Carlson.. Carlson… Carlson…

    Your wheels are getting old! Time to think about going to a coaching clinic. Just Sad..

  • Capt Carlson

    What do you mean, I know softball, This is a minor set back, were gonna win CIF, I ‘ve been coaching for 20+ years, I can’t be wrong, I have a plan and have talked to my brother, He says I’m doing a great job…..Hey where’s Art?

  • WCHSfan1

    Sad to see that nobody gives West Covina credit. Those girls worked very hard for this well EARNED win.

  • Outsider Looking In:

    To Help,

    How sad that you have to come to the blogs to have a life, get a real life and maybe you can stay away from the “Blogs” and cause nothing but trouble. Everybody wants to be a coach from the outside, but truly don’t know the real meaning of coaching, that’s why each and everyone of you comedians were not asked to have his position!!!!!! So, no need to call out Carlson he is where he should be. He is a great man all around with a BIG HEART!

  • Bohi-Fan

    Wow, You mean big ego not heart……Got you drinking the Kool Aid, Big Hearts don’t win ballgames sista!

  • theonepercent

    Nice job to Sanchez and Witt for calling a great game.



    Yeah right!

    The guy can’t coach and better start looking in the mirror. Oh but wait, it’s the girls right? Pull your head out and see what’s going on!

    Lets just contiune to accept the same old thing everyday!
    Carlson, don’t you think it’s time to make some adjustments and know who to put where? The crap is getting old. This year you don’t have enough players to hide behind and now it’s time to show US what you have in the coaching tank….

    I guess the gas is getting real low about now!

    Forget about trying to impress us with your little clinics, time you go to many yourself..

  • Bohi-Fan

    SOS Fan you hit the nail on the head. This will severely limit the teams ability to get quality wins.