Baseball Leaders: Donovan Holmes, Tommy Delgadillo and Daniel Sandoval over .500

Area statistics of teams that report to MaxPreps.
Batting Leaders
Donovan Holmes, Glendora, .692, 9-for-13
Tommy Delgadillo, Diamond Bar, .588, 10-for-17
Daniel Sandoval, Duarte, .526, 10-for-19
Ben Fonseca, Baldwin Park, .500, 12-for-24
Daniel Milwee, San Dimas, 500, 9-for-18
Billy Sanford, Glendora, .500, 6-for-12
Joseph Ontell, Rowland, .500, 7-for-14
Steven Camberos, Los Altos, .476, 10-for-21
Ivan Vasquez, La Puente, 476, 10-for-21
Adam Morales, Bassett, .471, 8-for-17

RBI Leaders:
Johnathan Correa, Mountain View, 10
Mark Vega, Bassett, 10
Daniel Sandoval, Duarte, 10
Ben Fonseca, Baldwin Park, 9

Home Runs
Taylor Cavazos, Diamond Bar, 2
Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat, 1
Jack Spohn, Damien, 1
Billy Sanford, Glendora, 1
Nick Hernandez, Charter Oak, 1

Felix Hernandez, Mountain View 9

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  • Spartans Fan

    Fred, will there be a updated Rankings this week for baseball. Charter Oak will probably be the new #1 with Bonita, Damien, and South Hills will
    Follow, my predictions.

  • Fred, why wont Bishop Amat put their stats on Max Preps?

  • SGV Baseball Fan

    SGV College ball player stats-
    Cal State Fullerton-
    Pedroza .281 GS 14 AB 64, Northview
    Demetri De La Fuente .073 ERA in 12 innings, South Hills
    Kenny Matthews- 2.25 ERA 2-0 5 GS 28 innings, Diamond Bar
    UNLV Brady Zuniga, 3.77 ERA in 14 innings, Amat
    UC Davis- Adam Young- .193 GS 8 , Damien
    Cal State Northridge- Chester Park .258 15 GS Diamond Bar
    UC Irvine- Jordan Fox .351 GS 19 74 AB. Amat
    Tommy Reyes .203 GS 18 64 AB, Amat
    Jerry McClanahan .167 GS7 24 AB, Amat
    Matt Whitehouse 4.15 ERA 0-2 3 GS, Damien
    UC Riverside Joe Chavez .500 2 AB, Damien
    Antonio Gonzales 7.35 ERA 3 innings, Damien
    Mark Garcia, 1.86 ERA in 9 innings, Damien
    San Diego State Matt Munoz .435 GS 11 46 AB, Covina/San Dimas
    Seby Zavala .364 GS 7 33 AB- Amat
    Pepperdine Matt Gelalich .224 GS 19 58 AB, Bonita
    University of San Diego Dylan Covey 3.91 ERA 2-1 5 GS, Maranatha
    UCLA Adam Plutko 3.03 ERA 2-1 5 GS, Glendora
    Cody Regis- .136 GS 17 59 AB, Glendora
    Jeff Gelalich- .443 GS 19 70 AB, Bonita
    USC-Kevin Roundtree .338 GS 19 71 AB, Glendora
    Arizona State Rouric Bridgewater .308 GS 4 26 AB, Diamond Ranch
    Adam McCreery 0.00 ERA 2-0 GS 2 – Bonita

    NAIA- Vanguard University- Kevin Ponzo, 3.95 ERA in 13 innings, San Dimas
    APU- Jordan Leyland- .465 GS 25 AB 100 10 HR , San Dimas
    Ryan Henley .118 GS 0 18 AB , Bonita
    Zach Hedges 3.23 ERA 3-0 GS 3, Damien
    Jacob Cage 3.72 ERA 4-1 GS 7, Glendora
    Jason Plowman 6.75 ERA 2-1 21 innings, Bonita
    Point Loma University- Clinton Harwick .265 GS 29 117 AB, Glendora
    Tyler Garkow 3.66 ERA 1-2 GS 8, Charter Oak
    Georgetown College David Higueroa .436 GS 12 40 AB, Amat
    Ryan Serrato .342 GS 14 38 AB, Amat

    D2-Cal State LA Manny Acosta .357 GS 22 AB 84 , South El Monte
    Cal State San Francisco Mark Linsey .338 GS 22 77 AB, Bonita
    UC San Diego Garrett Tuck .350 GS 22 100 AB , Arcadia
    Cal State Pomona Joseph Eusebio- .370 GS 21 81 AB, Amat
    Nick Cooksey- .286 GS 7 28 AB, Glendora
    Erick Ruvalcaba, 3.95 ERA 4-0 GS 5, Northview
    Brennen Salgado.370 GS 7 27 AB, Glendora
    Mike Philip-.375 GS 7 24 AB, Charter Oak
    Trevor Goetz, Amat and Nick Wagner, Glendora

  • Just looking for stats to make comparisons across the SGV players. Most schools post them, they dont, hence the question to Fred. A rational mind says thats not getting my panties in a wad. And who says I need to explain myself to you?

  • Club House Lawyer

    Anyone know the extent of Rio’s injury I seen I’m hampering an arm injury he wasn’t playing the field last past 2 games . I saw that he got pulled out of the game on Friday ? Just curious

  • and I said “bunch” – not wad

    Leslie – and why should Amat ( or their coach ) explain themselves to you?

  • baseball man

    have not heard to much about delgadillo at diamond bar.will see how he does against true pitching like Garza.Diamond Bar has played some very weak teams so far ,so those stats dont mean anything.

  • tator

    Fred, you left out Michael Dlugos SHHS in the home run leaders.He hit a game tying home run to lead off the 7th inning against Charter Oak HS.You also spelled his name wrong in the story.

  • sgv baseball

    D.Bar has played nothing but cupcakes so far. Looks like they loaded their schedule up with then when league comes around we will see the real D. Bar come out. Schedule some tough games in the pre season coach!!!

  • FYI

    Adam Alcantara and Scott Hurst also have home runs for Bishop Amat.

  • In response to “and i said Bunch” : BA or their coach doesnt owe me an explanation, they owe it to SGV to post stats on max preps so us baseball fans can compare, contrast, and see for our selves and not the trubune who should be the top 10 teams in the SGV. Posting the stats will avoid “FYI Said” from correcting the article and adding two more players to the home run numbers which should be posted!

  • mountie

    Kolbi oriti from walnut is also hitting 500.0

  • sgv widget

    Chowder head….Nobody owes you a damn thing. Nobody plays the teams Amat plays in preseason and everybody knocks their weak league schedule so what will the stats really compare? Get off Amat’s Lance and suppoort your own team! Psycho stalker! Bonitas doing great, Charter Oak is off to a great start, SH will bouce back and don’t sleep on DB or DR PLUS, Northview, Covina or Damien could also occupy your time? Why the Amat obsession of late? Did Amat 73 really get that far under your skin?

  • Nunya

    LMFAO @ SGV WIDGETS COMMENT TO Clam Chowder!!! She need’s be worried about her own kid and their team. Maybe you should ask Andy Nieto for the book! lol NOT!