Baseball Rankings: Bonita climbs back to No. 1, replaces South Hills after shocking loss to Claremont; Amat on seven-game win streak


1. Bonita (13-1)
Best team so far
2. South Hills (8-3)
Stumbled against Claremont
3. Dia. Bar (11-1-1)
Can’t argue with record
4. Northview (7-1-1)
Beat Serra, 11-3
5. Bishop Amat (8-5)
seven game win streak
6. Damien (7-3)
First in Sierra
7. Charter Oak (7-4)
3-3 in Sierra
8. Glendora (9-4)
Solid in Arcadia tourney
9. Covina (8-3)
On its way back
10. San Dimas (10-4)
Routed by Bonita

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  • Spartans Fan

    How does Damien drop without Losing and winning three in a row?

  • Orange Blossom Express

    As a whole, I would like to see the SGV teams step up their scheduling. Get more traditional pwerhouses on your schedules. Three good teams over the course of a season is not impressive. Even Amat (Gahr? La MIrada?) has softened up their schedule but Bonita,South Hills,Diamond Bar and NORTHVIEW(?)have all played who again? Damien? Pahleese. C’mon coaches, there’s a little place just over the hill, home of Disneyland and the Angels, called Orange County….You might want to head over the hill and see how you rate. Flex some muscle if you will. Amat tried and got slapped around. Can’t take these local polls too seriously when the competition is oly challenged by eachother and even then, only in some cases.

  • Real talk

    Way to go Amat. Keep up the good work.

  • AMAT 73

    Those initials fit you very nicely. You fail to mention just which one of those OC schools you follow so we can compare their schedule and see all those tough teams on it . Yes we had a tough go at it with the OC but it’s not like we got slapped around as you put it . We got the Classic coming up so let’s see where the chips fall then . By the way is your team playing in the Classic ? Next time you want to come in here and rag on our SGV teams at least let us know where your trash talking is coming from .

  • Lancelot

    What Fred failed to mention, and what makes The Lancers current win streak even more impressive is, that not only are they a young team that’s winning, they are winning despite the absence of team leader Rio Ruiz. Imagine where they’ll be upon his return to the line up! Keep working Lancers!

  • Amat Follower

    Hands down to Amats Freshman team undefeated! They sure are the future! They have some D-1 players lined up and can hit the shit outta the ball. Good team wish my son could go to Amat. And yes they have a solid Varsity team as well. Can’t wait to see their next game. Wish amat would post stats. Nice to see how certain players are doing.

  • AMAT 73

    Maybe with Rio going down it was something of a kick in the azz to the team to get it together . Great job by the Men in Blue to pick it up in Rio’s absence . Him coming back will only strengthen the team which seems to be going in the right direction now . AMAT WILL SHINE. That one’s for you LChow because I know you’re reading this thread.

  • Bohi-Fan

    That font is a little bigger than normal, Makes it easier to read on my droid, But looks a little retarded on a desktop!

  • Fred Savage

    Baseball rocks!

  • Bonita

    Umm – OBS, Bonita has played Westlake and Tustin and have Thousand Oaks and Palm Desert coming up. That is not too shabby.

  • VVLScout

    Covina beats Oxnard Channel Islands 11-5 to improve to 3-0 in the Century Classic. Also beat Anaheim Western 9-5 and Santa Ana Segerstrom 10-6 previously.

  • Orange Blossom Express

    Exactly, not too shabby but it’s only one more game than the 3 “challenge” games I mentioned. Just would like to see more SGV schools playing challenging schedules. Always hear about SGV baseball this and SGV baseball that, but the only team I see in the O.C. consistently is AMAT. Keep Stepping it up!

  • winning

    OBE, I believe the sgv has won more cif titles lately than the OC

  • Yeah! Love it when Amat 73 starts calling people out! Congrats on your 7 game winning streak even though you have played teams like Gahr, La Mirada and Bishop Montgomery. Still seven wins in a row is impressive and a sign of good coaching. Wishing Rio a speedy recovery and cant wait to see the National Classic soon. Thats when we will sort out the the great teams and if they stack up against the ranking of the tribune. Now can we have a moment a silence for Big Bob?

  • AMAT 73

    Do not flatter yourself as I was not calling you out ( but now that you mention it who’s your team again ? ) only dropping an AMAT WILL SHINE on your behalf .Thought you needed a little AMAT love thrown your way. Now go back hiding as you always seem to do when that question is asked of you . Also, I was correct in that you were reading this thread wasn’t I . HA HA HA HA !!!!!

  • sgv widget

    Chowder head, you back? Explain WHAT…exactly will be sorted out by Amat’s playing in The National Classic???? Are there any local teams playing in The Classic this year? Maybe they are going to be late entries into the tournament? NO, I don’t think it will work out that way. BUT, Bishop Amat will be there…DEFENDING the CHAMPIONSHIP I believe! Everybody (including you Les) Loves to bash on the Lancers (makes for entertaining reading though). Win or Lose, AMAT will be there. Where is your team playing again? The Arcadia Tournament? The Glendora Tournament? The Bob’s Big Boy Classic? The Hollenbeck Spring Break Tournament? Thought so.

  • Bohi-Fan

    Got to hand to Bonita in playing a great Tourney and Garza in a solid pitching performance, We keep this up and were may get ring!