Baseball: Glendora takes over first in Baseline with 5-4 win over Alta Loma

Glendora wins Baseline League baseball showdown with Alta Loma

Overcoming some late-inning mistakes, the Glendora High School baseball team scored a run in the bottom of the seventh inning to pull out a 5-4 win over Alta Loma Tuesday afternoon.

The win puts the Tartans (13-5, 7-1) in sole possession of first place in the Baseline League, one game ahead of the Braves. The teams will meet Thursday at Alta Loma in the rubber game in the season series.

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  • mark monroe

    riddle me this…How a pitcher out of Alta Loma who pitches 3 complete games and gives up only 2 earned runs in league play…mind you, not non-league which some pitchers of note are using padded stats…has 32 stikeout..including 12 against Etiwanda (runnner up last year in CIF) get delagated to relief duty…and by the way has been clocked at 93 mph and has earned a full ride scholarship to Cal Baptist

  • Huh?

    mark monroe,


    Relax DAD.. sonny-boy will probably throw on Thursday.

  • baseline

    Alta loma has 3 solid pitchers and I’m sure the coach is throwing the one he feels is the best matchup for that team…I think you are getting way too emotional and wasn’t that the kid who relieved and gave up the winning hit after the botched squeeze? Just sayin……as far as the game yesterday it was hard fought by both teams + Thur game should be really good! One thing that did leave me scratching my head was henleys squeeze decision with 0 outs and bases loaded?? That’s not very smart but in reading the article at least he owned up to it

  • just a parent

    Alta loma does not have the tradition of glendora and I feel the coach has done a great job in his first year directing the team…its not easy dividing the innings when you have 3 very good senior pitchers. But he has done an excellent job of doing just that. Good luck to both teams Thur in the rubber game of the series!

  • markmonroe

    yes…that’s the kid who came in with bases loaded and no outs in the bottom of the 7th to clean up a mess…and that’s part of the game…and now this Kid cannot start on thurs. This Kid has busted his ass for 4 years and does not deserve to have his last 2 starts and now a 3rd taken do not tell me to relax…you don’t know the whole story. I’m not a parent who crawls up the coaches butt to play my kid….he earns his way through action and will continue to do so..and I would not say that Glendora is deep in baseball tradition…check the “real” stats for league games..the ones that matter ..strikeouts to walks ratio…first pitch strikes…not pre-season and non-league games…just sayin….

  • question

    Question: Would you rather have a CSUF commit pitcher or a kid that throws hard start? Answer: CSUF commit any day.

  • Monroe

    Alta Loma is weak including the kid they didn’t start. Bunch cry baby daddy’s boys. You talk about wins where are yours what joke. you talk about tradtion my side hurts from laughing at Alta Loma’s. We are going send you crying again Thursday daddy so bring your klenex

  • baseball parent

    coach Burton has done a very good job of leading alta loma into the discussion as one of the better teams in division 2. He has divided up the innings between all 3 senior pitchers pretty darn well and he has the right as head coach to pitch whoever he feels gives his team the best opportunity to win against whatever opponent. Maybe Glendora hits fastballs well who knows. But the last thing any parent should do is come on a blog and whine about their kid or a coaches decision. You cant win in that argument because it sounds ridiculous and is so stupid and whiney. I looked at alta lomas non league schedule and it includes teams such as orange lutheran, bonita, palm desert, los altos…all schools very worthy opponents and i would say better than the bottom portion of the baseline league which this year is etiwanda and rancho cumamonga. These are facts Daddy. Palm desert just defeated los osos who is ahead of etiwanda and rancho in the standings. The other senior pitcher dominated palm desert. And dominated los osos and pitched very well in defeat vs bonita. If you are saying that that kid doesnt deserve an opportunity also then you sir are a cancer to the alta loma program and need to be respectively stay quiet.

  • markmonroe

    I have a right to express my oppinions with regards to any topic I chose..including baseball.For your info I have all the respect for the athlete going to CSUF and this has nothing to do with quite your assumptions.As far as me shutting up ..I will be at my son’s game on thurs. if you feel like trying.You sound like quite a whiner yourself Daddy. Nobody wants to take away anyone elses opportunity…that’s my point.As far as a cancer is concerned,I doubt whether any parent has been more supportive than this one for all programs at Alta Loma during the last 20 years. So with all due respect,I will not be quiet.

  • blog follower

    wow ive been reading this blog for quite a while and i think this mark monroe has reached a new low in terms of embarrasing his son and his team and school, that is if anyone actually is seeing or reading this from alta loma. Funny thing is i went on maxpreps to look at the stats and roster and there isnt even a monroe listed on the roster?? and my humble opinion on these types of things is to shut up and let the coaches decide playing time. If theres 3 good pitchers on the team then thats great. Glendora had 3 stud pitchers on their cif champ team a couple yrs ago and there werent any parents griping on the blogs about innings. maybe thats why the won it?!?!

  • glendora parent

    Hey Mark Monroe, thats how you show your support. If thats how you support the programs at alta loma by bitching on a random sports blog about the coaches decision then i sure wouldnt want your support of my team. quit embarrasing your son like the previous post said, im sure he’ll do fine in life without you doing his talking for him

  • markmonroe

    I want to offer my apologies for the comments I have made recently…Quite honestly I am not sure what got into me. Sometimes I get caught up in the moment..a selfish one at that. I meant no disrespect for Alta Loma;s baseball program and certainly none for our Coach Burton. He has done an exceptional job and I am honored to have him as my son’s coach as well as the rest of the staff.I made the mistake that I thought I never would…taking this game I love so seriously….again if I offended any person from our high school or Glendora’s ,I am sorry.I went to West Covina High and did battle with the Tartans on many occasions. It’s a great school and I am very upset for my actions. I love our players…I love my son…I am sorry for lashing out because I am a better person than I have displayed and it was not the Christian thing to do….Mark

  • paytons place

    sounds like the mrs, if there is one, layed down the gauntlet on this one

  • The Third Stooge

    Now we can add MM to the gang of misfits that includes FC and MS.

  • Thumbs up

    I’ll give the man credit for coming back onto the blog and making a public apology. It takes a lot of balls to man up like that and admit that he was wrong.

  • ConcuSSionSymptomS

    This “parent” deserves no credit for being forced to come onto a blog to apologize for completely embarrassing his son and disrespecting his son’s Coach, Team and School. This “parent” is a complete douche and is an example of why H.S. Coaches of all sports are leaving the profession.