Baldwin Park set to hire Chris Williams as next football coach, replacing James Heggins

Baldwin Park High School athletic director Carlos Aparicio confirmed that the school has agreed in principle to hire Chris Williams as its next head football coach, replacing James Heggins, who resigned but will remain at the school as a teacher. Williams is a Workman High graduate who most recently was an assistant at Gladstone High School.
“We’ve agreed but nothing is official until April 24,” Aparicio said of the school’s intention to hire Williams as a walk-on coach. “He has to fill out all the necessary paperwork and go through the background and fingerprints. We’re not in school this week, so nothing is official until next week.”

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  • BPFootball

    Assistant at Gladstone?

  • Braves

    The Mid says you’re welcome…ha ha

  • Zavala

    What you have to do to get a head coach job in the SGV.

    Chris Williams was the OC over at Workman for a few years. When Morrison came to down, he said no thank you and showed him the door. Then he took over the OC job over at Wilson. That was the year that Zavala and staff got chased out of Wilson. Zavala and his whole staff were banned from coaching in the Hacienda La Puente school district. That is why Williams ended up as the linebacker coach at Gladstone last year.

    Now he is the new head coach at Baldwin Park High School.

  • Fred Robledo

    What is the Mid?

  • Fred,

    The Mid is an extension of Facebook. It’s a place where adults read the Facebook accounts of high school kids and quote them verbatim without any reference to it being from Facebook. You know, the kinda things that guys like you and me would have to qualify as being “according to his Facebook account” or “so and so said on his Facebook account.” Instead, they pawn it off as their own. Same with things they read about coaches and using their Facebook on their site.

    But I guess all that’s better than hearing a coach talking to another coach while he’s walking off the field and quoting what he says. Or, recording what a coach says to his team after a game and considering it on the record.

    Yeah, that’s The Mid. The same guys who kiss so much Arcadia ass but were painfully beaten by Miguel who has one foot at USC spring practice and other in the Valley and still beats them and everybody to the DiMalante story.

    If you have any further questions about The Mid, hit up Zuckerberg.

  • BP Football

    From James Heggins to a Flunkie! Damn its all bad!!

  • Mike Wizowsky

    Heard the Boys basketball head coaching job is opening up soon at BP?

  • sgvpride

    Coach Hart isn’t leaving anywhere.

  • BP FAN

    Wow, what a joke this hire is… Ive been a longtime brave fan and this is pathetic. Whats worse is that Mr. Silvas, who is a BP alum, and supposedly played for the Braves is letting this happen. He is now a Asst Principal with the school, and ex coach.. You would figure he wouldve done whatever possible to keep higgins, or at least hire a coach that has some connection to BP. Mr. Silvas you are a joke and nothing but a puppet at the school. Have some balls and do the right thing. This school will never ever be a factor again. So much for the pride and glory the Braves once had… Mr. Silvas you are to blame, as well as the higher education principal Mr. Cruz, or scewy louie as he was once called. I feel bad for the BRAVES, BUT ALL THE BLAME IS ON THE ADMINISTRATION….MR. SILVAS, WAY TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR TEAM. YOU WERE A SCRUB BACK THAN, AND NOW YOUR A SCRUB ASST. PRINCIPAL… NICE SPINE….

  • Say what

    Wow, I applied for this job and I have a CiF ring….I got beat by a guy from Glastone?

  • Askin

    Big Mike – why? Who else would really want that job and be as successful as Hart. Dude was Caoch of the Year recently!

  • Hungry

    The only thing I’ll be looking forward to now on Friday night games is their awesome burritos. I hope Heggins didn’t take those with him as well. Good luck Braves!