Is St. Lucy’s the area’s top softball team? The Regents are looking the part after winning the Diamond Bar tournament on Saturday; Chino Hills and Bishop Amat, however, top CIF polls

St. Lucy’s defeated host Diamond Bar 4-1 in the championship game of the Diamond Bar Springfeast Tournament on Saturday, which followed dominant tournament victories over Sonora (4-0), Ontario (10-3) and Fresno Clovis West (3-0). The Regents are on fire behind super senior pitcher Danielle O’Toole (six shutouts) and hot-swinging Danielle Mavridis (batting .615 with 11 runs scored). The Regents have a team batting average of .341, a huge improvement over last year’s squad that struggled at the plate. The Regents have won eight straight and are 11-2 overall. However, one of those losses was a forfeit due to a father-daughter dance, and the other loss was a doubleheader split against Upland early in the season. O’Toole is 5-1 with a 1.26 ERA. The Regets have home tests against Pomona Catholic (Today) and Downey (Thursday) before opening the Sierra League against powerful South Hills on Friday at home at 3:15 p.m. Also, kudos to St. Lucy’s for finally posting a roster and stats on Maxpreps, make it much easier to follow one of the area’s best teams.

Check out Danielle Mavridis’ third homer of the season in the Regents’ 10-3 win over Ontario.


Division 3: 1. Chino Hills, 2. Bishop Amat, 3. South Hills, 4. Burroughs, 5. St. Lucy’s, 6. South Torrance, 7. Torrance, 8. Ayala, 9. Atascadero, 10t. Harvard-Westlake, 10T, Oaks Christian.

Division 4: 1. Aquinas, 2. La Quinta, 3. Dos Pueblos, 4. Garden Grove, 5. La Habra, 6. Buena, 7. Segerstrom, 8. Loara, 9. Kaiser, 10.T San Dimas, 10T. Troy.

Division 5: 1. La Canada, 2. Beaumont, 3. Keppel, 4. Marlborough, 5. Immaculate Heart, 6. Nipomo, 7. Duarte, 8. Victor Valley, 9. Montebello, 10. Santa Ana Calvary Chapel.

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  • bumblebee

    That was a nice shot and she can hit. O’Toole was incredible as usual and so was Smith. Always nice to have good pitching. Team looks loaded from the game I saw but time will tell. Coaches doing a good job with this group.

  • And more

    Also Brandi Harkness was Tournament MVP after going 8-13 with 2 doubles, a triple, 2 home runs and 6 rbi’s. Caroline Smith made the All Tournament team with great pitching and also hitting a home run.

  • SGV Softball

    St Lucy’s just lost 2 to 0 to Div 7 Pomona catholic?????????Dont crown anyone yet……..

  • Old Spartan

    Pomona Catholic is a very good team. The only reason they are in division 7 is because of the league realignments. 2 years ago they were in division 4 and competed and did better than bishop amat and their league champion st joseph. Last year they were crown div 7 cif champs and state champs in small division by Espn. This year it looks like a repeat. To bad they don’t get coverage by the tribune, they are a top 10 team for sure.

  • Old Spartan

    Also, the score was Pomona Catholic 4 St. Lucy 1

  • Sorry Old Spartan

    Pomona Catholic should be proud of their win today but top 10 maybe, maybe not.. Problem is, we don’t see the the difficulty of schedule. Just because you knock off a top ten team does not truly make Pomona Catholic a top ten team. The Arrowhead League schedule and pre -season schedule PC has is not even close compare to every other SGV League and team in the top ten.
    I think the Tribune has been pretty fair and accurate with the top ten.

  • don’t let div 7 fool you

    I have seen Pomona Catholic play, they are pretty good. Don’t let the Div 7 fool you. They remind me a lot of La Verne Lutheran’s Boys Basketball program. The school revolves around the one sport. They are Div 7 because their population size is under 150 and they are not competitive in the other sports. They can compete with a lot of higher div schools. They have girls go there for the softball program only, like LVL to basketball.

  • The Fred Jinx

    Another one goes down!!

  • Mike

    The enrollment for Pomona Catholic is 240 (ish). The school does not revolve around one sport. The school revolves around a dedicated staff and students who want to graduate with a great education. Over 95% of the girls continue on to college. They excel in Softball but also offer Soccer, Basketball, Track, Tennis and Volleyball. Granted, other than Softball, they are not as competitive as other teams in the SGV… The Softball team tried to petition back to a higher division but the CIF said they were stuck for two years in D7. So be it. They are a great group of young ladies and can compete with several of the top teams in the SGV. Give props where props are due. Great win today vs. our Sister school. Now we move on to league and the best of luck to everyone.

  • SL Alum Parent

    St. Lucy’s is a good team but they are overrated. They are not the area’s best team, not by a long shot. The way PC dismantled them is telling.

    Pomona Catholic owned them on St. Lucy’s field. What a statement! The Pacers maybe just a better team, period. They are very skilled in all positions but their biggest edge is in their coaching. Pitch calling was extremely effective and Padilla hit her spots consistently.

    O’Toole’s biggest weakness is not her pitching skills, it is her predictability. After the first time through the lineup, good hitters and experienced coaches can recognize patterns and wait to jump on an opportunity. PC capitalized every time they had an opening and it was impressive.

    The Regents will not go far in CIF if they rely solely on their individual talents. But first they have to get through the Sierra League in the top three, which based on what I see is no guarantee.

  • huh

    SL Alum Parent said:
    >Pomona Catholic owned them on St. Lucy’s field. What a statement!< You impressed yourself with your own statement?

  • Fred Robledo

    Owned them? It was a 1-0 game until the 7th. They won, but don’t get carried away.

  • bumblebee

    Owned them. Just shows you how much these people know. I love shfan there’s another gem. Keeps stating he/she has better things to do yet keeps posting. PC deserved to win and Congrats to them as are definitely a good team.

  • it happens

    Sounds like Lucys did not take them serously and they got beat, lesson learned.

  • SL Alum Parent

    When the number one ranked team gets outplayed for 21 outs on their own field by a division 7 team that lacks the financial resources and benefits that buys elite travelball expenses and pricey private lessons, an entire infield and battery with division 1 scholarships, exorbitant favorable press on this newspaper and other places (namely boastful parent commmenters), you expect them to live up to the billing.

    Believe me, St. Lucy’s tried.

    But PC was better. The edge was in the discipline, coaching, and execution. If they played again, perhaps a different outcome, who knows. But I just don’t see St. Lucy’s making the critical adjustments. If you’ve never coached, you can’t really appreciate what I’m saying. But for those of you who have and know on-field strategy and preparation, you can understand where I’m coming from.

    That, to me, is “ownership”.

  • In the know

    @SL Alum Parent:
    You have no clue! PC is loaded with travel ball players from Cal Lite, Batbusters, Minors Gold, American Pastime and more. They live in such communities as Chino Hills, Upland, Glendora. The coach is very experienced (5 CIF titles) and has coached many DI softball players, he must have snickered when he met the SL coach. Don’t paint this “poor little div 7 school from Pomona” bit. Too bad the Daily Bulletin does not do as good a job as Fred covering local teams.

  • College Football Fan

    Sure glad this is not the College BCS Rankings.
    St. Lucy’s would be out of a BCS title shot because they lost to a Div. 7 Pomona Catholic. Pomona Catholic would be out of a title shot because the lack of difficulty in their schedule and the number of highly ranked teams played.
    The fact is, St. Lucy’s moves on to the difficult Sierra League trying to earn a CIF spot and title. Pomona Catholic moves on to the Arrowhead League and should breeze through for a league title and another shot at a Div. 7 title.
    Best wishes to both schools and their talented softball players!

  • SLSB

    Saint Lucy’s is filled with “STUDENT/ATHLETES” Most of the Regents softball team are Div1 & Div2 future students and I doubt this loss against PC was so bad that they just fell apart, takes more than that. These girls care more about there stats & how to continue to get better, than any of the daddy ball haters. YES PC won, and? Congrats they should be happy. THE REGENTS have worked hard to get where they are and anyone who is bothered by Saint Lucy’s really needs to keep their negative comments to themselves. With this ROSTER FILLED WITH STUDENT/ATHLETES I’m sure the Regents are content.

    San Diego State
    Pace University
    Saint Mary’s
    University of Chicago

  • Tri Model Dad

    Have most of you ever been to the one building school called Pomona Catholic? Where’s the softball field, the track, the gym, heck even the parking lot? Where are the resources?

    Damien, St. Lucy’s and Pomona Catholic form a Tri School model but clearly Pomona Catholic gets the short end of the cultural stick, and that’s always been the case. You see it at Damien when the St. Lucy’s girls are in the stands next to the Pomona Catholic girls, it’s odd to say the least. Yes they cheer together and do activities jointly at Damien but the Cinderella Syndrome is in full affect here, unfortunately.

    I’ve sent kids or relatives to all three schools so any one who says I don’t know what I’m talking about is not being honest. Having said that congratulations to Pomona Catholic for getting it done on the field. Too bad the typical St. Lucy’s mindset is front and center here on the blog once again. Give credit where credit is due. Trust me no one on St. Lucy’s side took that game for granted as both teams have knowledge of each other’s players from travel ball and of course @ Damien.

    Nice feather in Pomona Catholic’s cap. Must have been a nice long walk back to their cars for the St. Lucy’s parents and fans as Pomona Catholic beat the Regents at home, again who takes a home game for granted.

    St. Lucy’s is a fine school with outstanding academics but Pomona Catholic gets it done as well with what could be as dedicated a staff as any school around. Every school isn’t for every body but somehow lost in the Tri School model is the fact that two out of the three schools think Pomona Catholic is the unwanted step child, sad but true. So much for Christian values.

    Fred the sad truth is if St. Lucy’s would have beaten Pomona Catholic no one would have noticed. In college terms it might not equal Boise St. beating Oklahoma but it’s close. In hindsight I’d say Boise State “owned” the Adrian Peterson lead Sooners given their resources and national cred, wouldn’t you? And that game was won on a two point conversion !

  • bitter?

    @Tri Model Dad said:
    >>>Have most of you ever been to the one building school called Pomona Catholic? Where’s the softball field, the track, the gym, heck even the parking lot? Where are the resources?<<< Is anyone forcing you to send your kid there?

  • TMD


    Not at all. I guess I failed to communicate my point. Pomona Catholic gets it done with limited resources yet still accomplishes great things because of their outstanding staff and the pull together attitude of the students. Sorry if I wasn’t clear about that or you missed the point.

    As far as St. Lucy’s over looking Pomona Catholic at home, hardly. It was a great game but as any one knows there is a dynamic between the two schools that’s as apparent as the nose at the end of your face.

    But all is not lost for St. Lucy’s as they have a four girl “team that” wins games all by themselves as O’Toole said herself, “It’ll be a long time before St. Lucy’s is “this” great” again”, talk about humble?

    How many league titles have this out of this world never to be seen in our lifetime again foursome won so far? Exactly.

    Less “we” and more “US” and maybe St. Lucy’s win a title. My guess is they’ll win next year when the “team” finally gets out from under their well documented shadow. hey it’s been known to happen !

  • reality

    You are right TDM, after your latest post, you don’t sound bitter, you instead sound envious, jealous and hateful.