Softball: Bonita routs Rowland 20-2 in five innings, but Kaylea Snaer’s homer streak continues

Bonita’s Rebecca Orozco, Michelle Whitt and Veronica Ortega all hit three-run homers and Anissa Sanchez hit a solo shot to lead Bonita to an easy victory to remain in a tie for first in the Hacienda. But on a big site note, Rowland junior Kaylea Snaer hit her 13th homer in the fourth and added an RBI double to drive in the Raiders’ only two runs. Snaer, who is batting. 569 with 34 RBIs, is five home runs shy of the all-time CIF-Southern Section single-season home run record set by Crescenta Valley’s Bailie Kirker with 18 in 2008. Snaer needs to tie or break the record over the final seven games since there is no way the Raiders make the playoffs. Remember when coach Craig Snyder worried if teams would pitch to her? He solved that by batting her leadoff. Plus, with the Raiders struggling, teams are taking on Snaer, especially in lopsided games, and she’s proving to be the real deal. It appears looking at this list, Snaer is already the SGV’s all-time single-season home run queen. I don’t remember ever crowning an area MVP whose team didn’t make the playoffs, but Snaer’s numbers are so ridiculous you have to consider it.

18 Bailie Kirker, Crescenta Valley 2008
17 Lauren Chamberlain, El Toro 2010
16 Lisa Estill, Grace Brethren 1998
16 Bailie Kirker, Crescenta Valley 2009
15 Bailie Kirker, Crescenta Valley 2007
15 Taylor West, Estancia 2008
15 Brittany Spaulding, Los Alamitos 2008
15 Taylor Edwards, Vista Murrieta 2009
15 Lauren Sweet, Santiago/Corona 2011
14 Sheri Ramsay, Hesperia 1990
14 Crystal Roberts, Grace Brethren 1998
14 Anissa Young, Bloomington 2008
14 Shawna Wright, Lancaster 2007
14 Shawna Wright, Lancaster 2009
14 Alena Murgatroid, Quartz Hill 2009
13 Kaylea Snaer, Rowland, 2012

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  • bobbyjoe

    Why don’t coaches call their scores into the Tribune? I just don’t understand it. I look for the Prep Scores everyday. Sometimes they are there, sometimes not. Being a former head coach, my administration made it a priority for me to call in all scores, win or lose, road or home. I realize there is a small window of time but generally it seems that laziness or lack of importance prevails. Adminstrators and Athletic Directors – GET YOUR COACHES ON THE STICK!

  • Fred Robledo

    Coach, this is new generation of coaches, many of whom didn’t grow up with the newspaper like you and I. Back then the newspaper was the only source to share results, but now there is maxpreps, websites, twitter and the newspaper gets lost in the shuffle.

  • dutch rennert

    so freddy in his finite softball knowledge is ready to crown Snaer the mono-colored fish wraps’ softball MVP even if her team doesn’t make the playoffs?(meaning they don’t even finish in the top 3 of that average league)fred, think before you type, please, remember the libero debacle? How about all the TOP notch players at Lucys or SHills or your optional coverage area teams like Chino Hills, man, talk about faux pas….Jim Healy RIP

  • kipp geth

    Dutch, your argument lost all credibility when you mention the TOP notch players at SHills considering their record

  • Fred Robledo

    Renner’s right, if Snaer were at South Hills, Chino Hills or St. Lucy’s, she would probably have 18 homers already with all that top-notch talent hitting in front and behind her. BTW, that same (weak) league just graduated Stephany La Rosa and Courtney Gano, both tearing up in the Pac-12.

  • it’s Rennert!

    Fred, I said it’s an average league, the mono colored fishwrap, covers 2 above average leagues(baseline,sierra) some average and some weak ones, La Rosa was pac-12 player of the week recently, Gano just a so-so season, to suggest Snear for tribs MVP while on a 4-15 team is beyond ludicrous, even for the infamous libero faux pas writer.

  • Fred Robledo

    BTW, Hacienda league is D-2, Sierra is D-3… and softball aren’t like other sports, you can’t fault a player for a teams record when he/she only have three or four at-bats per game. In basketball, football, soccer, water polo, etc, a player can single-handedly take over a game and have a huge influence, not the same in baseball/softball, so using the whole “team” concept isn’t the same. It’s important, but not as important as other team sports. Snaer has no control over who pitches or how the other eight players do in the lineup or how they all do defensively. Using your argument, you would disqualify everyone in the Hacienda for what you describe as a “mediocre” league. If Snaer were to tie or break CIFs all-time single-season home record, or win the area triple crown, for us NOT to consider her would be ridiculous.

  • dutch rennert

    libero hating freddy, going by your logic a player on a 1-11 last place team in the hacienda league, can seriously be mentioned in the same breath as Rodriquez from SHills or Innamoroto at CHills? You’re the only writer on this planet that would concur with you. Just how valuable can she be on a 1-11 team, if she’s not there at all, they might lose the game they won, so then they’re 0-12…..not really a difference maker, she might be a great kid, the HR numbers might be a great story, but please, get real, quit embarrassing your profession. By the way if they had a real softball coach at Rowland(not an imposter like Snyder, football coach posing as a fastpitch coach, he knows next to nothing)they might be respectable, but till that day comes….

  • Fred Robledo

    You can switch any non pitching position player in the country with Snaer and Rowland still wouldn’t make the playoffs. As great as Rodriguez is, switch her with Snaer and Rowland still has the same record. I don’t care if you batted .800 with 20 home runs, it still wouldn’t be enough to get Rowland in the playoffs.

    As a sophomore in the same Hacienda league that Pac-10 player of the week La Rosa competed in last year, Snaer (who batted .564 to La Rosa’s .552 in league) had four homers to La Rosa’s leading six. Snaer also led the league in RBIs with 19, more than La Rosa’s 17 and Gano’s 15, and Snaer did it facing tougher pitching in league because she had to bat against Diamond Bar and Bonita. Imagine what her numbers would have been like hitting against her own team? And remember, she was a sophomore the others were seniors. Sorry you can’t face the fact she’s one of the premiere players in the area regardless of record, but she is.

    Using your logic, Major League baseball writers shouldn’t of considered Matt Kemp for MVP because the Dodgers were so terrible last year, but Kemp finished second in the voting and probably should have won it. I guess all the writers voting for Kemp embarrassed their profession voting for a guy who couldn’t lead his team to the playoffs. How in the world did Clayton Kershaw win a Cy Young if he couldn’t lead his team to the postseason? How outrageous! C’mon man, you’re clueless and continue to prove you’re clueless so keep on posting. You can take all the cheap shots at me you want, but you’re terrible at making an argument.

  • JH

    Hey Dutch Rennert,
    Do you even know Coach Snyder, have you spoken with him, or scene him work at his practices and games? He does the best anyone could do with the girls he gets. And he’s an awesome guy. I’d like to see you come to Rowland and do any better. Don’t blast someone when you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, mind your business and **** off!

  • reality

    Rennert, who are you? Have you seen BR play? Innomoto? How many HR’s have both of those girls hit? BR maybe 6???? And don’t say they intentionally walk her because otherwise her avg would be just as high as snears when she DOES face pitching. BR hits high pop ups that fall over fences. Snear hits line drives out of the park. Wow. Get a clue.

  • Softball Observer

    The last time I checked maxpreps KS only had 13 homeruns, no games have been added since then, and now she has 14. Her last HR was against Bonita as reported by The Tribune which was HR #13. I did notice on maxpreps that against Walnut, Rowland has her for 2 HR’s, but Walnut only records 1 HR hit against their pitchers. Against Diamond Ranch, Rowland has her hitting 1 HR, DR has no HR’s being hit against them. Who’s book is right? Why and from what game was the new homerun added?

  • no record here

    Wow coach, you added a homerun after the fact. She should be at 13. Why add the extra HR? Your stat’s credibility just went out the window. Rowland got shut out by Los Altos the other day, let me guess, she had another HR. Real stupid move, coach.