Breaking News: Covina baseball coach Scott Root has resigned, assistant Gil Adame will take over

Covina High School baseball coach Scott Root has resigned for family/personal reasons, Colts athletic director Darryl Thomas confirmed today. Gil Adame, who has been an assistant coach with the Colts for the past five seasons, will take over for the rest of the season. Covina, one of the preseason favorites to win the Valle Vitsta League, were recently swept by Nogales to fall to 9-6 and 2-2 in the VVL. Root, who was a co-head coach with the Colts a few years back, replaced Pete Loaiza this season. Please be respectful with your comments …

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  • Colt74

    I made it out to watch a couple of games in the past Century Classic Tourny. When my colts played and lost ( badly ) to Ventura after having no problems with the other teams I could feel that something was different.
    Maybe it was just the combination of Funyons and Orange soda..who knows…
    But they were on an 8 game win streak and now are on a 3 game losing skid..
    His quote about the seniors just showing up did not exactly sit well too. But, sometimes the truth can hurt.
    In any case, thank you coach for your time, energy, and effort!

    Hope the Colts get it turned around. Good luck coach Adame.

  • Smirk

    When is somebody going to stop the trainwreck at Covina? The administration is corrupt and now the band of parents that could never handle any adversity, pressured Thomas to get Root fired. I saw his comments and they were 100% correct. He probably got tired of all the bs and terrible work-ethic that goes on daily. I’ve only been to a couple games and I can tell that this Covina team thinks they can show up and win. Sorry but you’re not that good…. Now they have their savior Adame so let’s see how this goes…

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    Is this the same Gil Adame (Gilbert Adame) that was varsity head coach for SEMHS baseball?

    just wondering………

  • cov 80

    you watch an see NOW with some leadership our boys will get back to winning.

  • Smirk

    Back to winning? If you call finishing behind San Dimas and Northview EVERY year winning then yeah you’re right, they’ll be on fire for the rest of the season. I didn’t know they changed the rules, do you get t-shirts for finishing in third now?

  • Colt74

    Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant…
    “finishing behind San Dimas and Northview EVERY year ”

    Covina finished behind Northview last year? Really?

    My memory has the Colts beating the Vikings 2 out of 2 games…and by a grunch….

  • Anonymous 1

    Ya it’s sad to say, that Root is gone but it is defenetly worse to have Adame as the skipper! All year this guy has only worked with one player on the team while ignoring the rest. The rest of the kids have No respect for him. His coaching methods are like a Three ring circus.If anything good comes out of this it will be at the will of a talented team. His assistants wont be with him next year. And COV80 You must be kidding. With that commet you live a delusional life. The sooner that guy stops coaching your son , the sooner your boy will reach his potetial, and stop being a letdown.

  • Smirk

    Colt 74,
    You’re right I was thinking of the 6 years before that and 4 years ago when they finished behind Baldwin Park in 4 place? Yeah that’s what it was. But check my facts for me again just to make sure. I mean I’d hate to make another mistake when it comes to them losing when it counts.

  • VVL Scout

    Smirk, SHUT UP. This is supposed to be a RESPECTFUL and wholesome post. You wanna bring your negative outlook on life in, you do it somewhere else. Leave Root, Adame and Covina alone at least in this post. How about growing some brains and sending condolences and such to Covina instead of your pitiless ranting? You wanna hurt these boys and this program even more than their already hurting? Have a heart and get a damn clue.

  • Loaiza4Life

    Wanna win, get Loaiza back in there. Best coach around hands down.

  • Colt74

    More facts for Smirk..

    The Colts baseball team won the CIF Championship in 1979, 1981, and 1988, which is the most by a Valle Vista League program, and is also a 25-time Valle Vista League Champion.

    I guess those years Northview, San Dimas and Baldwin Park lost “when it counts” too?

    We can do this all day….

    You hate Covina. I get it. I’ll sleep just fine tonight.

  • CovinaFan

    Why is Loiza not there anymore? I did not know he was gone. Was it similar to the what happened when he was at Wilson?

  • bfan

    Folks the article says Root left for personal reasons. Why not leave it at that? No one is perfect.High school coaches put in numerous hours for very little pay. Scott good luck in your future endeavors and hopefully Covina can hire someone who will give a longtime committment to the program.As far as Loiza he would still be there if there was a teaching position for him. It is hard to have a successful walk on coach.


    Sitting here tapping my index finger on my temple trying to figure out why so many coaches have resigned lately. I cant figure it out.