• sh man

    Looks like SH is really missing La Follete.

  • CO Dad

    excuses excuses we beat G 2 times last year, bad…..


    No is missing G. You guys can’t handle the truth!!
    Give Charter Oak the CIF Championship trophy for today’s win… NOT

  • Remember when…
  • SH SB Fan

    The paper doesn’t seem to want to tell people the truth. Fisch contacted a college coach regarding G during a dead period and broke an NCAA rule.
    A full ride in volleyball is a big deal and the coach put that in jeopardy. He should be held accountable for his actions and she quit to save a full ride in volleyball. The violation was reported to the NCAA. Why doesn’t he call UCLA or Utah and try to blow those scholarships too?

  • Who Cares

    SH SB Fan,
    your daughter doesn’t play softball anymore, why are you still on here…go away…

  • not cool

    SH SB Fan…what you did was not cool. this was up to sydney and her parents as to whether they wanted this information out or not. fisch is being dealt with by the administrators at south hills… SUPPOSEDLY (he is a fixture at that school so not much they could do to him). but i don’t think the la follettes needed you to come out and inform everyone. they were ok with everyone thinking she decided to leave to focus on volleyball. but since you threw it out there…what he did was email her volleyball coach to ask if in fact she was offered a scholarship…behind her back and outside the ncaa rules so yes, he was wrong. and yes, she doesn’t want to play for a man that has no belief in her and that is willing to jeopardize her college education.

  • Bohi-Fan

    Where’s that shfan now, Elvis has left the building, So much for HIS top ten! In other news, Charter Oak is movin’ on up!