Softball Rankings: Chino Hills takes over top spot, but none of the area’s top teams lighting the world on fire

Tribune Top Ten Softball Rankings

1. Chino Hills (7-3) –– Considering how many games they played and the difficult tournament in Arizona, the Huskies have done the best of all area teams in the first two weeks of the season. We shouldn’t be surprised, they had a great team on paper and were No. 2 to start the season.

2. St. Lucy’s (6-2) — The Regents are like South Hills baseball, their standings and roster are not available on Maxpreps or anywhere to be found (at least South Hills finally posted a roster). So, we will continue to do the best we can to find out what these girls are doing, and I hope I got the record right. Apparently one of the Regents’ losses was a forfeit (because of a father-daughter dance conflict) and the other loss came in a split against Upland. Look, as long as super pitcher Danielle O’Toole is allowed to do her thing and they score runs, they’re as good as anyone in the Valley.

3. South Hills (4-3) –– The Huskies, like Chino Hills and Bishop Amat, didn’t light the world on fire in the opening two weeks because of their participation in the tough tournament in Arizona. But that doesn’t explain the Huskies’ 4-3 loss to Schurr in the opening round of the Charter Oak tournament at Big League dreams. That’s unacceptable for what we thought was the area’s best team.

4. Bishop Amat (4-3) — Struggled in the tournament of champions in Arizona, losing their final game to Mater Dei 11-4. But if they bounce back and win the Charter Oak tournament this week all will be forgotten. With South Hills knocked out, don’t be surprised if Bishop Amat and Bonita meet in the final.

5. Los Altos (6-1) — Love the record but like Diamond Bar in baseball, not sold considering none of their victories have come against a team with a winning record. Let’s see how they do on Wednesday in the quarterfinals of the Charter Oak tournament against host Charter Oak.

6. Glendora (4-3) — Advanced to the championship of the San Dimas softball tournament with a convincing win over Bonita along the way. However, they did lose their Baseline league opener to Los Osos, 5-1.

7. Covina (5-1) –– An impressive season-opening doubleheader sweep over Claremont, but their schedule has been relatively easy and losing 8-7 to Monrovia is bad for your only loss on the schedule.

8. Ayala (5-2 ) — Have scored 42 runs and given up just 16, but haven’t played the tough tournament schedule as their Sierra League foes. Still. when all is said and done, don’t be surprised if Ayala is competing for one of the top three playoff spots.

9. Bonita (2-3) — The Bearcats are better than this but at least all three losses have come against strong teams in St. Lucy’s, Charter Oak and Glendora. But they have to prove they can beat some of those teams too.

10. Duarte (3-1) — Love the season opening 7-1 win over Arcadia in advancing to the championship of their own tournament before finally losing to 6-1 Santa Fe 8-0. The Falcons softball team, just like in girls basketball, are very competitive and the Montview favorites.

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  • Questions Questions Questions?

    What’s wrong with the lady bearcats? Lack of coaching is killing the sprit of this team. Wake up, dig in and work between the lines.

    Let’s go Ken!

  • Sierra is tough!

    As long as O’Toole is allowed to do her thing is right, Bumbling coaches aren’t doing this and it’s gonna show against the tough teams!

  • bumble bee

    What’s up with the St. Lucy coach haters. Still early give them a chance. Doesn’t matter who is playing well now its time to find your best players so you can be in position for a cif spot.

    Good luck to everyone

  • hssb

    Chino Hills beat Santiago, and Foothill and tied Norco (1st game) pre-season and came in 3rd at the Tournament of Champions in Arizona, but also lost to King, Valencia, and Norco (2nd game) although the losses were close (1-2 runs, international tie-breaker).

    Overall, they still look like the team to beat.

  • ZZzzZZzz

    From max preps.SGV Tribune needs to put in the real story and not relay on hearsay!
    South Hills got back into the win column as freshman pitcher Caitlyn Van Hemelryck pitched an outstanding game. Caitlyn went the entire seven innings and allowed only 3 hits and a walk. Two of the hits came from Saints catcher Janell Wheaton. Offensively, the Huskies were led by a combination of players. Brittney Amezquita got the scoring started for South Hills as she hit an RBI single up the middle in the 1st inning. In the 4th inning, Sydney La Follette hit a two run homerun down the right field line that scored Jessica Burford stretching the score to 3-0. Burford got in on the scoring as she hit an RBI single to center in the 5th inning. In the 6th, Britney Rodriguez hit a RBI sacrifice fly and Lexi Robles hit an RBI single.

  • :) Me

    Questions, questions questions… I just have one question for you : Is Coach Ken (or any coach ) responsible for producing errors rather than routine plays ? Rather than stir the pot, why not use that energy to compliment the team in a possitive manner. I am confident that the girls will continue to work hard and iron out the wrinkles. BTW i think it is a bit comedic how you sign in Anonymous but are quick to drop some one else’s name šŸ™‚

  • Pay attention


    Glendora was not in the finals in San Dimas. Start dating other teams.

  • shfan

    Everyone uses the blog to bag on teams, players, and coaches. Nothing good ever comes out of the blog. Seriously, can anyone name anything that has come out of this blog besides ridicule and name calling? Not me. Everyone bags on the same teams and coaches. People bag on coaches when they are not the ones on the field. I haven’t seen a coach make a fielding error in a game. I haven’t seen a coach lose a ball in the sun. Coach Carlson can teach players during practices. During games, he only rights out the lineup. Every coach just writes out the lineup. What makes you think Van Hemelryck won’t continue where she left off once league comes around? Have you seen her pitch? What about her stats? She beat Santiago in the Tournament of Champions. SANTIAGO! I realize that San Dimas isn’t what they used to be but you have to give her credit. Van Hemelryck should be 4-0 right now. Stop using the blog as a “hide-your-face-and-bitch-and-moan-play-my-daughter-complain-about-the-coach” thing. Get over it! You’re not on the field. Shut your mouth and watch from the stands.

  • Take Your own advice…

    Hey shfan, of course freshman Caitlyn Van Hemelryck will continue to pitch once league starts! Fisch is never loyal to his senior pitchers…EVER! So take your own advice…keep your mouth shut. your daughter will play during her freshman and sophomore year. Then she will be compared to other underclassmen coming in…that is always his way of doing business. splitting up the team with threats.

  • shfan

    Coaches put their best players on the field. Do you ever see a coach in major league baseball say, “Hey you, 20 year veteran. Go out there and get them. Let’s win this World Series. We’ll use the phenom 25 year old next year.” Get over yourself Miss ___ _____________. From what I have heard, he always puts the best players on the field no matter what grade they are in. If you want a spot on the field, get better not older. Your kid is a great player and gets her opportunities. She needs to make the most of them like we all know she can do. Not just any pitcher can take their team to the finals twice.

  • Patriot

    St. Lucy’s with impressive shut out wins in Double Header vs. La Mirada Wednesday evening.
    Senior Pitcher O’Toole and Junior Pitcher Smith both with shutout victories.

  • Bumblebee

    This is getting good. The gloves are off and the softball moms are ready to rumble. I love the intensity.

  • :). ME

    Lmao!!! I am not Ken… And if you are painfully watching you can always stop coming… Yes do I think some decisions are questionable, of course, but nor you or me are out there after full time jobs spending time with them on the field and the headaches after… I don’t know why you are trying to fool yourself into knowing the behind the scene mechanisms of this team, let the girls play, and I will enjoy watching them win league, while you keep complaining and stirring an unnecessary pot

  • Outsider Looking In:

    To the Questions, Questions, Questions and whoever else wants to hide behind these blogs, have some serious issues. Really, you ignorant people are going to start this crap again. Unlike Carlson and his coaches can’t play the game for these girls and make these routine plays. When you are dropping bombs on these coaches and naming the headcoach you are putting down these girls that are working hard as a team, so you ignorant people stay the H— off the blogs and put your focus somewhere else in positive manner. I hope you all realize that if you think you are commenting anonymously you really are not, so do realized that this is harrassment and is easy enough to find out who you are. Reminder: These girls are suppose to be a reflection of there parents positive will be positive and negative will be negative, so let the girls play and do there jobs the way they know how to.

  • Bumblebee

    Wow!!!! Someone is really calling out a player on the blog. Way to go, shows a ton of class, I wonder what college gave you a letter of intent when you were her age. Living vicariously not a good idea, calling out players not a good idea, maybe it’s time you found a new hobby because you are not good at this. Hope your daughter doesn’t make a mistake and get called out because of you but I am sure she’s perfect.