Could Sierra League football wind up in the Southwest Division? Read what Orange County Register’s Steve Fryer has to say

From the O.C. Register: The Southwest Division’s counter-proposal, presented during the appeals process, stated that if the Sunset must leave the Pac-5 Division, which according to the CIF-SS recommendation would be replaced in the Pac-5 by the San Fernando Valley-based Marmonte League, that a move of the Sunset to the Inland Division would be a better competitive fit. The Southwest leagues would be willing to accept a corresponding move of the Sierra League, made up mostly of east Los Angeles County schools, to the Southwest Division for football playoffs.

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  • Amat, are you listening?

    Private schools won 10 of the 10 championships at the CIF State Championships in boys and girls basketball in Sacramento this past week. That could be useful data to any proposal that would seek to create separate playoff divisions for the CIF-Southern Section’s private and public schools.

  • Joe Amat

    Been listening for years to this age old topic. Here’s a challenge I posed some time ago.

    Start at the top and list the private schools from best to worst. When you get to 40-50 (in basketball)…start the next division. You’ll see how quickly your private school “powers” run out and the divisions become just as imbalanced.

    In football find groups of 5 leagues and put them together for football divisions. See how many viable groups of 5 you come up with, keeping in mind the geography and equity you all love to worry about.


  • david jenks

    just heard bonita got a 6’4 QB transfer from etiwanda high. dont know how good he is but from what i hear he is legitimate.