreps.

“Few teams can say they won back-to-back championships and now that we’re here, we want to do it again,” Montoya said. “We know they’re good, but we have to treat it like it’s just another game and play our game. We know how it feels to be in the championship and what it takes to get it done.”
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  • 1995

    Amat Girls Futbol is #1…

    Cuz the boys Football sure ain’t gett’n it done!

  • Field

    How is the field holding up after the rain? Last time it rained the day before a game at Amat it was rescheduled.

  • commenter

    so much for Chino Hills and “It being there year and knocking off Amat”. ha!

  • NobleFan76

    My son just text me from the game, Amat wins 4 to 1 over Chino Hills.

  • GoAmat


  • Ole LA

    Anyone got an update on Claremont v. St Lucy’s??

  • SSA

    Congratulations on Bishop Amat on the win. Wow, I remember BIshop Amat many years ago being something. Coming back 20 years later I noticed not much has changed. The whole area and school is tired! The campus and stadium is a joke. I would be mad if my GU11 daughter had to play on this field. To sub in 24 every time there is a throw in, because the field is so small is weak at best. Good luck vs. Claremont on a big field.

  • sitting way up in the nose bleed section

    SSA said:
    Congratulations on Bishop Amat on the win. Wow, I remember BIshop Amat many years ago being something. Coming back 20 years later I noticed not much has changed. The whole area and school is tired! The campus and stadium is a joke. I would be mad if my GU11 daughter had to play on this field. To sub in 24 every time there is a throw in, because the field is so small is weak at best. Good luck vs. Claremont on a big field.

    I would just like to say that you must thank your lucking stars that voters and tax payers in your school district vote for bond measures to allow for new facility upgrades including state of the art athletic complexes while many of these same voters and taxpayers send their children to private schools. I would also like to add that the fieldhouse/gymnasiums at Damian and Amat are far superior to any high school complex in the region and these facilities were paid for by parents and alumni of these respective schools not your tax dollars.

  • Real talk

    Thats what i love about Amat it is the little school
    That has that ugly field but that school with that ugly field beats all the big schools with their big state of the art fields. There is a thing that Amat has that big fields or money can’t buy you and it’s called heart. Man it’s the best to see the faces of the parents on the countless schools that Amat beats that think they are above little old Amat. All we can say is championship.

  • GoAmat

    There are some true idiots when it comes to Amat haters! Why fix something if its not broken??? If we fix it. It will be broken! There is LOTS of history made on that ugly field!! In case you haven’t. You should take a walk thru our Hall of Fame located in our Gym. You girl must of been on the losing team. But don’t worry. That’s what life is all about. As long as they learn from their mistakes!! So don’t be surprised if when you come back in another 20 or so years our field is still ugly. We like it that way!! In case you didn’t take a look at our baseball field ‘IT LOOKS SHARP’ Because that’s the next sport that we will be awesome at! Your more then welcome to come back and visit!

  • Reality Check

    Real Talk…

    Are you serious right now? Little Amat??? Are you honestly trying to play the underdog sympathy card right now? You guys recruit the entire valley and can pull talent from a 100sq mile region and you think because you have less students that it makes you “little Amat”??? Get a clue dude! This is why here are so many Amat haters! Lancers like to think people hate on them because they are good. But that’s not it. Folks hate on Amat because they have this arrogance that comes from beating up on people who can’t defend themselves. Look at the sports you dominate…girls basketball, baseball, girls soccer, softball. In each of these cases you guys are in a division of public schools in the SGV…schools that you steal talent from! And you wonder why people hate on you? Stop the self-deprecating pity party and just admit that you guys win weak championships against lesser talent. Play the big boys on a regular basis and win Championships and he haters will shut up. Until then, enjoy your division 3,5 and 6 championships with your stolen talent and we’ll all keep hating in you. Oh and enjoy continuously getting your ass handed to you in the one sport where you actually play in the division you belong…football!

  • GoAmat

    JUST SEND YOUR KID TO AMAT ALREADY!!! Talk to ur coaches because they are the ones that think they have a chance at winning Amat!!! Win or lose we will ALWAYS be who??? That’s right!!! We will always be AMAT!!!So when your school losses to AMAT just except who you are!! THE LOSER!!!

  • Reality Check


    Let me get this straight…my coaches are he ones that choose to be in Amats league? It’s our fault you steal our players?

    Here’s what’s funny about Amat. You’d never hear Mater Dei being proud to beat up on Santa Ana High school in he semis or finals of any sport. They play at the highest levels and celebrate victories vs teams like Servite. You think Servite celebrate a win vs Anaheim or Western hs? NOPE! They don’t even play those teams. Hey schedule up with the big dogs because they are actually legit powerhouses! Amat just beats up on weaker talent. You know it’s true lancers!

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to the Lady Lancers on a fine win. Off to the championship game . Good luck and bring it home .
    Yes the campus hasn’t changed that much in 20 years and other than the gym not much in 40 years . Still hanging banners in the gym and getting as much hate as ever. Reality , is that arrogant enough for you .

  • Articulation

    GoAmat said:


    After watching those interviews – NO THANKS!!!!!!

  • Fred Robledo

    You all sound like a bunch of whining kids and taking cheap shots, especially directed at kids, is why the adults and some fans are worse than the people they complain about. Grow up and talk about the game and the great game that lies ahead. Anything else will be deleted.

  • when and where

    Will the game be held?

  • Real talk

    Fred i am not trying to start a problem here because when it all comes down to it i would say none of the bloggers on here are players on the field it just a bunch of want to be could have been or has beens. It is all about the kids but when people start with Amat is in the ghetto or Amat recruited this kid or that kid come on man really you know how many years we have having to here that. @reality check if you knew what you where talking about you would know that we are in a lower div in baseball but have beaten big boys from div 1 so i dont know what you are talking about. You already know what time it is when your teams play Amat it has been that way for years. Yet if these schools are not on Amats schedule they say we could beat them Amat can’t win. So lets keep it about the kids and not about this and that the kids are the ones on the field not you.


    Congrats to Amat & Chino Hills for going this deep in the CIF tourny.

    Good luck to Bishop Amat this weekend and bring home the GOLD.