All-Area Basketball teams published on Friday and Saturday; All-Star game set for April 28 at Damien

It’s finally here. The Tribune boys and girls all-area basketball teams will be published on Friday (boys) and Saturday (girls), respectively. The annual Tribune/Star-News all-star boys and girls basketball game will follow on Saturday, April 28 at Damien High School. Next week, we will announce the coaches and teams for the all-star event. The boys and girls soccer all area teams will be published next week, and girls water polo and wrestling the following week. When we have firm dates on soccer, wrestling and water polo, I will let you know on the blog. Thanks for your patience.

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  • anonymous

    i want to know already !!!!!

  • About time

    all area basketball?? I had completely forgottent there was a season. Regulare season ended almost 2 months ago. Baseball season is in its last month before CIF.

  • Walnut Track

    Walnut girls track team is 2 meets away from their second undefeated season. Todays meet is against a very good Bonita team at Walnut.

  • anonymous

    this is freakin retarded……i though the sgvn had done away with the all area teams…… winter league play ended more than two months ago. its almost like you lose interest when it takes this long….it is hard to remember what players did to deserve to be on these teams because they are so delayed….just an opinion…

  • Ridiculous!

    Agreed! Teams have already had their banquets and handed out all their awards. It’s too bad these are coming so late and none of the kids will be recognized in front of their teammates. Honestly Fred…what the hell took so long? You should be embarrassed.

  • MVL

    The MVL messed up their All-League teams. How could a girl lead her team in points, rebounds, blocks, and was 2nd in assists this season and doesn’t even get 2nd team or Honorable mention.

  • FYI

    Agreed; this seems too late to garner much interest. It seems ill-timed and perhaps not well thought out. BUT, because I (& others here) are so quick to give Fred crap, I feel compelled to also provide this comment. At least he’s doing something. It’s better late than never. Anybody that spend their time promoting high school athletics should be congratulated and the appropriate amount of slack cut to them. Unless any of the rest of you are planning an off-tournament, or plan to do ANYTHING for high school basketball, perhaps the best thing to do is make your obvious comments about the timing, but you should end it with the same point; at least somebody is doing something. I’m sure the basketball players and their families appreciate this.

  • sgv fan

    to Ridiculous! – They already got recognized at their banquet, if they already had it. Fred is just posting all the first and second team awards of all the leagues in the SGV for people who don’t know who received what !!!! he is also posting who made the all-star game. My daughter had her banquet last month and coaches hand out first team/second team awards…this blog is just informing us but a little late so it would be near the all-star game. Plus coaches don’t vote and decide for first/second team awards a couple weeks after season and that’s when spring sports are already on the go. So to answer your complaint, they are recognized at their banquet, relax !!!!

  • Ridiculous

    SGV fan…

    You’re a moron! This is ALL VALLEY, not ALL LEAGUE! You’re coaches vote on and announce all league. Freddy alone decides all valley and announces it. All I’m saying is it would have been nice for these kids to have been recognized for this award at their banquets. Ya know?

  • Fred Robledo

    There are many work-related reasons and mandatory vacation type things that forced us to delay longer than we would like this year. But what also takes time is rounding up all the kids and getting them in to be pictured. The Tribune, Star-News and Whittier Daily are they only local publications I know that produce front page spreads with pictures of all first team selections not just for boys and girls basketball, but boys and girls soccer, water polo, and wrestling. Other papers might honor an area athlete of the year and provide a list to go with it, but we take pictures of all our first-team honorees so they have have a keepsake for years to come. At the end of the day, if there is a delay, we still think it’s worth it and I know the kids and families appreciate it. Ten years from now, they won’t care if it was a month late.

  • Stanford Dad

    Fred you’re a class act. In your responses to bloggers who call you out or have a grievance or perceived slight, you always come across as very cordial. Would you say you learned that in school or at home?

    Knowing quite a few of the Robledo’s for almost 40 years that’s a common trait, being polite.

    I might not always agree with your decisions on All Area, POY or COY, Jerry Mac and Layton being over looked somehow, but I always respect the way you allow that your decision might not make every one happy, but you do accept their positions as having value.

    I know former athletes who have fallen on hard times and almost lost everything and you’re right. The one thing they never lose somehow is their scrapbook, which many times matches the one their parents have at home.

    Maybe people should stop giving you a hard time for when or who and accept that it’s a job, one you do to the best of your ability, and like any job you will make mistakes. I mean who calls us out when we screw up at work?

    That being said, maybe players, parents and coaches need to deal with a hard deadline for pictures, that’s a fact of life.

    One bone I do have to pick in basketball is this. LV Lutheran had a player who played in both the Mc Donald’s All American game and started in the Jordan Classic and yet never played against Damien, Glendora or Bonita, at least to my knowledge.

    How often is it that a National Sport’s figure of his stature is disrespected like that and no one blinks an eye? What a crying shame. Imagine being able to say I played against a one day professional athlete? I have, it’s pretty cool.

  • RJ

    Who cares if Jerrett never played those 3 schools? He surely played with and against their best players on the travel circuit.

    This area might not ever see a player of his caliber.

  • Stanford Dad

    RJ, I guess you’re making my point or too knee jerk to understand it’s a sad commentary on local coaches and a disservice to area teams and players.

    Not to compare him to Kobe but who doesn’t want to see Chris Reyes go against Jerrett? Or how about Horine? Reyes will probably play against Jerrett in college ( Arizona vs St. Mary’s ).

    Maybe the local coaches were trying to prove a point on a coaching level but then maybe they should have played Loyola, Mater Dei or St. John Bosco to prove they were not afraid of a little competition.

    Seems like a coach could have said openly, “We’re not afraid of competition and will prove it by playing so and so but what we’re opposed to is such and such”.

    Kids are stupid. Best of luck to Jerrett. What a sad commentary on area coaches. I’m sure their are players all over the valley who still talk about playing against Tracy Murray. No need to dump or defend Le Duc, that’s not the point, the point is every player wants to know they played the best player in their area.

    Wonder if Jerrett shows up for the All Star game at Damien knowing he was never welcomed there to my knowledge. If I’m wrong about Damien playing LVL, I’ll be the first to say so.

  • Stanford Dad

    Sorry for the typo.



  • Fred Robledo

    Stanford Dad, thanks for your comments and the comments about the Robledo’s, we’re a proud group who truly enjoys family get-togethers. I don’t mind the grief or complaints of some bloggers, it comes with the territory. If you’re going to allow commenters to have strong opinions on others, you have to allow their strong opinions on the host as well.