Vote on today’s biggest baseball game

Oh and by the way, there is also the super power known as the Chino Hills softball team (18-0, 3-0) at South Hills (14-6, 1-2) at 3:30 p.m., on Friday. Chino Hills is going for the Valley sweep after dismantling St. Lucy’s Wednesday. I think the Inland Insider will be there for that one.

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  • glendora

    Glendora plays today but it’s ok. You should cover that game.

  • Fred Robledo

    Oops, you’re absolutely right, I’ll change the poll

  • Fred Robledo

    Why is there no voting love for La Puente-Sierra Vista, it’s the only true game with sole possession of first on the line?

  • tommykiss

    I will be at that Softball game, but the Super power is 18-3, 3-0, on a 12 game winning streak.

  • GHS

    Thats right since we moved to the Baseline League we don’t count anymore here in the SGV

  • one vote

    Fred said:
    Why is there no voting love for La Puente-Sierra Vista

    I tried…….

    Unlike the presidential elections, this system only allows a person to vote once.

  • Frank

    As much as I love Amat, their leauge games are not competitive at all. The del rey teams are really weak teams. Amat games are only interesting when they play more competitive schools. Which they’ve actually struggled with this year.

  • Valley guy

    @frank.amat has the biggest wins in the valley.nobody else has played that many good Paul and la salle are not that bad.they would be ranked in the valley if they where a valley team.not at the top where the only good valley teams are but in the bottom .la salle played Bonita and lost 3-1.thats better than what most teams in the valley has done except south hills.amat beat la salle 9-2 .everyone always tries to say how weak amats league is but only the Sierra in the valley is strong.the hacienda is weak .bonita and diamond bar are the only teams that are strong.