Former Azusa star football player Kendrec McDade shot and killed by police after alleged armed robbery; Pasadena Police investigating

Kendrec McDade, who helped lead the Azusa football team to back-to-back league titles in 2008 and 2009 and was a first-team all-league standout, was shot and killed on Saturday during a foot pursuit in Pasadena after an alleged armed robbery.

Below: Azusa’s Kendrec McDade runs for yardage in a football game against Ganesha in 2008. (SGVN/Staff Photo by Keith Birmingham/SPORTS)

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Pasadena Police Department asks Office of Independent Review to look at shooting of black teen


The lawyer for slain teenager Kendrec McDade’s family on Tuesday described the shooting of the former Azusa High School football standout as a drive-by conducted by a member of the Pasadena Police Department.


Community turns to social media to mourn the loss of Kendrec #McDade

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  • Aztec Fan

    Who knows what really happened between the officers and Kendrick that night…but a full investigation needs to be done to get the details straight.
    Thoughts and prayers out to Kendrick’s mom and family. They were always at his games and very supportive. Sad that his life ended at such a young age.

    Also Fred, the picture you have up there isn’t Kendrick.

  • be accountable

    why is everyone leaving out the fact that this young man was a suspect of an armed robbery and was to be presumed armed and dangerous after commiting said act? Or should we all think that the police are out there just to kill and none of these young men should be accountable for making bad decisions? Some of you should go on a ride-along for a night and see what these men and women in these police departments deal with on a nightly basis. Until then, lets stop calling every young man who is killed by a cop, “a really good kid who would never hurt anyone”.


    BE ACCOUNTABLE; are you serious going to make a comment like that after all the NEWS that’s coming out, on how the PASADENA POLICE DEPT handle that! How’s this,lets’ say just because you have a BADGE, doesn’t give you the right to shoot down human-beings down like animals! Those officers will have to speak to their supervisors and everybody else who’s invovled with the case about their actions!

    Do me favor and read the SGV TRIBUNE and the Pasadena Star about his Killing and than come in here and see if you have a change of heart!



  • Be Accountable,

    There was no gun. NO GUN FOUND. The 911 caller lied and is now under arrest and charged with manslaughter. It’s an absolutely pathetic chain of events and yes, IT’S A TRAGEDY THIS YOUNG MAN IS DEAD.



  • Unfortunate

    I’m with “be accountable”. I just read the updated LA Times story and I’m extremely bothered by all the folks coming to the unquestioned defense of this man. Here are the facts.

    1) Kendrec McDade was involved in a robbery (video proves this)
    2) 911 call was made saying both suspects had firearms (this was later disproven, but the police believed, at the time, that he was armed)
    3) Kendrec and his accomplice were fleeing on foot from the police
    4) With a police cruiser blocking his path, Kendrec did not put his hands in the air or drop on the floor…instead he reached to his waistband.

    ****These are the FACTS of the case.

    So please…stop telling me what a great kid this grown man (19 years old) was. He was a criminal. He robbed a man! Then he fled from the cops and refused to obey police orders. It’s tragic that the 911 caller lied about the gun and he is now facing manslaughter charges. THIS is where people’s outrage should be aimed…not at the police. The officers acted upon the knowledge they had at the time. They believed these guys were armed and dangerous. Kendrec fled and reached into his waistband. WHAT WOULD YOU DO???? Wait to see if he has a gun? You’re dead by then!

    Lesson One of the Day: If you are innocent of a crime, you don’t run from the cops!

    Lesson Two of the Day: If you are guilty of a crime and you are cornered by the officers…DON’T REACH INTO YOUR WAISTBAND or you might get shot!

  • Unfortunate,

    Who said Kendrec reached into his waistband? Is that a fact?

    It seems to me that there are precious few FACTS to this case SO FAR. Kendrec reaching into his waistband isn’t one of them.

    I’m assuming the only people who were at the scene of Kendrec’s death were Kendrec and the two officers. Kendrec isn’t here to say “No. I didn’t reach into my waistband.”

  • be accountable

    If you don’t put yourself in situations like this, these things don’t happen to you.

    If you don’t rob someone, you don’t get chased by the police.

    You are all concentrating on all the wrong things here. This is no longer a good “kid”. This was a grown man who decided to steal from someone and unfortunately suffered the consequences of that. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at him for making a terrible choice and the man who lied about the gun, but the police did their jobs in apprehending a “reported” armed suspect.

    You don’t have to like it, but that is the way it is.

  • Lesson #3

    If you don’t have gun in your waistband, wear pants that fit so you don’t have to reach down to pull them up as you flee from the pursuit

  • Aram

    Just curious why are you putting your trust in someone who knowingly was a criminal over police officers who were just doing there job. Like be accountable said if he doesn’t put himself in that situation of running from the police he would still be breathing right now. This is an unfortunate situation that was unnecessary but at the time the police believed him to be armed and dangerous.

  • Always the cops?

    Aram and Aztec Pride

    Unbeleivable comments! A young adult puts other lives in arms way and you make excuses for the adult?

    A adult is invovled in a robbery and you make excuses for him and try to blame the cops?

    The ADULT put himself into the situation and paid the price.

    Maybe he was a great kid in high school, but something really went wrong after HS. This is BS!


    ALWAYS A COP. You should have come out to the car wash and I would have personally wash your car.PEACE BROTHER…

  • Always a cop –

    Aztec Pride

    Yeah right.. Maybe you should take your BS up with Toure.

    The only thing you can wash is a car. What a punk.

  • Bearcat Fan

    The police wouldnt have shot him if he was innocent!Typical Northview Kid!

  • aztec

    this is kens jr year in the pic. he was #21 that year. wrong pic. may he rest in peace.