Baseball: Chatsworth beats Bishop Amat 8-2; Defending CIF Champion Lancers fall to … 1-5

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  • Bob Anon

    Probably the only sport Chatsworth can beat Amat in?

  • OMG

    That should be a statement relief to 1-5… LMAO

  • fb102

    Time to pad the record AND stats on the [weak] league Amat is in.

    With 12 league games to play, Amat should win at LEAST 10 of those.

    La Salle has a legit pitcher[Derby] who might be able to stymie the Amat Lancers twice. Hence the 10 wins in league. La Salle is also HUNGRY to end Amat’s dominance. Hungry teams ARE dangerous opponents to face.

    That brings Amat to 11 wins overall.

    Quite possible Amat will NOT reach a .500 record. Depends on the tourney results.

  • AMAT 73

    Looks like it will take some time for this years team to jell and with the Classic coming up they better hurry. I have no doubt they will and be ok by the time the season starts . Seems to me fb102 is HUNGRIER that any team for that dominance to end . Still a long ways to go and the Men n Blue will be fine as always . GO AMAT .

  • Frank

    Amat should finish above 500, with the league they are in. But I definitly believe these other teams St pual and La salle are smelling blood. They are tired of being Amats teams to beat up on.Those teams can’t be taken lightly. Good Luck the rest of the way hope the coaching staff can figure something out.

  • Club House Lawyer

    Amat maybe not do much this year which is sad unless they make some moves internally however there feature for this next few years looks great talk among the coaches is they believe they have one of the strongest freshmen classes in the area. Combine that with the sophomores that are still young next year and we should be right back on top. I’d wonder if Nieto will bring up anyone from the lower levels if the team continue to struggle offensely…maybe someone for the JV or Freshmen team to help out some struggling sticks?!

  • Amat73, remember you giving me a hard time a few weeks ago after BA beat Gahr and you gave me a hard time for commenting about them being over exposed and over rated? What do you have to say now? Amat will shine? Fred thanks for reporting even the losses and not just the wins.

  • Club House Lawyer

    Excuse the grammar errors my phone auto corrects everything

  • AMAT 73

    No the post had nothing to do with being overated nor over exposed as that was never part of the conversation and anyways that’s the writers of the blogs doing the over exposing of AMAT .I replied to as to why they do that and you are proof as I never see you on here other that to blast AMAT . As I said then , pro or con , wins or losses , AMAT gets the hits , which is the lifeblood of a blog when you want to sell ad space .The issue was you were moaning about a thread for Garza ( which he absolutely derserved ) and I posted to you there was a thread 2 up from the one you cried on but yet you failed to post on a comment on the Garza thread. Now I see where you got so excited to see me post you failed to read it . But just for you I will change my “GO AMAT” in my post to ” AMAT WILL SHINE ” .Now who do you root for on an every game basis or do you just read the blog to get your daily fix of hate on AMAT . Now where is all this heat you wrote about in your last post to me . If this is it bring more on .

  • Real champions


    Amat Dad said:
    Mater Dei is definately a very good team. But Amat is definately as good. This year, we are already weeks ahead of where we were last year.
    Make no mistke, Amat is definately for real this year. We will be making a run for back to back. And we are a top team in socal and the nation. Mater Dei realized that last night, but so did we the Amat Nation.
    March 2, 2012 12:50 PM

    So Amat Dad, do you still think this years team is way ahead of the Championship team of 2011? Yeah they lost first to games but then went on a 21 game win streak and won the National Classic. Lots of work needed if this years team is going to compete for a title . Championships silence critics!

  • Sgv baller

    Looks like its not amats Paul might beat them this Paul has already beat valencia , who beat Harvard westlake with max fried pitching .palm desert is the team to beat again in d 4. Amat has some non league games besides national classic and league .they also Play De lasalle in oakland.

  • freshman class

    @ clubhouse lawyer .Cathedral probably has the best freshman class in the socal this year.5 players all from the tomateros club all got scouted and given scholarships. all five kids are on varsity. last summers copabe panam games 14u mvp william aguilar and bryan duenas who was on the team also. amats chavira was also on the team. the top pitcher from that team was only 13 years old and is still in 8th grade. his name is isaac “ice” gutierrez from norwalk area. the kid is 6 feet tall and going to be a future stud. any high school team will be lucky to get him.amat for sure has the best freshman class in the valley.I know a kid who would start at any local school that is not starting at Amat.that was surprising to hear.

  • I Have a Question 4U

    Freshman class – Are saying that 5 of your freshman (or maybe soph’s now, u were kinda unclear) that are on Varsity, right now, have already been recruited AND have signed scholarship offers? Because unless they are Juniors and have signed on the dotted line, all you have is a lick and a promise. I have seen many “verbal commits” end up at JC. Plus why would you lock yourself in so early? Unless the verbal commit was only as good as the paper it was signed on, oh wait, there was no signature. Never mind.

  • The answer

    @Have a question
    I think what he is saying, is that someone from Cathedral High School went out to the club baseball team and recruited these 5 kids come to Cathedral and that none of these kids are paying tuition. Which, by the way, is a clear cut CIF violation, but CIF never enforces their rules anyway, so who cares.

  • Bishop will be fine in D4 play

    I think Bishop Amat has a great Baseball program. However, over the last 10 years I Have never considered them a Elite Program in Socal. I have seen the Lancers play on Several occasions, and I was not overly impressed with the team nor coaching. Ruiz is a phenomenal player. They do have a few support players, but Bishop Bullpen is Average as they come. In D4 you don’t see the kind of pitching that you see in D1 or D2. I expect them to regroup and do well in their Division. However, if they were in D1 , I don’t think they would do much.

  • Bulldog 4 Life

    @ Amat 73
    no it shouldnt take too long. you guys are almost facing your D4 teams. so you’ll be good =)

    freakin CIF should consider this for football!!! i wanna see amat win a title!

  • sgv baller

    @bishop will be fine.Bishop Amat is considered an elite baseball program.yes thet are down this year do to a young team with average pitching.but they compete with the best D1 teams every year ,except this year. last year they won the national classic and beat esperanza, a division 1 finalist.division 4 is actually good at the top every year,the only difference is that division 1 is tough every round.division 3 and 4 are about even and the playoffs get tougher around the semi finals.bishop amat faced troy conyers, brooks kriske and chase dejong last year.3 of the top pitchers in the country. so dont go saying amat is not an elite program because of this years record.

  • Huh?

    At Bishop will be… so you’re saying 10 years of watching Amat Baseball.. You’re kidding right?

    Wow, so you’re including the back to back National Championship teams of 01-02? Teams with guys like Mike Lange, Adam Simon, David Pierson, Jordan Swayden etc… Check you memory chip as they beat guys like, the Laird Brothers, Ian Kennedy, Ian Steward etc…

    Major Memory issue my friend.

  • ronp

    St Paul has six loses.They don’t score a lot of runs and make too many errors. Mistakes by same players but coach won’t make changes. Amat and La Salle will beat them.

  • AMAT 73

    Bull Dog 4 Life,
    At who’s level , your’s or our’s . We will win when we win in “OCOTW”.The feeling I get from your post is if we drop we win , so what would be the point ? In football that is !!!!!!!!!! And about those D-4 teams , would you be just as good in football facing them ???????? Because we know what happens when you face D-1 teams , don’t we. šŸ™‚

  • bishop Will be fine

    The Point is if Bishop was in D1 they would not win titles…There is a difference from D1 down to D4. You may have a year where D4 has great comp. Imagine if Bishop was in the Trinity, South Coast, Or Sunset, or Moore league. Those leagues are far tougher than rounds 1-4 in D4. It’s hard to make it to the playoffs in those leagues. OK I missed that season due to being in College, instead of 10 years, I will say the last 7 Years…you happy. Nevertheless, Bishop Does not play that level of competition in league, and playoffs year in and year out. Tourney and preseason is nice…but it’s not for all the marbles. Bishop will do well for the level they are on. I can’t recall a year where Bishop had the pitching that could get them through D1 season to the title game and win the title. Just my opinion. Some bishop fans may say otherwise.

  • I love it how Amat73 gets all crazy when someone calls him to the mat on BA’s record or weak Division. Now its Bull Dog 4 life’s turn to get the hammer. Amat73 your a cantankerous angry old man. A 1-5 record outside of your division is all the proof us bloggers need.

  • Sgv baller

    @bishop will be fine.this is the sport that the valleys elite teams like CO ,Bonita,south hills can compete with d1 teams.and what are u talking about. Amat had good pitching staffs last 3 years. Last year they had it all pitching and hitting. Winning the national. Classic is tougher than winning a d1 title. The national classic had top teams from all California and was only a week long.winning a tournament like the classic proves u can win in any proves u also have a great pitching staff also.everyone is taking this opportunity to bash amat because there down year.

  • MidLevel

    Oh Danny Boy!

    1 – 5 — Does sound familiar to you? Oh yeah, Amat Football 2011 Pac 5 record! That’s right, I remember.

    Looks like another bottom of the barrel Amat sport. Who is the is common participant in both of your sports? That’s right, I remember now Danny boy.

  • Non Amat Fan

    To The Answer Guy why are you picking on Cathedral,Amat has been recruiting and cheating for year’ all sports. Why don’t you call the CIF on that one.