Prep Roundup: Baseball Scores; Bishop Amat 4, Gahr 2; Glendora 19, Arroyo Valley 3; Ayala 2, Laguna Hills 0


Diamond Bar 6, Baldwin Park 4

Brahmas catcher Taylor Cavazos hit a two-run homer in the top of the seventh inning to break a 4-4 tie to put Diamond Bar in the lead and seal the victory.

Henry Omana went 3 for 4 with two doubles in the Brahmas’ designated hitter spot.

Starting pitcher Zach Quiroz threw five innings and struck out four. Connor Meade got the win, allowing only one hit and striking out two batters, while teammate Zach Pereyra got his first save of the season.

Baldwin Park matched Diamond Bar (2-0) in hits with seven.

First Round
Charter Oak 10, Burbank 6

The Chargers defeated a pesky Bulldogs as second baseman Heather Ramirez went 2 for 3 with three RBIs. Pitcher Brooke Clemetson threw two innings, allowing only one walk. She kept the Chargers’ offense rolling as she batted 2 for 3 with a double and a RBI.

Burbank’s Nalani Hernandez hit a double and a home run and drove in four runs. Charter Oak improves to 2-1.

Glendora 9, Bonita 5
Despite an hour-and-a-half time limitation imposed by the tournament, the Tartans managed to get past the Bearcats in four innings. Glendora (2-1) scored seven runs in the first inning and Bonita followed that up with four runs in the second inning. Tartans pitcher Taylor Langdon gave up four hits in getting the win. Michelle Whitt hit a home run in the fourth inning for Bonita.

Bishop Amat 9, Whittier 0

The Lancers cruised by the Cardinals, led by the efforts of Alexis Gonzalez, Victoria Saucedo and Miranda Larios, who each had three RBIs for Bishop Amat. Gonzalez and Saucedo both went 2 for 3 with a home run.

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  • sgv baby

    Big win for Amat. GAHR is 0 and 3 in the tournament.

  • Spartans Fan

    Damien won 6-3 vs Paloma Valley. In the last round-robin game of Dick Sporting Goods Tourament.

  • Big win for Amat against Gahr? Gahr got spanked by Huntington Beach 8-2 and by Mater Dei 14-3. A 4-2 win by Amat isnt that impressive against a Gahr team. BA is now 1-2. Hey Freddie, why no mention that HB beat Amat on your blog? Seems like you only post the good news? How about some equal billing for that fine standout from Bonita named Garza!

  • Frank

    Beating a sub-par team is not a big win

  • Lancelot

    C’mon brain surgeons, the dufus that posted “Big win for Amat” is obviously another hater w/too much time on his hands. Amat is always on the minds of some folks. A win is a win and they all add up. I’ll take a “W” any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Next time maybe the “Baller” from SGV can arrange to have Gahr taken out of the tournament and replaced with someone more worthy(?). Gahr played tough and “Props” to Gahr for HAVING THE BALLER(s) to get into the tournament in the first place. Same ol Shiat different season.

  • Real talk

    Way to go Amat good job.

  • sgv baller

    last year amat started off slow also and everyone was quick to get on the boards and talk smack.4-2 is still a win.i dont see anyone talking about bonitas 2-1 win over arroyo,a team that covina beat 21-1. amat coaches have a lot of new players to figure out and they will put it together and improve each game.

  • Depth?

    LOL! Bonita only beat Arroyo 2-1. They must hqve nothing after Garza

  • GoAmat

    Congrats on ur win boys! Our AMAT boys are awesome! Win or LOSS we will always be AMAT! So dislike us all you like. CONGRATS to our girls soccer team!!! Great job ladies!! I think the team you played last week lost?? Good luck on thur!

  • sgv baby

    WOW!!! Mr. or Ms. Lancelot.
    A fan of the SGV sports including Amat. NEVER did I want to hurt your feelings. It was HUGE for Amat to get the win against GAHR. Imagine if Amat would have LOST again what people would be saying. Never intended or would I ever make fun or hate on a student athlete. As far as having too much time on my hands jacka$$ my post was after 7pm after nice day at the office. Get a life posting your crud at noon. haha

    Frank a sub par team? It was HUGE for Amat getting a W. imagine a loss to GAHR…
    wondering why people dislike Amat Al and Peggy Bundies of the world

  • Lancelot

    Just don’t let it happen again! And take it easy man. Didn’t know that telling someone they had too much time on their hands was such a slap on the Azz. Switch to decafe Ball boy!

  • AMAT 73

    Look 2 threads up and you got your wish . Funny I don’t see you posting on the thread or are you here just to blast anything related to AMAT ?

  • prime

    Amat LOST again what!!!

  • Amat73 your calling me out for asking for some equal press time for other teams in the SGV besides Fredies favorite? Please, I have seen you on these blogs with always the same line “amat will shine” You have to be able to take some heat when a school who gets a disproportionate of press time doesnt always live up to the hype

  • AMAT 73

    The reason I posted to you was not because of equal time for other schools but because there is a thread about Garza which you bagged on Fred about and you don’t even bother to post a comment on the thread. Why ask for something then let it go by without input from you . As I wrote do you post solely for the purpose of blasting AMAT as you did in this recent post again . It’s evident that AMAT gets the press time they do because they bring the hits , whether pro or con as in your case . Isn’t that the life blood of a blog , hit count when you want to sell ad space ? . And really if any school in the SGV knows how to take the heat it is defintely AMAT .