Inland Insider Tom Kiss’ softball highlights and interviews from Chino Hills’ big 6-4 win over South Hills; St. Lucy’s bounces back with 12-0 win over Charter Oak; Bonita mercies Diamond Bar 11-1

The Inland Insider’s video highlights and interviews from Chino Hills’ 6-4 win over South Hills later tonight.

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  • kent

    How about giving us a game break down. We appreciate the highlight video if it included both teams completely that would be nice, not everyone chooses to discuss there future college teams, you would be surprised at the number of players that are committed on both teams that choose not to discuss it publicly. I believe this is the way it should be let the game play speak for itself. Who hit for Chino Hills? South Hills? who made great plays? Most people would like to know what the teams have done despite who is going where, how bout a highlight video on simply the game.

  • R Gary

    According to Fred, “Charter Oak is the sleeping giant” of the Sierra League. Well it looks like the giant is still asleep. Perhaps the giant did awaken , but it’s St. Lucy’s. Nice comeback road win for the Regents after being beat badly earlier in the week.

  • 12th man

    Did you know about this?
    If this new proposal passes..High School Football will never be the same..Any sport for that matter!! All the powerhouse programs will have a stacked team rite before the playoffs!!


    A 30-day transfer rule would betray loyalty in high school sports
    The CIF is considering a plan to slash the sit-out period for transfers from one varsity season to a mere 30 days. This would allow schools to stockpile elite athletes at the expense of those who stick around for four years.

    By Eric Sondheimer

    April 19, 2012, 4:30 p.m.
    There’s a train wreck slowly unfolding in high school sports, and it’s time to examine the damage that might take place.

    Next month, the 10 sections that make up the California Interscholastic Federation will vote on a proposal to revise transfer rules.
    Under the current rules, an athlete who transfers without moving has to sit out one varsity season unless receiving a hardship waiver. It’s designed to prevent athletes from switching schools simply for sports reasons.

    Now a new proposal, part of a package of changes being sold to schools, would require a 30-day sit-out period as the lone penalty for transferring.

    The recruiters are doing cartwheels and want to throw a party. The schools that love transfers can’t wait to add a 30-day sit-out period to their brochures as another reason to switch schools, along with promises of more exposure and a free Nike wardrobe.

    Football players would be eligible Oct. 1, basketball players Dec. 31 and baseball players April 1. Does anyone think a 30-day sit-out period is going to deter someone from transferring?

    In fact, it should start a stampede of transfers this summer if approved.

    Why would the commissioners around the state offer support to the proposal?

    Because thousands of dollars are being spent on CIF legal bills, the hours devoted to deciding whether to grant or reject a hardship waiver keep increasing and there’s a feeling that lots of non-elite athletes are getting caught up in rules that are directed at trying to prevent schools from stockpiling athletes.

    All those arguments are true, but it’s as if the commissioners are throwing up a white flag and deciding the recruiters have won.

    Oh, they’re insisting they’ll be diligent and proactive when they suddenly see trends happening, such as three or four athletes transferring to a school in one sport. But they have always had the authority to stop illegal recruiting, and how many times have they acted or even hired a private investigator?

    If a 30-day sit-out period is voted in, it will accelerate the trend of schools’ forming all-star teams, and that is sucking the life out of those coaches who used to believe in building programs by getting players to show up as freshmen, teaching them fundamentals and seeing them blossom as seniors. The problem is they don’t stick around for four years anymore.

    Sportswriters will have to come up with a new ranking system for teams. There will be a preseason poll based on who can play immediately and another poll based on who’s eligible Oct. 1, Dec. 31 and April 1. Yes, it’s silly, but so is a 30-day sit-out period.

    Coaches would face new ethics questions. If a player gets to start the first month of the season, will he or she be replaced as soon as the transfer student becomes eligible?

    The decision to support or reject transfer revisions should revolve around whether the mission of high school sports will be preserved or further tarnished.

    That mission has been about teaching lessons to teenagers far beyond winning championships.

    Leave it up to the club programs to recruit, build all-star teams and welcome transfer students with open arms.

    There has to be someone left to stand up for the kid who sticks around through the good and bad times, shows loyalty for four years, practices hard, then is sent to the bench in favor of the new kid.

    On Wednesday, Southern Section schools get to vote at their council meeting whether to endorse the proposal.

    It might work well in Northern California, where there’s a lack of urban areas compared with Southern California, but as a statewide proposal, it’s only going to create a new set of problems and further widen the disparity between the haves and have-nots.

  • Transfer Fan (If you’re too stupid to know who this is, I can’t help you)

    Let’s call this the Ryan Longoria Rule and be done with the nonsense !

    A few seasons ago Los Altos was reeling from a whole bunch of nonsense, with players and parents running like rats from a sinking ship and MS, being the true a-hole that he is, leading the band.

    True to form a star player, and by star I mean about a freakin average player if there ever was one, came forward to dangle his services to the highest bidder, and by highest bidder I mean the school that could promise his Dad a second bite at the Coach Cuccia apple, (more on that later).

    Also, true to form, posters, pretenders and parents (the 3 P’s) came forward to deny, proclaim and dismiss any and all notion that their “boy” was going anywhere and bled Los Altos true and blue. That is unless the blog, the posters, the administration, the sportswriters and any one else with an opinion forced their hand and made staying at Los Altos any more uncomfortable for their soon to be D1 signee. (less on that later)

    Well as luck would have it somehow Ryan Longoria found his way to Cathedral High School, all the way near Dodger Stadium and downtown Los Angeles, to trade Blue and Red for Purple and Black. And true to form Camp Longoria came forward to proclaim Cathedral was just a better fit academically for their at-risk child, and by at risk I mean, at risk of being overlooked by college recruiters who had somehow lost their way to Escuela de Harwell y Cody.

    At this point in the story CIF, having their hand forced by the mere fact of possessing a brain, a set or eyes and two ears, to say nothing of common sense and a bucket load of complaints, weighed in to review the merits of the relocation of services rendered. Unfortunately, or fortunately for the Longorias, a long time, and soon to be retired CIF employee remembered the Longoria name and rubber stamped the transfer as he had done almost 30 years earlier with Papa Longoria’s move to Escuela Mula.

    So when all the dust settled, and a certain taste proclaiming sportswriter trumpeting victory for the poor put upon superstar in waiting, CIF announced, “No harm, no athletically motivated move, no wink wink wink wink shenanigans”. And so the stage was set for all to see if the move ultimately worked out as it should, with a D1 scholarship and a free ride to academic bliss.

    Soon our superstar in waiting was lining up in Purple and Black with a future real D1 QB prospect fresh off the Oaks Christian Farm at the helm and pretty pink uniforms in tow. (insert tire screeching sound and car crash audio) In the second act of our morality play a big bad Blue and Gold monster came to town with their own group of gunslinging ballers looking to hand down a ceremonious beat down, and beat down they did. In the game of his life, in the game he circled to show what he could do, a game that would be pat of his recruiting tape, what happened? “Big Time Ball” is what happened and he found out he wasn’t quite ready for Prime Time. Some where in the back of his mind he must have thought, ‘This isn’t teh way it was suppose to be Dad”. Priceless.

    As with any good story our hero can’t be seen at his most vulnerable and beaten down. American audiences hate watching movies like that and so our hero did regroup and redeem himself enough to justify the move with season ending patches, after wolfin down a few Humble Pies from DC Bakery) to add to a still unknown Lettermen jacket. ( Does he put the Cathedral All League patch on his Los Altos jacket or “transfer” the Lost Altos earned patches on his barf inducing Purple Lettermen Jacket”, or does he put all those patches on a new “Coat of Many Colors” Lettermen jack from Escuela Numero Tres? Sorry I’m getting ahead in the story.

    I know we’re all on pins and needles for a 3rd and Final Act to our morality play so here goes. After all the protestations, world isn’t fair assertions and CIF is only looking to ruin young impressionable lives BS our hero quietly “transferred” once again. Yes, three schools in less that 9 months!!!! (I told you this was a “great” story”) Did our “I’m ready for my close up Mr. Deville” uber star return to his Los Altos roots? Not exactly. After “bleeding” Blue and Red” and donning mercenary Purple and Black Ryan opted to make a Spring Splash in Crimson and Gold ! Who said, “You can’t go Home”, again? Again.

    So instead of allowing parents to lie in front of their kids, or with them. Instead of opportunists slandering the institution entrusted to ensure a fair and level playing field, for ALL, in CIF. Instead of watching coaches kiss the proverbial rear ends of ungrateful and manipulating players and parents why not just stop the nonsense.

    In the end what was really accomplished by the Longoria’s Shell Game? Granted he did earn his D1 scholarship and became the star player on a National Championship team to go along with Cacique Bowl MVP honors and a Mel Kipper “Sure-Fire Top 10” pick and, and, and, and.

    Sorry that was only the movie version. In real life it didn’t quite work out that way.

  • Oh geez

    Look what you’ve gone and done, interrupted th St Lulus parents chest thumping. Now we’re gonna have to witness their complaining about that.

  • R Gary

    12th man and Transfer fan,
    Not sure what all this has to do with the 3 girls softball games as listed in the subject of the article. You guys wrote nice novel length posts , but you were in the wrong blog subject.

  • 12th man

    R Gary,
    You must be a newcomer..Football is relevant all year long on Fred’s blog…you will soon learn~

  • Hook line and sinker

    Lulus took the bait.

  • softball fan

    So what is going on at Glendora? The phenom pitcher, coaches daughter, is certainly not looking like anything special. They can’t win a game, stats aren’t being kept because you can’t make them up! They cut two senior pitchers (Oneill and Mcleve) who are from travel ball teams to showcase the only pitcher left who will be playing for Fresno State? If you can’t dominate in high school as we have seen college doesn’t get any easier!So who is making the calls at Glendora the AD needs to answer for this.

  • Home run record??

    Something does not smell right in Rowland Heights. Snaer hit her 13th home run against Bonita. No games have been updated on Maxpreps since the Bonita game, but now she has 14???? The Claremont and Los Altos games have not been recorded yet. What is going on?