Bishop Amat is taking care of business in the Del Rey, beats St. Paul 4-2 to go 2-0 in league

“Anybody following our program the last five years knows our body of work has been pretty special. We’ve set the bar high for our program and what we feel we want to become is a program to be reckoned with. But for us, with three or four sophomores, three or four juniors, we’ve been slapped with a learning curve and forced to grow up fast. The learning curve has hit us.” –Bishop Amat coach Andy Nieto on his 3-5 start.

Bishop Amat takes care of St. Paul, 4-2

Hey Amat, where’s your stats and roster? Since I’ve been here Amat has always posted its roster and updated its stats on a game-by-game basis on Maxpreps. I know they’re not off to a good start, but if you’re going to post when the going’s good, you should post during the tough times too.

By Keith Lair SGVN
It has been an unconventional season for the Bishop Amat High School baseball team. So it only makes sense the Lancers used unconventional strategies Tuesday.

Catcher Bryan Menendez broke a 2-2 tie in the sixth inning with a two-out drag bunt that scored Scott Hurst from third base to carry visiting Bishop Amat to a 4-2 victory over

St. Paul in a Del Rey League game.

“Anybody following our program the last five years knows our body of work has been pretty special,” Bishop Amat coach Andy Nieto said. “We’ve set the bar high for our program and what we feel we want to become is a program to be reckoned with.

“But for us, with three or four sophomores, three or four juniors, we’ve been slapped with a learning curve and forced to grow up fast. The learning curve has hit us.”

How unconventional has the Lancers’ season been? The reigning CIF-Southern Section Division 4 champions started only one senior with varsity experience, designated hitter Rio Ruiz. They are 3-5 on the season, already with more losses than last season.

Unconventional? The Lancers’ first five hitters had only one of Bishop Amat’s six hits Tuesday.

“It’s very important,” Menendez said of the bottom of the order getting hits. “If nobody gets hits, the game ain’t going to go our way.”

But it was the drag bunt, which was more like a squeeze play, that seemed the most unconventional.

“That turned out to be huge,” Nieto said. “We happened to be fortunate enough that for that particular hitter they were not playing up. It’s kind of a cat and mouse game and fortunately it played out in our favor.”

The Lancers were trailing, 2-1, in the sixth when Andrew De La Cruz had the top of the lineup’s lone hit, an infield single. Clean-up hitter Adam Alcantara drew a walk and St. Paul anticipated Hurst’s sacrifice bunt and caught De La Cruz at third base.

Pitcher Jonah Jimenez got a strikeout and Moya singled through the first-second base gap to tie the game at 2-2. Menendez got a 2-0 count and St. Paul coach Casey Morales decided to send Aaron Pinto to the mound.

Menendez bunted the next pitch down the third-base line for his second bunt single of the game.

“How often does that work?” Morales said. “Not very often. We had positioned ourselves for it, but we didn’t make the play.”

Third baseman Jordan Valdez threw wide to first base, although Menendez already had the throw beaten. The ball sailed past first baseman and Luis Moya also scored to make it 4-2.

“I was thinking to just get the bunt down,” Menendez said. “That is what (coach) wants us to work on a lot. I have been bunting a lot, even with two strikes.”

The Swordsmen (4-7) took a 2-1 lead in the fifth inning when leadoff hitter Kevin Romo sent a 2-1 Eric Vega fastball over the left-field fence.

All the Swordsmen had to do was to keep the Lancers off the bases in the last two innings.

“The pressure got to us,” Romo said. “We felt we were going good in the last two innings. It just unfolded there and we didn’t make the plays we should have.”

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  • Amen Keith, and I agree about BA not posting stats on Max Preps! Thats what I have been saying for the past few weeks on the blog and taking heat from all the BA fans about asking for stats. I have been called everything in the book for just asking for stats! Us SGV baseball fans like to view stats and decide for ourselves who is the top ten teams in the valley. Stats are good for baseball so post them Andy! Thats what you get paid for!

  • sgv widget

    Chowder head….Andy gets paid to coach! Not enter STATS! and just in case you missed it the other thread, “….Nobody play teams like Amat plays in preseason and everybody knocks their weak league schedule, so what will the stats really prove to you? What’s to compare? Get off Amat’s Lance and suppoort your own team! Psycho stalker! Hey Bonitas doing great, Charter Oak is off to a great start, SH will bounce back and don’t sleep on DB or DR PLUS, Northview, Covina or Damien could also occupy your time? Why the Amat obsession of late? Did Amat 73 really get that far under your skin?

  • SGV Widget, thanks for making my point! You fit the over zealous, over-reacting cant take a losing season profile.

  • Still Bunchie?

    How are stats even relevant when schedules aren’t similar? Kids can rack up stats against one level of competition while others might struggle against better competition. That doesn’t make one better than the other. That’s like saying a pro player that wins the California League batting title is better tahn some Major Leaguer hitting at the Mendoza Line. *Numbers Sometimes Lie*

  • Mix it up a little

    ChowChowChow -Northview baseball, St Lucy softball… a couple more teams you can jump on about stats so it doesn’t seem like you have an ax to grind with Amat (which is obvious that you do – since you never comment on anything else!)

  • AMAT 73

    It’s me again , you know the old man you love to go at it with . I see you’re at it again . Not enough AMAT love lately.Hopefully this post satisfies your needs. You have still failed to admit who your loyalty lies with on an everyday basis .Afraid of the embarrassment it may cause you . Well we are 2-0 in the Del Rey , but of course you knew that would happen as you know how weak our league is , don’t you . HA HA HA HA. Why would you even want stats on AMAT ? For someone who has so much spite for a school or should I say the old cop out standard ” I don’t hate the school only their bloggers ” what is it to you on the teams stats.Is this more of that heat you profess to thow at us . I’m guessing this post will cause your dissappearing act once again as you always seem to run and hide when I address one of your posts .It’s a simple question , who’s your team boy ? Give us a clue on why all the hate .

  • Fred Robledo

    My beef with Amat is they always have posted stats, but now that they’re 3-5 they’re mysteriously not posting? All teams should post, in fact league’s should require that teams post stats either to a league website or Maxpreps to keep a level playing field. Coaches have to select all-area and all-cif teams at the end of the year, how do you monitor the progress of players, particularly in a stat-driven sport like baseball and softball without updating stats? What happens is that coaches will mysteriously show up at these all-league meetings with beefed-up stats that you have no possible way of verifying. At least when you post game-to-game, you have an idea of how someone is doing throughout the season, it’s not sprung on you at some all-league or all cif meeting at the end of the year….

  • Lancelot

    Fred-I think the lack of STATS may come from a changing of the gaurd at AMAT. The person who used to be the “Stat” Guy/Gal may not be there anymore. Remember there are only three returning starters on the team. I don’t think the coaches were ever responsible for stats at AMAT? It’s funny that all the Amat Haters are the ones complaining that there are no Amat stats to compare their players/teams to. I wonder why that is? Why do they NEED the Amat stats so much more than the Amat players parents (which is usually the only ones who care about such matters, aside from newspaper blokes and “real” baseball fans like Leslie) Hopefully someone will step up to the plate over there soon and start the data entry process, so the complainers will get the measuring stick they so desperately need AND you can start crunching numbers for post season consideration, etc, etc. One game at a time Lancers, the National Classic is only weeks away.

  • To Amat73

    It’s clear Chow is from Glendora because he is such a wining B**ch.
    The Glendora people can’t get over the fact the lost Hurst so expect this same BS for the next 3 years.

  • Fred Robledo

    Lancelot, it goes beyond player/parents, Amat sports in general have a big following and those followers want to be able to follow how the players are doing. Plus if you’re a bigtime high school program, and Amat wants and is just that in baseball, you need to assign someone to post rosters and update your stats, that’s just necessary P.R., work for a bigtime high school program. If Amat didn’t post last year, we probably never would have known what a great player and luxury someone like middle reliever Berg was. His numbers and contributions were phenomenal and he gained a lot of notoriety because of the dirty work he did in the middle innings. But if his stats weren’t posted regularly, nobody would have ever known who he was. As it is now, I would settle for Amat at least posting a roster, somewhere, anywhere.

  • Fred I agree with you 100%. Well said. Amat73, Im not hiding, just running a company and cant sit on the blog all day. Im a baseball fan, and true baseball fans love stats. Face it, baseball is a game of stats. Dont get all excited because us true fans want to look at stats and follow players through their high school years. No ax to grind with any individual team, (so Amat fans please relax)im just wondering why the most popular team (in terms of press coverage, pre season coverage and blog responses)in the SGV suddenly decides not to post stats, we as fans would like an answer. Im not the only one asking so stop getting personal with me and baiting me with your responses. Its not fair to the fans, players, other teams and the especially the sport of baseball.

  • Lancelot

    Fred-Agree with the reasoning, I’m just saying that nobody has taken the “Bull by the Horns” yet in regard to this matter. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Coach Nieto has a lot more pressing matters to work on with his young team then to be concerned with who is going to enter his players Stats. I’m sure this will be ractified soon. I just hope all the conspiracy theorists can realize that it is not a conscientious plot to creat a subterfuge.

  • Fred Robledo

    Okay, just spoke with Andy Nieto for an update on Rio Ruiz that I just posted, and also discussed updating stats. Nieto was under the impression that the roster and stats were posted on Maxpreps. He said there is a new person doing the stats and that he thought they were up to speed with Maxpreps this week, and now that we brought it to his attention he will have it resolved soon. He made a point to say he believes stats should be posted for the players and community, so there you go.

  • AMAT 73

    Funny but I do the same thing only I can do both and my company is doing very well. I bet you’re one of those types that has a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time .Interesting you managed to answer my post so maybe your day is not all that busy or is it because you just can’t pass up a chance to bash on AMAT . If you’re so concerned on the stat issue concerning AMAT and as someone pointed out you only cry about AMAT not posting stats why don’t you go over to AMAT and ask Nieto. Just tell him 73 sent you and I am sure he will give you an answer. Speaking of answers , how about that question you continually dodge . Someone pegged you as a Glendora honk because of your constant biatching on AMAT but I have you more of a slime alumni since the thread on AMAT beating the slime did bring you out again. Plus you can keep kidding yourself on not having an axe to grind but your posts send out a different message . Now let’s see if you can reply during your afternoon break time .

  • AMAT 73

    Good job Fred, solid reporting as usual . Might ruin Chow’s day but thanks for finally getting the answer inquiring minds are asking.

  • Excellent journalistic work Fred! Glad you were persistent and rational in your approach in giving the readers of your blog and the paper what they wanted! Keep up the great work!

  • have been called everything in the book for just asking for stats! Us SGV baseball fans like to view stats and decide for ourselves who is the top ten teams in the valley. S

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  • shahbaz

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