Breaking News: South Hills pitcher Sydney La Follette leaves team to concentrate on volleyball

South Hills senior pitcher Sydney La Follette, as clutch as anyone the past two years in leading the Huskies softball team to back-to-back CIF-SS Divisional championship games, has left the the Huskies’ softball team to focus on volleyball, where she intends to continue her career at San Jose State, sources have confirmed. La Follette, who is also an imposing hitter, leaves a big void on the Huskies softball team, who started the season ranked No. 1 in the Tribune. Senior Sarah Macias and freshman Caitlyn Van Hemelryck will be asked to fill the void. Please be careful with your comments, if this becomes an attack on players or coaches, I will not allow commenting on this thread.

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  • LA Conq

    When did being a single-sport athlete become the norm? Most of the great athletes out there did multiple sports in HS. When and Why did this all change? It’s sad.

  • Fred Robledo

    There is more to it than La Follette “simply” wanting to quit softball to concentrate on volleyball, but those reasons are between coach, parents and the school, so again, let’s be careful with comments.

  • To La Conq

    LA Conq., back in the day when you played 2 or 3 sports, you did it for the fun and pride of being able to play for more than 1 at your school. Maybe not so much for the scholarships. Especially if you could letter in all 3 and your jacket showed it! Nowadays, the pressure is on to focus on one so that your college education could be paid by that sport. Reality is that an education is so expensive, any way you can get it paid for is your ticket. have you noticed all the early commitments that players make? some as young as ninth graders, on your top notch travel teams, make verbal commitments and their “new” college coaches really dont care to see them hurt playing other sports. Not saying this is La Follette’s case, but just an observation to give you ONE possible answer to your question.

    Regarding Sydney, I wish her success in her future and in her sport of choice. Maybe she has other reasons for stopping playing softball. she’s not the first to leave the SH team midseason. but whatever the reasons, its really hers and her family choice. best of luck La Follette!

  • more to it?

    So, is there a developing story here?

  • Fred Robledo

    It possibly could develop into a more in depth explanation, but again, I’m just learning about it.

  • JMO


    What the hell is going on over there, my Alma mater is crumbling in every direction, what next?

  • KB

    Funny in reading this post. What an accomplishment LaFollette has made in 2 sports! you do not get a college scholarship in one sport and a front page of a local newspaper sports page in a 2cd sport, and a blog if the hard work, accomplishments and recognitions in a HS Sports without taking sincere pride in the school, oneself and the pure passion for athletics if only 1 sport was on the mind! No one is pointing fingers, but I hope the right people are really reading between the lines and looking in the mirror in pure disgust! talk about rising to the top! Good Luck to laFollette in her future, good luck to south hills softball as I am sure the team will come together because that is what a team does… Just unfortunate CIF might not be the 3rd time is a charm for the Huskies this year.

  • Front page

    Hey KB, you say “a front page of a local newspaper sports page in a 2cd(sic) sport” is an accomplishment? So is this what her softball senior season was all about, a cover shot? Fred, would you have put South Hills #1 in the preseason poll if you knew she was not going to complete the season? I guess, probably not. Then it would be fair to say that Chino Hills would have been your #1. You have to wonder, did she only hang around long enough for the front page photo op? Chino Hills is probably not happy to be denied that front page newspaper coverage and I am sure they will show their dissatisfaction on the field when they play South Hills. I think they should be given very limited coverage for the rest of the season, they already got their faux #1 story. Maybe a there should be a preseason story redo and give Chino Hills the front cover.

  • Ok

    With that logic you would want a picture redo if the player had an injury and was out for a season? Part of the game.

  • It’s called Sarcasm

    Hey “OK”…I’m gonna say that “Front Page” was being sarcastic.

  • Front page

    To OK:
    Injury is unpredictable, quitting early in the season is predictable and controllable.

  • the milk smells funny

    So one day last week, she got up and said to herself “I am going to quit softball so I can focus on volleyball?” Really??

  • Headlines

    Hey Milk!
    I think the more likely scenario went down like this…she went to the big recruiting tournament in Las Vegas over Presidents weekend, blew everyone away at the Unsigned Senior Showcase, got some offers, did some visits in the weeks following, made a decision and then agonized over concentrating on volleyball and playing softball while playing club…she’s raw with lots of potential! Congratulations to another of the Sierra Leagues finest. Doubt her decision had anything to do with media coverage.