Amat’s Rio Ruiz day-to-day with bicep strain

ESPN’s California junior of the year and reigning Tribune and Division 4 MVP Rio Ruiz has a right bicep strain and did not play in the field in Tuesday’s 4-2 win over St. Paul, coach Andy Nieto said. Ruiz was able to pinch hit, but he hasn’t thrown a baseball in a week, which is more cautionary than anything else, Nieto explained. Ruiz will be evaluated by a doctor Wednesday. Nieto does not think his injury is serious, but he wants to be extremely cautious, especially since he could be a high draft back in Major League Baseball’s spring draft.

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  • Real talk

    Rio is a tuff kid. To see him come back after that knee injury and play well against SM says something about his character. Stay on the safe side Rio and pray that all will be fine.

  • Go to college Rio

    He Threw a lot of footballs this fall. Maybe he should go to USC for bit. Scouts don’t like injuries… Rookie ball starts in mid june. Besides a pro schedule means more games, lot’s of travel and little rest. I hope he gets back on the Diamond He a good player.

  • bigboy

    Fred why do you love amat so much. Maybe you should buy Rio a wedding ring since you can’t get over him

  • Rio fan

    Rio deserves all the attention .he is the best player in the valley and one of the nations top no one should complain because fred covers him.lets hope it’s not a bad injury.

  • Club House Lawyer

    @bigboy why you jealous? Your son not as talented as Rio?! If that was your kid Im pretty sure you’d like the recongition all the time whether its good or bad.

  • reality

    Robledo: I dont think you are doing this kid any favors by covering hin so heavily. The pressure for an elite high school athlete to measure up to expectations is tough to say the least. And to see his name in the paper for a strain makes things worse. Scouts may limit their attendance, kid may try to comeback to soon etc. Also the fact that BA had a less than stellar season in football and now baseball off to bumpy start just compounds the pressure and by writing about it allows room for the haters and puts unneeded pressure on him. For now I say just leave the kid alone and hype him less often.

  • Fred Robledo

    Reality, the Tribune didn’t hire me for public relations, they hired me to report on high school sports. Rio is as high profile as they come and if he has an injury that’s preventing him from his usual duties with Amat’s baseball team, or football team, it’s news. If I didn’t report it, it would be showing bias on my part in trying to protect him.

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J ,
    Seems like the old damned if you do and damned if your don’t . Sometimes you just can’t win . Keep doing what you do as you and the staff do a fine job of reporting the local HS sport scene to the SGV HS sports fans.

  • Witness

    Get well soon Rio and Thank you for setting the bar high in the SGV. People are gonna say what people are gonna say. Very few have been where you have and most will never be where your headed.
    Love you Kid.

  • Inland player

    I really don’t think palm desert is struggling . 6-5 is not bad when your losses are to good teams.they also beat Esperanza ,capo valley and foothill in the elks tournament.they return team USA pitcher brooks kriske also . They are still a legit contender .

  • GoAmat

    WE LOVE YOU RIO!!! Thanks for covering him the way he should be covered Fred. Not very many young boys can fill his shoes. He one of a kind in SGV!!!