Bishop Amat baseball beat Spanish Fork 11-8 at National Classic … Lancers 3-1 in the tournament after also beating Carlsbad 5-3 yesterday

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  • Congrats on your 5th place finish!

  • hater

    thanks hater, hope you enjoy your gladstone tourney title, hear that Pasadena team was pretty tough.

  • RealIty

    3-1 is 3-1 and same record as the runner-up, 3rd place, and consolation champ

  • sgv baller

    those 3 wins are solid wins against good teams. spanish fork was ranked 11th in the nation.the only other valley team that has a beaten top teams outside the valley is charter oak with the win against Orange Lutheran. when Bonita beats Palm Desert they will have a win against a high caliber team.

  • Baseball Fan

    Bishop Amat Sophomore Alex Garcia beat Carlsbad and Sophomore Andrew Eppenbach beat Spanish Fork. The next couple of years will be great for Amat!

  • Striker

    Great Job to the Bishop Amat Lancers. Not too bad a showing against some pretty good teams and without the “Big River”. Best of luck and look forward to seeing you guys (and Rio Grande) come playoff time.

  • Whats the Big river? Your pet name for the kid on Bishop Amat? Isnt calling a big after a muddy river a little demeaning?

  • Real talk

    Good job Amat. Let’s keep it going. It’s going to be fun watching Amat for the next couple of years. Go Blue!

  • Striker

    sgv fan, What are you some kind of blog stalker/loser? Obviously you are an Amat Hater so keep moving and don’t worry yourself about Bishop Amat and what people call their players or where they finish in their tournaments. You’ve got your own issues to focus on.

  • Striker, I’m not a stalker nor a loser. Your acting defensively because I, like you, bought into The Tribune’s hype about how great this team was going to be this season. Just like you, the entire SGV had big expectations about a winning streak and repeat of last year. Well, this isnt the case, and a little team from across-town named Bonita with their excellent pitching, stole the show from all of the BA bloggers. Sorry, but face the truth and the facts. I also think you are downplaying the accomplishments of the other kids on the BA team by always saying they would have done better if they had their injured player on the field. maybe? Maybe not, but dont take away any credit from the other players!

  • X valley guy

    @sgv fan.the big river happens to be the number 15th top recruit in the country. Garza is good but he is not in rios level of accomplishments.garza will be a great player but until Bonita wins a title the great record won’t mean a thing. Last year they where better and they came uP empty. Would of loved to see Omana play against Bonita .omana is also legit and will be great.omana also plays football and when he concentrates on just baseball he will be a lot better.south hills beat garza and look what there record is now.they left the valley and lost against average orange county teams.i want to see more valley teams step uP and schedule tougher games.beckman will have an advantage on Bonita because they play a tougher schedule and played teams like mater dei.

  • Striker

    Whoa there sgv fan, take it easy big fella, Garza is good even quite legit BUT he has a ways to go before he hits THAT level. By that level I mean, playing and performing against top teams and top players. “The Big River” has been there done that and proven himself over many years against the best. Garza is a relative new comer and quite frankly lacks the resume to make the VIP room. JMHO. As for Bonita, the team, they neede to step up and out of the SGV and cut their teeth against some real competition and on a regular basis. As for “down playing” the accomplishments of the Lancers team, yeah right! I believe I was giving them props by complementing them on stepping up and taking fifth out of eighteen (Quality teams) in the tournament. No disrespect intended to the young Lancer squad. The Lancers can HIT and they can put up runs against any team. Not defensive or disappointed, The Bishop Amat Lancers will hold their own against any team in the SGV and in my opinion, beat them in a series format. Too bad we don’t get to see that but I believe the time for that is fast approaching, I mean, how long can the powers that be leave the Lancers in D-IV? Let mer end by wishing ALL sgv teams the best of luck in the remaining season and may you all win Championships in your respective leagues.

  • jocko conlan(the last of the left-handed MLB umpires)

    anyone know where Amat lefty Paul Paez is at this year, he’s not on the USD roster,is he injured or did he transfer?

  • Lancelot

    Jocko- Heard he left but not sure where to? Reportedly there was/is a lot of coaching turmoil over at USD and several kids left.