Girls Basketball All-Area: Bonita’s Nikki Wheatley and Covina’s Nick Masi earn top honors

PLAYER OF THE YEAR AND FIRST TEAM STORY: Night in and night out, all eyes were on Nikki Wheatley. Sometimes, all hands and hips were, too.

The focus of several double teams and various defensive strategies, Wheatley never wilted. Instead, the Bonita High School sophomore delivered the type of season so many expected after she burst on the scene in the 2010-11 season as an electric freshman point guard.

After leading Bonita to 27 wins, a second consecutive sweep of the Hacienda League and trips to both the CIF-Southern Section and state playoffs, Wheatley is the 2011-12 Tribune Player of the Year.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Fresh off a 13-15 season the year before, nobody was expecting much from the Covina High School girls basketball team this past winter.

The Colts returned just one player who had averaged double figures in points a season prior and had a new coach in Nick Masi. It was not exactly the recipe for a record-setting season.

Player of the year: Nikki Wheatley, Bonita, So.
Coach of the year: Nick Masi, Covina
Guard: Evelyn Herrera, Workman, Sr.
Guard: Ashli Baddorf, Covina, Sr.
Forward: Chelsea Barnes, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
Forward: Imari Brown, Duarte, Jr.
Forward: Leeah Powell, Bishop Amat, Jr.

Forward: Taylor Jackson, San Dimas, Sr.
Forward: Merrissa Suarez, Charter Oak, Sr.
Guard: Paulina Santana, Bishop Amat, So.
Guard: Savannah Selby, St. Lucy’s, Sr.
Guard: Melody Gauthier, Rosemead, Jr.

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  • The Beutiful Game


    What days will Soccer teams be posted?

  • joe smith

    I’m sorry, but WHATT!?! Did Bishop Amat not smash both Bonita in the playoffs shutting down Wheatley, and dominating Covina just overall silencing their coach’s very disrespectful comments about Coach Ward. This is ridiculous. A coach with that little of class named coach of the year to a coach with a legacy of great coaching who had another phenomenal year? Makes no sense. And you can go ahead and say “oh well to go from 13-15 to where they were this year blah blah blah” come on. They had, in my opinion, way more size and god-given talent than Bishop and they still got it handed to them. I’m sorry just makes no sense.

  • Askin?

    What was “disrespectful” that was said?

  • Bball

    Fred continues to prove he knows nothing about girls high school basketball.

  • DR Fan

    Fred you have proven once again that you are a DR hater. Barnes was a no brainer if we had been able to split with Bonita who knows. Anyway Tyvette White was 2nd Team All-CIf player and she doesn’t make your All SGV Team? (2nd Team) This is the second year in a row that DR has had an All-CIF player get overlooked by you. All White did was start for 3 years in one of the top 3 programs in the SGV, make All-League 1st Team in the toughest league in the SGV, make All-CIF, playing against top competition, and lead DR to a 27-5 record. At what point are you going to show DR the same love you show Amat and Bonita?

  • Fred Robledo

    All of the girls on our second team were also named to an ALL CIF teams. Gauthier also was the Mission Valley MVP, Suarez was Sierra League MVP, Taylor Jackson was among area’s leading scorers, Paulina Santana was a first-team All CIF, Del Rey and helped Amat to a CIF title and Selby was truly one of the best all-around players. So DRanch, no disrespect, but the girls named were deserving, as was White, but you only have so many spots. Wheatley, in head-to-head duals against Dranch, was clearly the best player on the floor and helped Bonita win both games to win the league title.

  • Old School

    DR fan – as the kids used to say…

  • Bball

    Do your homework. White should have made second team over Saurez. Look at their accomlisments on the basketball floor. There is no comparison. Charter Oak a sub 500 team.

  • Fred Robledo

    Again, Suarez was a LEAGUE MOST VALUABLE player and led her team to the quarterfinals of CIF. You have to ask yourself, who meant more to their team?

  • FBFan

    Wow! It looks to me like Coach Medrano should be recruiting Wheatley to get out on the gridiron. She looks more impressive than most of the football players in the SGV. And I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way at all.

  • DR Fan

    So Fred,

    What you are saying is that you think that all those players you mentioned are better than White? Do you think Rosemead or Charter Oak would have finished in the top 4 in the Hacienda League? And would those players have made first team All Hacienda? If your answer is no then why is there a question? You have a tough job choosing this group. You can’t just go by stats. They have to pass the eyeball test to. Do you realize that DR only lost 2 games once Williams went down. There has to be a reason.

  • Fred Robledo

    It’s not about who I think is better player, it’s not a draft, it’s about rewarding players with great individual seasons combined with team accomplishment. It’s all relative. In football I liken it to the Heisman Trophy argument. The Heisman winner goes to the college player who has the best season, but sometimes the Heisman winner isn’t even in the first round of the NFL draft. In high school football, Steven Rivera was named the player of the year based on his incredible individual and team accomplishments, but if I had to pick the best pure quarterback for the next level, it wouldn’t be Rivera. Same rules applies in this case.

  • Hey Fred, when are the all-league teams coming out for girls basketball?

  • Bball

    Fred, You said it all in your first sentence. Compare the girl from Charter Oak to the girl from Diamond Ranch. The stats and accomplishments are not comparable. Ignore the MVP award.