Kaylea Snaer on pace to have a historical season, but will teams keep pitching to her?

I love this quote from Rowland coach Craig Snyder. With Kaylea Snaer hitting .571 with 24 RBIs and eight home runs, he’s challenging the Hacienda League to pitch to her. “I don’t know, but I don’t think people in our league are going to pitch to her a whole lot,” Snyder said. “Not unless some other girls start hitting behind her. It takes more than one person.”

With eight home runs, Snaer needs six more to get her name in ink in the CIF record books. At the pace she’s going, she’ll get there soon.

18 – Bailie Kirker, Crescenta Valley (2008)
17 – Lauren Chamberlain, El Toro (2010)
16 – Lisa Estill, Grace Brethren (1998), Baile Kirker, Crescenta Valley (2009).
15 – Baile Kirker, Crescenta valley (2007), Brittany Spaulding, Los Alamitos (2008), Taylor Edwards, Vista Murrieta (2009), Lauren Sweet, Corona Santiago (2011).
14 — Sheri Ramsay, Hesperia (1990), Crystal Roberts, Grace Brethren (1998), Anissa Young, Bloomington, (2008), Shawna Wright, Lancaster (2007 and ’09), Alena Murgatroid, Quartz Hill (2009)

STORY: If teams in her league decide to actually pitch to her, Rowland High School catcher Kaylea Snaer could be headed toward an unforgettable season.

Snaer, a junior, leads the Valley with eight home runs. The next closest person has four. She has nearly double the RBIs (24) of any other hitter and is hitting a whopping .571.

But will it last? The Raiders open Hacienda League play on Thursday against Los Altos. Hitting well during tournaments is one thing, but getting pitches to hit in league where everybody knows what you’re capable of is another

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  • let her hit

    Why not let her hit? With the teams average 7 run deficit every loss (as high as 15, 12, 9 etc and only one close loss at 1) coach is right when he says it takes more than one person. she can hit a hr every at bat and even if she did, they would still not generate enough runs to win more than they lose, as shown by the 24 rbis she has brought in and the teams 2/10 win/loss record. it will be interesting to see how she will do against league teams too. too bad SH doesnt play against rowland in league anymore. would have loved to see her play agasint brit rodriguez

  • shfan

    I’m not going to waste my breath with that comment…

  • shfan

    Why would anyone pitch to her? I’m not bagging on her. I’m sure she is a great player but when nobody is hitting behind her, it makes no sense to pitch to her. Any coach or team the pitches to her deserves to lose. Look at her stats. She is by far the best player on the team. She’s the best player by far in every category. If SH played ROwland still, like “let her hit” is asking for, they would 100% pitch completely around her. There is no way that they’d pitch to her just like Snyder wouldn’t pitch to Rodriguez.

  • thank you

    thank u shfan for sparing us

  • thank you

    oh well, shfan, i guess i typed too soon.i thought u were going to spare us. guess you had to “waste your breath” after all.

  • shfan

    I was talking about the comparison to Britney Rodriguez. I’m not going to comment on that ridiculous statement.

  • AMAT 73

    All the poster said was “love to see her play against Britney “. Didn’t say she was better nor any comparisons just would love to see them both go at, that is if both coaches would pitch to them , and that is a big if as you stated.

  • let her hit

    Amat 73, thanks for clarifying that with shfan for me. Obviously i meant no harm, no foul.

  • Timwilltell

    Not trying to bust anybody’s bubble but Rowland hasn’t played anybody with a solid winning record and the ERA’s of these pitchers on the teams they played are horrible I for one would definitely pitch to her I suspect come league we will see if she is truly legit.

  • Fred Robledo

    I’ve seen her, she’s totally legit….If she were on any of the Sierra League teams she would be just as imposing….

  • AMAT 73

    No problem as I could not see where you posted anything near to what shfan considered a ridiculous statement . Maybe he’s a little on edge due to the boy’s team and all that’s going on over there with the administration ????????

  • Translation

    “Kaylea’s awesome. The rest of my team sucks!”

    Way to throw the rest of your team under the bus coach! I bet that makes them feel AWESOME!

    You don’t motivate teenagers by publicly humiliating them.

  • Fred Robledo

    So how do you motivate teenagers? Warm fuzzy pats on the back? There is nothing wrong with coach Snyder said and I don’t think anyone is “humiliated” because of it.

  • to translation

    I like what the coach said, their record 2-10, how much more humiliating is that. What he said won’t hurt anything, it could very well motivate them.

    Btw, she went 0 for 2 with 2 K’s against a middle-of-the-pack Sierra League pitcher. Just sayin.

  • Translation


    Of course you would say that…you’re a member of the media and you want quotes like that. Look, I’m all for a coach laying into his players from time to time. And reverse psychology can be a great motivator, especially with teenagers. But to say something like that on the blogs? I just don’t think that’s how a high school coach should go about motivating his players.

    And to the other blogger: it can get MUCH more humiliating than 2-10. Having a bad record is not humiliating if you stick together as a team and work your hardest. Your record on the field should never be a measurment of success. I’d be more humiliated going 10-2 if those two losses were to crappy teams. I’ve been on a lot of teams that had poor records over my athletic career, but I never had a coach publicly bash our team. To me…that’s demoralizing.

  • Fred Robledo

    Translation, Snyder was answering a question for a story, not with the intent of it being used for the blogs. I used the quote for the blog because I thought it was an interesting quote and posed a fair question of whether teams will pitch to her because of her dominating start.

  • Conqueror Joe

    I saw that LA threw a no-hitter against Rowland yesterday. Did they pitch to Snaer or pitch around her?

  • just looked on maxprep

    she went 0-for-2