Baseball Rankings: South Hills takes over top spot with Bishop Amat falling to No. 8

Tribune Top Ten Baseball Poll
1. South Hills (5-0) –– With Adrian De Horta and Kevin MCKelvey you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better one-two combination on the hill. I’d share their stats, but we all know South Hills doesn’t share stats, so bare with me in coverage of the Huskies. But McKelvey has thrown back to back shutouts and we saw what De Horta can do in Saturday’s 2-0 win over Bonita and Justin Garza, ending the kid’s 18-game win streak. Plus they got Saylor and France, what more do you want.

2. Charter Oak (4-1) — After a season opening loss to Yucaipa in the Dicks Sporting Goods tournament, the Chargers ran the table and beat West Covina 7-2 in a consolation game Saturday. Even more impressive is they only have allowed seven runs in four straight wins. And guess what, they host South Hills in Wednesday’s Sierra League opener at 3:30 p.m.

3. Bonita (4-1) — The Bearcats are two different teams, the one with Justin Garza pitching and the one without him. With Garza, they’re a top three area team, without him, not sure if they’re even in the top ten. It’s not a good sign that in Garza’s last two games they scored just one run for him and were shutout against South Hills. This team needs to swing the bat better if they hope to do anything in the postseason.

4. Damien (3-2) –– Since losing 6-0 in the opener against Bonita and Garza, the Spartans scored 32 runs during a 3-1 stretch, losing their last game 8-2 to Orange Lutheran. Like we said in the season preview, they can hit with anyone, but give up a lot of runs on occasion too. They should be up and down in the Sierra all year.

5. Northview (3-1-1) — I like the competitive 3-3 tie with Los Osos, the 4-3 win over Tahquitz and 13-6 win over Rancho Cucamonga.Their only setback was a 1-0 loss to Claremont so while this might not be the Vikings of old, they don’t look like the weak Vikings of last year, either.

6. Diamond Bar (4-0) — Great start, but in comparison to other top teams in the area, the Brahmas’ wins have come against Ontario, Baldwin Park, Azusa and Don Lugo, not exactly the murders’ row of the Valley. They could start 6-0 with Keppel and Chino to follow before opening the Hacienda against West Covina

7. San Dimas (4-2) — Played in the West San Gabriel Valley Elks tournament and beat Arcadia 3-2 followed by a 6-4 loss against Temple City. Jury’s still out on the Saints, but it’s a good sign they haven’t allowed more than four runs in any game.

8. Bishop Amat (1-4) — Oh, how they mighty have fallen. I don’t want to hear how tough their schedule is, etc, etc, they have player of the year Rio Ruiz back and one of the area’s best pitchers in lefty Daniel Zamora. You can say they’re playing a brutal schedule, but this is what Amat does every year. What they don’t have so far is consistent hitting throughout the lineup or pitching depth. They might get away with it in the Del Rey and Division 4 playoffs, but not against the beasts from Orange County.

9. Glendora (2-2) — What happened to the Glendora preseason baseball tournament? That’s a different question for a different day. The Tartans absolutely crushed Moreno Valley and Heritage and lost by a combined three runs to Diamond Ranch and Heritage. Look, at the end of the day, they’re one of the Valley’s finest and will be competing for a Baseline league title.

10. Covina (2-3) — Leaving the Colts in the top ten because they’re too good to be below .500. I still think they’re the team to beat in the Valle Vista because their three losses have come by just a combined four runs, and they lost two one-run games. They’ll be back.

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  • Spartans Fan

    Serria League by far the best league in area. Damien, South Hills, and Charter Oak…all can win the league

  • fan

    Glendora’s team is just young. 5 seniors total on the whole team. It’s still early they will come together and play well and come out on top of the Baseline league.

  • Lancelot

    Lucky to still be in the top 10 I guess…we are young with only three returning starters. It’s going to take some time so I will go with the Ol’….It’s not how you start but how you finish saying. Keep working hard Lancers!

  • Fat Albert

    spartans fan

    South Hills will crush Damien. You can’t hit especially with that team .280 batting. Where’s the wood?

  • The Seeker

    I Seek box scores or stats for Amat Baseball games. What happened between this year and last? Amat used to have their stats posted within days of a game, now there are none and there have already been four games! Get with it coaches!

  • oldguy1

    Don’t leave out South Hills’ Danny Sheehan, he has been offensive catalyst at lead off. Should be a great league race. Wide open, SH/CO great opening series, Damien a definite contender. Don’t count out Claremont, they are the sleeper. If Chino Hills grows up fast, they can be a contender. Ayala is a great unknown to me.

  • db

    Diamond bar is down 5-3 right now to keppel. This kid pachuca got it started for DB with a stand up double.

  • db

    Diamond bar is in top right now 10-6 but keppel has fought every at bat. Top 7 DB 10 keppel 6.

  • socalbaseball fan

    Chino will be a tough game for the brahmas as they are 5-0 with a quality win over Etiwanda a D2 finalist last year. Last year Chino was 20-5. Game is on the road and when Chino was in the sierra league with DB the games were always close.

  • Don

    Good week for all of you top ten watchers. Freddie’s One and Two go tomorrow at Charter Oak and again Friday at SHHS; the number three and Number seven go on Thursday at San Dimas.

    I think he went a little soft on Glendora and Amat, but hey, you gotta fill that bottom five with someone. Like usual, time will tell.

  • still there! Why?

    someone tell loreanger of wchs it is time to step down!

  • still there! Why?

    someone tell loreanger of wchs it is time to step down!

  • still there! Why?

    someone tell loreanger of wchs it is time to step down!

  • All Area


    When will basketball and soccer all-area teams be released?

  • fb102

    @The seeker and others:

    Amat will win some league games and begin to PAD their w/l record AND thus stats.

    Hitting MAY come around BUT Nieto HAS to make changes in the lineup. Why has #7 been batting SECOND? He has produced nada. Hurst[most consistent hitter thus far] needs to bat second.

    IF Nieto does NOT make changes, La Salle MAY just win the [weak] league. Try putting players in the lineup who are hungry AND motivated to show what they can do.

    Who knows, a jolt from the bench MAY light a fire in the under-performing starters. Cant get any worse, or can it?

  • Amat Fan

    Obviously you take issue with Amats placement in Div-IV, welcome to the club but why keep beating the Horse, he’s DEAD ALREADY! Not sure Amat has a most consistent hitter at this point in the game and Hurst is a waste in the Two slot. He will be wasted bunting all the time. I think that is why Medina was there? Still need to find a person who can EXECUTE a bunt for that slot. Don’t know why Alcantara is out of leadoff slot? worked out well last year. Then Daniels(lefty) or Moya (good contact hitter) followed by Hurst, Rio Ruiz (should be in four slot) left fielder, second baseman, Daniels or Moya, then catcher or Medina. Regardless of their start this year, I don’t think anyone in the valley manhandles Amat. The only thing that’s different is that the valley has a legitimate chance at a “series” win against Amat this year more than ANY other team in the last 4 or 5 years has had.

  • Amat should be In D1 Baseball

    Amat has a great Baseball program. However they should be in D1. Although they have won titles, Schools like Glendora and South hills, Bonita and Charter Oak play tougher competition come playoff time. I have seen Bishop Play well against D1 schools like OLU. However, That is normally in non league games. There is a lot more pressure in league and playoffs. If they were in D1, and in a League like the Trinity, South Coast or Sunset in the OC , there is a good chance they would not make the playoffs. The reality is Bishop is too good for the Division they are in, but not as good as the orange county elite, who run the Division 1 scene. I believe amat has the players to compete in D1, but not the depth in the bullpen. They do not have enough Pitching to go deep in D1 or D2. Just image, El Dorado in the 1st round, Tesoro in the 2nd, Fountain Valley in the 3rd round, LB Wilson in the Semis JW North in the finals. You could say the same, for D2 with Alemany, Mission V, South hills, REV, or Harvard Westlake. Every game you are going to have to throw a good pitcher, and figuring out how to have your ace in the right games. Bishop Should be out the Top 10. they play in a low Division, mediocre league, with the one the best players in America and is 1 of the 2 private schools ranked in the Division. In D1 BA would be just another team, in D4 they are Elite. In D4 they may be 1 or 2 players as good as Rio or Zamora. In D1 and D2 there are Several. Because of their low competition, you can’t say that they are the best in the East or West SGV.

  • Gene Rugburne

    Please…use all your power and connections to Please. Please, Please get My Lancers back into Division I Baseball. We have had no luck in getting this done but I’m sure if we all pull together as a “Blog” we can get it done! Let’s gather our selves into a collective, Lets see if we can’t get the Lancers back where they belong in D-I. Back where they will not have to play one of the toughest pre-season schedules around just to get themselves ready to win a Division IV Title. It is obvious by the way that the Lancers are always ducking the “good” teams that they want to remain in Division IV so they can still have “Elite” players. I tell ya, playing all thoase “Top Notch-D-I, D-II teams” in preseason is a great place to hide the fact that you only have “Two” players of note in your program. Some of the other Valley schools should come hide out in Amat’s preseason schedule, it’s a great place to make yourself look better than you are. Anything any of you Big Wigs can do to put us back into Division I, would be greatly appreciated. Then we could go back to playing in that murderers row of tournament talent in Glendora to really get ready for the season!

  • Ignorance is bliss

    @ Amat fan
    You sound like the typical arrogant and delusional Amat parent. This year is the 1st year in the last 4 or 5 years that a SGV team could beat Amat in a series?? Maybe you forgot that Bonita beat you last year and if you played 3 games you would have had to face Garza for a 2nd time in the 3rd game. Perhaps you “miss-remembered” that Glendora just won the D2 Championship in 2010 (thats D2 not lowly D4) with a team that surely would have been heavily favored to beat Amat in any length of series.

  • Amat Fan

    If ignorance is bliss then you must be one happy azz mo fo! And let me add that you Sir, sound like the typical ignorant azz Amat Hater. That being said and having gotten all the name calling and ugliness out of the way, you have your opinion, I have mine. Nobody forgot that Bonita beat us in a one game series(jk) last year. Garza is a good ball player, even better this year then he was last year but Amat was a better team last year at this point in the season too. You can “speculate” all you want. I still don’t think they would of beat us in a three game series, again my opinion. Props to Glendora for winning the D2 championship in 2010 also, BUT they still don’t beat Amat in 2010. You know why? Because Amat beat many a good DI and DII teams that year also, and many were better than Glendora despite being in D2. Your hate clouds your mind my friend, but then again……Ignorance is bliss! Stay up and keep rooting for the Home team!

  • bonita

    RIght, BA would have beat Bonita in a 3 game series last year. You might want to remember that they won the game with their #2 pitcher (Murfett), not their #1 (Garza) and let’s not forget they also had Adam McCreery who was battling injuries. Keep dreaming.

  • ALU Baseball

    Its funny how South Hills is number one in D2 and Glendora is ranked 9th, however Alta Loma beat boths those teams already this year and lost to Bonita whos ranked 3 by one run given up in the bottom of the 6 the 16th of this month, wheres the respect?

  • Amat

    @Bonita, Garza wasn’t the Garza he is today and Amat wasn’t the Amat they were then. You guys were slightly better that day but I don’t think you do it in a series. You barely won that day. No excuse (just reminders) there were some controversial calls and a lot of errors in that game that day. Anyway,if that’s what you chose to use as your “indicator” that you “match up” with Amat, then more power to ya.