New Football Divisions proposed for 2012-14; plus division realignment for all sports on CIF Website

CIF-SS Playoff Division Group Proposals for all sports for 2012-14
Here’s a quick glimpse of football with Monrovia and the Rio Hondo League remaining in the Mid-Valley, but it’s much tougher with the Alpha League and powers Paraclete and Sierra Canyon. The Sierra League with Charter Oak, South Hills and Damien remained in the Inland and West Covina surprisingly stays in the Southeast along with the Hacienda. However, the addition of the San Gabriel Valley League and Dominguez makes the Southeast a little stronger, but it’s still West Covina’s division to dominate. The Montview drops to the Northwest, is that finally a more winnable division for La Puente, Azusa and others? Check out the proposals for all the sports and let us know what you think.

2012-14 Football Playoff Division Proposals
Mid-Valley: Almont, Alpha, Mission Valley, Rio Hondo, Valle Vista
Inland: Baseline, Sierra, Big VIII, Citrus Belt, Southwestern
Southeast: Hacienda, Del Rio, Pacific, San Gabriel Valley, Suburban
Pac-5: Marmonte, Moore, Serra, South Coast, Trinity
Northwest: Montview, Del Rey, Olympic,Pioneer, Tri Valley

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  • sgv scouting

    Fred — Here are my thoughts on the new playoffs divisions, interesting.

    1) The Marmonte League had to go to the Pac-5, so there was no surprise there. And as we had projected, the Sunset League moves to the Southwest Division. I think it’s going to be a real interesting two years in there.

    2) No surprise that nothing was changed in the Inland Division. The data just didn’t reflect that any changes were needed.

    3) A little surprised that the committee has the Northern Division as a four league division. And I was surprised that they didn’t bump up the Mission League to the Northern Division. But they have to be happy that the Pac-7 league (which has Arroyo Grande in their league) are gone. St Paul should be instant contenders next season. And I wonder what the thought was of keeping the Golden League in the Northern Division?

    4) That is huge move by putting the San Gabriel Valley League into the Southeast Division. Dominguez could surprise some teams and make it very interesting. I would have thought they were going to leave that league in the Western Division – but they were dropped.

    5) I like the move of the Alpha League into the Mid Valley League. I had them moving into the Northern Division, but they will make the Mid Valley Division a great division. They are one of the up and coming private schools in the San Fernando Valley.

    Overall, I like the changes… and while we were totally right, we were on the ball park, we probably hit a double…and that is fine with me. Here was my column back in January…

    Love to hear your comments….

  • SGV Athlete

    Montview to the Northwest? Not a fan of that. As it may look like a drop, the fact is that teams in the Montview league (besides Azusa) haven’t made it out of the first round in years. Now you want to put them in the same division as TWO private school leagues and a decent South Bay area league in Pioneer? Montview has been the lower end as far as being competitive in recent years, why punch them again while they’re down?


    Wow, that’s too bad and just when the Mid Valley was getting good! My opinion, leave the Montview League ALONE!!! Come on the Mid Valley was getting very interesting and it was nice playing the surrounding local schools. Brings out some great fierce rivalries between cities, if you know what I mean. How they leave Monrovia and West Covina alone is a little perplexing. Everybody knows they have out grown their competition and when a team scores 80 points in a CHAMPIONSHIP game; well its time to have this team move on seeking stronger competition. This goes for Monrovia also, I mean 11 times in a CIF CHAMPIONSHIP and winning back to back title games is an incredible accomplishment, but they should have been moved from the RIO HONDO league long time ago. Okay Charter Oak gets moved out when they get their back to back championships and how many times did you see the word CUPCAKE league and what not, but now it seems their holding their own and it was good to see CO win over Chino Hills, an IE school and actually would be nice to CO when the CHAMPIONSHIP again.

    I just hope this CIF proposal gets shot down, and somebody takes a second look at the writing on the WALL and says; Hey wait a minute, this doesnt look right! My feeling on the matters are, it was real nice seeing AZUSA getting a little closer every year to that PRIZED CIF PLAQUE!!!


  • Desert Rat

    Does this spell the full-time return of Desert Rat?

    Stay tuned you cheese nibblers….