Bonita’s Justin Garza chasing history in Dicks Sporting Goods Tourney; Final Four is West Covina, Bonita, La Puente and South Hills

Wednesday’s semifinals
Bonita vs. La Puente, 3:30 p.m.
South Hills vs. West Covina, 7 p.m.
Final: Saturday’s championship at Bonita, 7 p.m.

GARZA CHASING HISTORY: Bonita’s Cal State Fullerton-bound pitcher Justin Garza is chasing history. After blanking Damien for six innings in the season opener, he threw a one-hit shutout over Covina (which included 7ks) on Saturday to run his record to 2-0 and stretch his winning streak to 18 dating back to the 2010 season, which moves Garza on the CIF-SS all-time top ten list for consecutive wins, with four players tied at 18. There are not enough games for Garza to catch Mike Pill (Edgewood) and Richard Hunter’s (Lindfield) all-time record of 33 straight, but he could finish third all time which is currently held by El Segundo’s Scott McGregor and Cornerstone’s Aaron Roth, who won 25 straight. As is stands now, Garza’s 18 consecutive wins is second all-time in SGV history behind Pill, arguably the greatest high school baseball player the SGV has ever produced. If Bonita defeats La Puente, Garza’s next start will be in the Dicks Sporting Goods final Saturday night against the West Covina-South Hills winner at Bonita at 7 p.m.

No. Player/School Year(s)
33 Mike Pill, Edgewood 1974-77
33 Richard Hunter, Linfield 1990-93
25 Scott McGregor, El Segundo 1971-72
25 Aaron Roth, Cornerstone Christian 2009-10
21 Dale Cook, San Bernardino 1934-35
21 Ian Kennedy, La Quinta/Westminster 2002-03
20 Jeff Pries, Corona del Mar 1979-81
20 Don Jamieson, El Dorado 1993-95
19 Greg Gregory, Millikan 1990-91
18 Scott McGregor, El Segundo 1971
18 Scott Davison, Redondo 1988
18 Gerardo Sanchez, Central 1990-91
18 Justin Garza, Bonita, 2010-Present

DICKS SPORTING GOODS SEMIFINALS The Dicks Sporting Goods preseason tournament round robin concludes with Damien playing on Monday, but Wednesday’s semifinals are set. The tiebreaker used fewest runs scored for La Puente and West Covina to advance out of their groups. Bonita and West Covina should have met in the semifinals, but the tournament decided beforehand that two league teams would not face each other before the finals, so Bonita will take on La Puente and South Hills will face West Covina in an all-area Final Four on Wednesday. See you there..

Dicks Sporting Goods Preseason Baseball Tournament Standings
Pool A: Bonita (3-0), Tahquitz (2-1), Covina (1-2), Damien (1-1), Paloma Valley (1-0), Arroyo (0-3)
Pool B: West Covina (2-0-1), Los Osos (2-0-1), Fullerton (1-1-1), Northview (1-1-1), Claremont (1-2), Keppel (0-3).
Pool C: La Puente (2-1), Orange Lutheran (2-1), Charter Oak (2-1), Alta Loma (2-1), Los Altos (0-3).
Pool D: South Hills (3-0), Crescenta Valley (2-1), Yucaipa (1-2), Rancho Cucamonga (1-2), Chaffey (0-3).

Monday’s final round-robin game
Paloma Valley vs. Damien at UC Riverside, 7 p.m.


Bonita 2, Arroyo 1
Damien 12, Tahquitz 2
Paloma Valley 6, Covina 5
Claremont 1, Northview 0
Los Osos 10, Fulleton 6
West Covina 7, Keppel 1
Crescenta Valley 4, Yucaipa 0
South Hills 4, Rancho Cucamonga 0
La Puente 2, Chaffey 1

Friday’s results
Los Osos 8, Claremont 2
Orange Lutheran 6, Los Altos 2
South Hills 4, Yucaipa 3
Crescenta Valley 7, Rancho Cucamonga 0
Saturday’s Results
Northview, 7, Keppel 1
West Covina 7, Fullerton 7
Charter Oak 3, La Puente 1
Bonita 1, Covina 0
Tahquitz 12, Arroyo 0
Alta Loma 8, Chaffey 1

Last Friday’s game
Bonita 6, Damien 0
Last Saturday’s games
Tahquitz6, Paloma Valley 2
Covina 20, Arroyo 1
West Covina 2, Claremont 1
Orange Lutheran 9, Alta Loma 1
Fullerton 13, Keppel 5
La Puente 10, Los Altos 1
South Hills 7, Crescenta Valley 3
Yucaipa 5, Charter Oak 3
Northview 3, Los Osos 3, 14 inn
Yesterday’s games
Rancho Cucamonga 9, Chaffey 6
Alta Loma 5, Los Altos 2

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  • Joe Amat

    The most impressive thing on this list is Scott McGregor is on it TWICE! Had an 18 game streak, must have lost qnd come back to win TWENTY-FIVE more in a row. 43-1?!?!

  • get it right

    Cmon Fred if your going to make a write up get it right its not la puente that’s moving on its Charter Oak. You’re getting ridiculous with your errors..

  • Fredj

    I talked to John Knott, tourney director before posting this, if ur gonna complain, u get it right

  • sgv

    Get it right??
    Before u criticize don’t u think fred knows best cmon let’s go. La Puente loss to CO but they went into a tiebreaker which states Lp had the less runs scored against them , so have fun with your win and have a blast battling for 6th o 7th place.

  • get it right

    Cmon Fred if your going to write articles, use correct grammar. Otherwise you make yourself look stupid.

  • Fred Robledo

    It’s OK get it right, you can admit you got it wrong

  • get it right

    Look at the tournament rules its head to head first pal.

  • Fred Robledo

    Look, Knott said they originally told Quinley Charter Oak was in the semifinals but after going over it today, he realized that it should have been La Puente based on whatever tiebreaking procedures they use.

  • Get it right is an idiot

    It is simple. 4 teams went 2-1 so head to head is out and runs allowed determines the winner. La Puente gave up least amount of runs in the pool and they move on. Not rocket science. Fred, why do you bother dealing with idiots. Just delete their posts.

  • Fromtheinside

    Just to clarify. There were 3 teams in the pool that charter oak and la puente are in that landed up going 2-1. Head to head doesn’t apply here because it wasn’t a true head to head scenario since the 3rd team never played charter oak or la puente so it goes to the next tie breaker which is runs allowed. La puente allowed the least amount of runs in their pool and so they advance to the playoffs. Sorry get it right, you got it wrong. I think u owe Fred an apology. This information is straight from the horse’s mouth.

  • still wrong

    look at the standings above. There were actually 4 teams that finished 2-1….La Puente, CO, Orange Lutheran and Alta Loma. Your logic is correct though. Previous post to yours is correct.

  • haha

    looks who putting the tour on that tells all,,joke

  • sgv baby

    Justin Garza,

    Wanted to congratulate you on 18. You deserve to be on the front page of the Trib and Fred’s blog daily. So we SGV HS Baseball fans can keep up with your history in the making and the local talent. This BLOG highlights you on your way to History. But It’s just to bad jokers are crying about the rules. Lots of luck and just keep winning.

  • sgv

    La Puente vs Bonita amazing! We all know who is favored , and should kill them but wouldn’t count out Lp, they have a good frisky team, and I’m routing for them, never get credit but I hope the cinderella story team wins it all. They have came this far give them credit for once. Garza is a stud and so are the boinita team, goodluck to both teams for a long healthy successful season. I LOVE BASEBALL!

  • Bulldog 4 Life

    does anyone know if that west covina south hills game is at maverick field????????????????

  • sgv baller

    bonita should win the tournament. Garza will be on the bump for the final and i dont think la puente is good enough to compete against bonita. but then again anything is possible.bonita only beating arroyo 2-1 gots me questioning how good they really are.south hills vs bonita final is what I want to see.

  • Conq’76

    Congratulations to Mr. Garza!

    Opinions wanted. Which SGV player has had the most successful pro-career in baseball? Giambi?

  • Cong ’76


  • Bulldog mom

    Bulldog 4 life

    South Hills/West Co game is at Bonita HS Wednesday at 7pm. Good luck Bulldogs šŸ™‚

  • name

    Michael young or cecil fielder.

  • FYI

    JUSTIN GARZA of BONITA is the real deal. Not only does the kid have the arm & the pitches, he’s smart, focused and stays mentally level, no matter the situation. BONITA will only go as far, this season, as their #2 & 3# pitchers will take them. GARZA, to extend his record, must also rely, like any pitcher, on run support & BONITA is not as strong offensively as in years past. Regardless, GARZA deserves all the credit he receives. Props also to the men who keeps him focused & ready, Coach Knott & Coach Newell. For those of you who care about such things, you really should go watch GARZA pitch sometime. You probably won’t see a high-scoring game, but you will see one of the finest pitchers to come out of the SGV in a long time.

  • Cong ’76


  • Cong ’76


  • a fAN




  • sgv baller

    justin garza listed at 93 on maxpreps top 100 players in the nation.only 2 other players from the valley on the list.Rio at 15 and saylor at 97 .

  • sgv

    Garza who, ruiz is 15th in nation beat that