Softball Rankings: Chino Hills has a firm grip on No. 1; St. Lucy’s and Bishop Amat playing well too

Tribune Top Ten Softball Rankings

1. Chino Hills (11-3) –– Looking more like the No. 1 team each week. Since becoming No. 1, they rolled off three straight shutouts over El Dorado, Diamond Ranch and Colton while also scoring a combined 19 runs.

2. St. Lucy’s (7-1) — The Regents are swinging a lot better than last year. Danielle Mavridis is hitting .577 with 12 runs scored and Brandi Harkness is bringing the power with four home runs and 14 RBIs. They just finished a sweep over La Mirada and will play Sonora and Ontario in the Diamond Bar tourney later this week.

3. Bishop Amat (7-3) — The Lancers made it look easy in an 8-1 win over Charter Oak in the Chargers’ own tournament semifinals at Big League Dreams. The Lancers are solid all the way around and will play La Serna for the championship on Friday.

4. South Hills (6-3) –– After losing to Schurr in the Charter Oak tournament the Huskies routed San Dimas and Alhambra. I love the bloggers who think they’re over-rated. They’ve said that the last two years and come playoff time the Huskies are the only area team to advance to a CIF final two straight years. Go ahead, keep doubting them.

5. Ayala (6-3 ) — This is what makes the Sierra League so difficult. You already have Chino Hills, St. Lucy’s and South Hills playing well. Even Claremont is capapble of knocking off teams so there is never an easy one in the Sierra.

6. Glendora (5-4) — The Tartans lost a tough one-run game to Upland, 4-3, and like last year will have a difficult time in the Baseline League. They’re good, but they don’t have the depth they had in past years.

7. Los Altos (6-3) –After a great start they suffer back-to-back losses to Charter Oak and La Habra. I thought they might be the frontrunners to win the Hacienda, but not so sure now.

8. Duarte (4-1) — In their four wins they’ve only allowed two runs. The difficult part of ranking Duarte is they won’t play anyone in our top ten the rest of the year and will finish with a mighty good record. But that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of playing with the area’s better teams.

9. Bonita (4-4) — Bonita has experimented with different pitching, but the fact remains that when soph Anissa Sanchez is in the circle, they can play with almost anyone. They still make silly errors on defense, but when they’re on, they’re dangerous. They face South Hills at South Hills on Thursday, which will be a big measuring stick game.

10. San Dimas (5-4) –– The Saints might be the best in the Valle Vista, but that doesn’t carry a lot of pull. This is the weakest Valle Vista League I’ve seen since taking over as Trib prep editor. There was a time when Northview, Covina and San Dimas were among the top five teams in the area. Now, I’m struggling to rank one of them.

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  • Bohi SB

    C’mon Fred, get your facts right. They have not experminted with different pitching. Sanchez has pitched 37 of the 44 innings with last year’s backup Cockrell pitching 6 of the other 7 inning. Sanchez was the losing pitcher in all 4 of the losses. You are right in that their defense has been really bad. 21 of her 29 runs have been unearned.

  • Fred Robledo

    What part of “Bonita has experimented with different pitching,” don’t you understand? Did I write how much or how little? They “experimented,” in the Charter Oak tournament and if not for that “experiment,” they might have been in the final on Friday against Bishop Amat. Not blaming the coaches, they have their reasons, just pointing it out. South Hills did the same thing in the first round of the Charter Oak tourney, they didn’t pitch their ace and got beat.

  • Bohi SB

    So they start their 2 year varsity backup 1 game and you call it experimenting. She was involved in 1 of the losses. She is not a rookie freshman or sophomore. SHe is a legitimate backup pitcher who, like all teams, will get a few innings.

    They would have been in the finals if they played defense. Sanchez was on the mound for the last 4 innings of that game and gave up 5 runs, 1 of which was earned.

    Sometimes it looks as though you reach in your statements just to fill space.

  • Clutch Matters

    Im sure you agree fred that a key factor in SH’s success was the clutch performance during late season by their pitcher for the past 2 years (lofollette) both on the mound and at the plate. Now thats shes quit playing softball they will have to look to a freshman that while good, is unproven under pressure. I wish her luck esp with the history of all the drama on that team.

  • Fred Robledo

    If you read my entire comment that’s exactly what I wrote, writing when they’re on, they’re a dangerous team. Plus, don’t know if it’s a stretch by saying that if Sanchez “started,” they probably win that game. But yes, lots of errors.

    On a separate thought, wasn’t there a time when your ace softball pitcher threw every inning of every game? I understand when you have two of similar or equal quality that you platoon, but over the years I don’t remember dominant ace pitchers sharing the circle with anyone when they’re clearly the No. 1 option. Guess times have changed.

  • Fred Robledo

    I didn’t realize La Follette left the team until today. Just confirmed it…

  • SL Alum

    St Lucy’s is still the only school in the Sierra not reporting stats on Max Preps. Why?? Shouldn’t the AD and parents look into this?? No excuses, it’s part of the job. If coach doesn’t like the admin. part of coaching, then get out.

  • Welcome to the softball season

    Alum huh? Softball mommies are bouncing off the walls tonight, get the pads!

  • GoAmat

    “Good luck on Friday Amat”

  • Wait a minute

    I know quite a few apron wearing, ladle carrying daddys out there, who need thicker pads.

  • A fair question

    Let’s go back to 1994, and let’s pretend that all the technology we have today (email, cell phones, texting, twitter, Maxpreps) were available back then. A great catcher is playing at St. Lucy’s, but the coach refuses to use these tools to highlight her and her teammate’s HS careers. The parents, newspapers, friends and followers are urging the coach to use these mediums, but he does not.
    Do you think this behavior would have been tolerated?

  • Enzo F

    In response to (A fair question) You are totally correct in saying SL’s coaching staff or any HS program for that matter is doing a great disservice to the team by not reporting any of this information, i.e. Roster, Stats, Fielding, Errors Etc. Maybe it’s not important to them or no time? This may be somewhat important to the girls on the team who enjoying reading this and i’m sure it gives a boost to the girls as well. A little recognition is nice once in a while, Especially in a news world full of negativity.

  • keepin it real

    Since when did the blog police start removing g rated comments about bonita? What’s the deal Freddy these coaches need to get some thicker skin, you never policed these type of comments before.

  • Jose

    You hit the nail on the head Fred.. Times have changed. There was a time when the best 9 played and if u weren’t a part of the nine you worked ur butt off to start. Now-a-days parents start complaining to the ADs if their kid isn’t playing. It’s all about everyone should have a chance to play even at the cost of a loss. kills me I tell ya.

  • Enzo F

    keepin it real said:
    Since when did the blog police start removing g rated comments about bonita? What’s the deal Freddy these coaches need to get some thicker skin, you never policed these type of comments before.

    I’m sure a Bonita coach called in or emailed his gripe about comments (parents?) on the blog when in fact it doesn’t take someone inside the program to know there are issues, Fred pointed them out (he’s not a parent & it was an observation)in another blog someone from the program (i presume due to the info they had)went ape poop! As a coach you must have thick skin cuz your job should never be to please anyone but to coach ball and in such you will be severly criticized, Especially by parents! So this shouldnt be a surprise, Right?

  • Get a clue

    BoHi Parent

    The bottom line Kenny Boy needs to get things on track and quit making excuses. Time for HIM to look in the mirror and quit pointing fingers at the girls.

    It’s his job to handle the good with the bad and if the press points out some things, so what.

    Frenkin cry baby parents..

  • Time out

    Fred’s exactly right!

    One thing he forgot it that the coach needs a lobatomy. The lost again proves his in ability to COACH…You’re the experiment Carlson…

  • Spit my coffee out this morning!

    Fred, I looked on maxpreps this morning and saw that St. Lucy’s has stats posted. Shocked!!