Twitter war this morning, I wrote that Metta World Peace should be suspended 3-5 games, righteous Aram said Peace should have been banned for LIFE after the Palace

First, I was shocked Aram was up this early in the morning. This started when ESPNs
Mark Kreigler tweeted that Metta World Peace should be suspended for an indefinite period for elbowing Harden. What’s indefinite? The first-round, the rest of the playoffs? Has there ever been an indefinite suspension? I thought a 3-5 game suspension was reasonable, then came Aram, who not only thinks Peace should be suspended the rest of the playoffs, but should have been suspended for life for what happened at the Palace. FOR LIFE? He was serious. Check out the back and forth on twitter with Mr. Unforgivable and I @sgvtribpreps and @ChemicalAT, now it’s time for my coffee.

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  • just sayin’

    Your wondereful former Bruiin, Kevin Love, got TWO GAMES for scoring, sizing up a fallen Luis Scola and intentioonally stomping on his face while he was helpless on the floor.

  • Fred Robledo

    Aram the commissioner would have banned Love the rest of the season. Look, Dwayne Wade didn’t get any suspension for intentionally hacking Kobe in the all-star game, breaking his nose and giving him a concussion. What Peace did deserves a suspension, though still not sure he intended to knock him across the head. A 3-5 game suspension is fair, but those calling for Peace to be suspended the rest of the playoffs or longer are being ridiculous.

  • Hungry Man

    How could Aram pass up LeRoy’s for some hash, eggs and tots.

  • Amat Alumni and Parent

    If this was a first offense I would say 3-5 days. This guy has a past and should be suspended for at least 10 games.

  • 12th man

    The Commissioner will make a statement this time, he will suspend MWP for a minimum of 10 games if not the rest of the season..

  • Lance R

    No different then Charles Barkley’s forearm to Paul Mokeski. Charles Dropped Mokeski like a Heavyweight boxer. This happens in the heat of battle, and yes it is wrong and Ron, Ron deserves a fine and a 5 game suspension. I did notice that there is a lot of physical play between L.A. and OKC and lots of trash talking. Ron Ron got hit in the nose earlier in the game. Kobe gouged at Durants eye,,, Durant came back and gouged at Kobe’s eye. Not just these two teams but the NBA playoffs are going to get real physical as you can see leading up to them Rose getting cut on the nose etc. NHL has their playoffs going on and they are also getting real physical. Is this what sports has become a bloodsport?


    Hey Fred, ARAM’S probably a BOSTON CELETIC FAN! If anything they should make him change his name back to RON ARTEST, like us normal folks! LOL…

  • Fred Robledo

    I don’t know about a Celtics fan, but Aram definitely doesn’t support World Peace šŸ™‚

  • Steve Ramirez

    Aram really said for life? Really? The life banishment should be used just for continued violation of the league’s drug policy or like in baseball, betting on the sport. The fair here ruling would be 10 games or how long Harden is out.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    I think Aram needs to look back in the last 5-10 years of NBA basketball, and if he looks hard enough, he might find much worse incidents of physical altercations that resulted in egregious rulings not reflecting the altercation itself.

    2006 – Raja Bell clothesline Kobe, NBA serves him a ONE game suspension. ONE GAME?

    2007 – “Cheap Shot” Horry takes down Steve Nash, and then gets and pushes his forearm in the neck of Raja Bell, and only receives a 2 Game suspension for those two altercations.

    2007 – Bruce Bowen hits Steve Nash in the nuts, does not get suspended or fined for that hit. No penalty at all!

    2008 – Jason Kidd flips (fouls) Jannero Pargo for a flagrant 2 foul only, he gets rightfully ejected, but no suspension. No suspension.

    I would also like to point out, Kevin Garnett, who’s “career” is riddled with very questionable actions, like 2010’s elbow of Q. Richardson and resulting in only a ONE GAME suspension.

    If Aram thinks Artest is the dirtiest active player, he’s sorely mistaken.

    3-5 game suspension is with merit, anything longer, and Stern/Stu Jackson will look like the idiots that they already are perceived to be.

  • Fred completely misrepresented what I said. To be clear, I think he should have been banned for life for the Palace incident.

    The guy has been suspended 14 times! and yet some people (Fred) defend him because it helps the Lakers chances.

    Totally ridiculous. t

  • Fred Robledo

    How am I defending what he did? I wrote he deserves a 3-5 game ban, sort of what you hear most NBA talking heads saying on the radio today. Some say a 10 game suspension, but not only would you ban him the rest of the year, you would have suspended him for life after the brawl. So how does this work, if someone doesn’t agree with your extreme view that he should never play again, or should never have been allowed to play in the first place, it’s because they’re Lakers fans? Typical Aram comment.


    Come on Aram, quit being so sensitive! By the way have youve watched a HOCKEY game lately? What Artest did happens often in HOCKEY, and yes I know HOCKEY is a contact sport, but look at the recent articles about Hockey being out of control with violent hitting and what about the FIST FIGHTING!
    Ever since ARTEST went into the stands and let the FANS know basketball players are no joke, well hes been getting more attention ever since that incident. Come on ban for LIFE??? Thats crazyHeck you can get into altercations playing at your local park! That game was being hyped up all week for the LAKERS, on how they HAD TO WIN and show some Well they did!

  • Altercations? Fish fights? What are you talking about?

    Is that what Artest did? Or did he cheap shot somebody?

    Stop looking at this ONE incident and start looking at his overall pattern of nonsense. Then tell me why the hell he’s still in the league

    The guy should have been banned for life for going up into the stands and decking a fan. Since then, he’s been suspended several times and 14 total in his career. Remember the JJ Barea clothesline last year?

    You guys are defending a worthless pile of crap because you’re close-minded Lakers fans who are hoping for a lite suspension so he doesn’t miss much of the playoffs.

  • street baller

    he is dangerous to anybody out there playing.he went straight to the head and continued doing his king kong impersonation.this was not someone acting out of frustration.he slammed on someone and got crazy after the slamm. harden was just standing there doing nothing.this was nothing like bynums hard foul out of frustration last year.he could of killed him.lakers used to be a team of class.worst of all the faker fans where booing the refs and applauding.anybody playing against artest is just going to be nervous to even play as hard as they can,which is why he deserves to be suspended until he goes through another anger management program for at least 90 days. there is something wrong with him and he is a danger to NBA.

  • Colt74

    Aram said: “You guys are defending a worthless pile of crap because you’re close-minded Lakers fans who are hoping for a lite suspension so he doesn’t miss much of the playoffs.”

    And your point is?

    Go Lakers!

  • Really?

    Banned for life?! What he did in the Palace was bad, no doubt about it. But look, he was just minding his own business and lying on the table when someone threw a cup of beer at his face. He got the wrong fan but to say his anger would not be justified is just plain foolish. Aram,one day at the Trib, I’d like to see Fred throw a cup of beer in your face while you’re working and see what happens.

  • Harden talks too much

    Harden was far from “doing nothing” he moved into Artests’s way ( still no reason for the vicious elbow) and has been talking crap and being an irritant the last few times the Lakers have played the Thunder. Sometimes guys can open their mouth one too many times. Bet he thinks twice next time

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    Aram said, “Stop looking at this ONE incident and start looking at his overall pattern of nonsense. Then tell me why the hell he’s still in the league”

    I would suggest you look at this article:

    [ Josh McRoberts and the 10 Dirtiest Players in the NBA ]

    With all due respect to you Aram, stop looking at this ONE player and start looking at all ACTIVE DIRTY NBA players and THEIR pattern of nonsense. Then you tell me how THEY are all still in the league.

    As a Laker fan, I am not close-minded. Ron Artest deserves a suspension, but career ending? I could argue back and forth on past and present players that should also be worthy of something like that, but would you put up such an argument on them as you do Ron?

    and to “street baller” – Faker fans? Get in line, you sound like every other non-Laker fan who jumps on the “hate” bandwagon, looking for any incident, major or minor, to criticize the team and its fans. You talk about how he’s a “danger” to the NBA, tell me, how do YOU exactly play “street ball”? EXACTLY! As I mentioned above, I could go all day about other dirty players, but you don’t want to hear it, you figure this incident (no matter the severity) is definitive of the team and especially their fans. WRONG! Btw, get a better nickname and a better argument.

    Aram, I applaud your views on HS Football with Fred and looking forward to another year of HS Football, especially with the significant changes in CIF-SS Playoff league placements, but I have to disagree with you on this.

  • x laker fan

    @james harden talks to much.trash talking is part of the game.this video might even prove that it was intentional for artest to get harden back. criminal charges should be filed.laker organization should terminate artest contract. they used to be such a classy team.they should of never brought him in.they trade off fisher but not this slimeball.



  • SEMHS Fan,


    The guy is bad enough ON THE COURT that he should be gonzo. But going up in the stands? How did they ever let him back in the league.


    Unlike Ron Artest, if Fred threw a beer on me, I wouldn’t go sock the secretary. That’s basically what Artest did. There is NO JUSTIFICATION for it. NONE.

  • Fred Robledo

    Aram you’re right, going in the stands was stupid, unacceptable and he was given the most severe penalty in NBA history, but a lifetime ban? I can’t believe you’re that serious. And since you mentioned taking his entire body of work into consideration, how about considering he won the NBA citizen of the year award last year. He donated his ring to charity. He’s become a huge advocate for mental health and awareness. Is that the worthless piece of xxxxx that you describe? Do the positive things he’s done since the Palace factor into your total body of work or are you so focused on the negatives that everything else he’s done doesn’t matter? The problem I have with this is, you take everything negative he’s ever been involved in, and that’s all he is to you. That’s who he is. Typical thinking of how people are judged today. But if you listen to a lot of his teammates, coaches, etc, they seem to all say he’s come a long way since the Palace. Seriously, who would have ever thought Ron Artest would win an NBA citizen of the year award? I know you didn’t.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    Aram, you are correct, the “Malace At The Palace” was and still is a permanent eyesore for the NBA, he received the heaviest penalty of all the players involved. There will never be any justification for what he did on that night, and even though he says there was no ill-will on Sunday, his apologies (or his PAST) should not weigh in on the punishment he would receive now.

    Let me ask you this, as you mentioned the phrase “How did they ever let him back in the league”……have a few players from that night that you could direct a phrase like that in their direction, but you haven’t……

    1. Jermaine O’Neal – Do you remember what he did during that horrible game? He punched a fan that got onto the court, and tell me, what has happened to him since? He actually had his suspension REDUCED, can you believe that, he was as atrocious as Artest that night, but recieved a lesser penalty and still had it reduced. He is ALSO still actively playing in the NBA.

    2. Stephen Jackson? You can’t tell me his involvement in the stands wasn’t as bad as Artest because it was, he followed Artest into the stands and punched fans in the stands, but like Jermaine O’Neal, was served with a LESSER length of a suspension. Where was the transparency of the NBA then? and Now…YUP still actively playing in the NBA.

    and to say that Artest is so bad ON THE COURT that he should be gone? Are you kidding me? A never ending RANGE of current players NOW fit that profile to a T, moreso than Artest. Examples? Kwame Brown, Delonte West, Marco Belinelli, Corey Brewer, Brian Scalabrine, LUKE WALTON (who defrauded the LAKERS for many years!), Eduardo Njera, Erick Dampier, Hasheem Thabeet (in D-League, but still associated with an NBA team)…..the list goes on and on.

  • Street baller

    This incident has nothIng to do with being a dirty player.he has been a good for a while.plays tough defense and that’s ok.the problem with the elbow is that he lost it and was like in a trance.someone that can lose it like he dead is a danger.

  • BraveDad

    In my opinion: 1) Artest deliberately elbowed Harden and luckily for everyone involved the shot grazed Harden’s shoulder otherwise it causes a far greater injury; 2) no matter how good Artest is defensively, the guy needs serious help (his saying that the shot was unintentional underscores the fact that he is seriously mentally ill); 3) the NBA refs, as good as they are, are too often guilty of not being consistent. Artest was clearly fouled on the dunk and if a whistle blows and the correct call is made, i.e., an and one, the incident does not occur. Then, if the refs would have stepped in and blown a whistle for Harden’s actions, i.e., running up and getting in Artest’s face and giving a slight shove, the incident does not occur; 4) after the blow to Harden’s biscuit and the Artest ejection, the refs let OKC play the 3rd qtr as though it was a pick-up game at a school yard in the Bronx. The refs are luckily there were no additional altercations because they certainly did far less than a stellar job making sure everything was “under control.” It seemed to me like they were inviting and hoping another Laker would act a fool. If they did, and someone was severely injured then part of the blame would have to go to the zebras.

    Again, NBA officiating is the least consistent of all professional sports, and that’s a serious problem. No excuses for Artest (please stop referring to him as World Peace – talk about an oxymoron) he deserves to be suspended and perhaps banned from the league before he kills someone (he needs serious help and shame on the NBA, the Lakers, and all his previous teams for allowing him to play basketball because he puts a few a$$es in the seats). Finally, NBA players are the least educated, most self-centered, and undisciplined athletes of all professional sports and when you couple that with inconsistent officiating, this is what you get.

  • Fred Robledo

    Brave Dad, I believe baseball players are the least educated of all professional sports. Most go straight from high school to the minor leagues, and most foreign players in the league, especially from the Dominican, are poorly educated as well.

  • BraveDad

    @ Fred,

    Good points you raise about MLB and education level. What are the reasons NBA players are so uneducated. Most are American born and are given a free ride and an opportunity for a college/university education. Unfortunately the greed and selfishness of today’s society cause players to forgo the education for the bucks. Lots of them are messed up in the head and time in college/university would serve them well. A college education is something that one can always count on and be proud of. If a kid is good enough, the NBA will wait for them to finish school.

  • Fred Robledo

    Brave Dad, with all due respect, if you could leave college early to sign a guaranteed million-plus contract, you would do it in a heartbeat. If getting your education is really a priority, you can always finish college while you’re playing professional sports, athletes do it all the time. It’s not college vs. pro, nobody ever says going pro means you do not have the opportunity to finish college.

  • BraveDad

    Come on Fred? I would love to see the percentage of NBA players that go back to school after their playing days. I venture to guess the number is less that 10%. I get what you are saying, and I don’t disagree, I just think that these KIDS would be better served staying in school. Its a matter of respect beyond the sports loving world. Believe me, not everyone is a diehard sports fanatic like you and me and many others on these blogs. In fact, most people in America and the rest of the world could care less about American professional sports – I don’t know why they don’t care, but they don’t. That said, most intelligent, well to do, college educated people respect a person with a college education/degree more than a person who played a few years of NBA basketball.

    As far as your comment, if you could leave college early to sign a guaranteed million-plus contract, I wouldnt know anything about that. I was a solid high school athlete that went to college solely for the education and the women and it took me five years to graduate LOL! But seriously, after you make a certain amount of money what do you do with all the excess thats the question. Do you make a difference? Unfortunately due to poor preparation, lack of education, etc, most NBA players do not! Many are whackos like Artest. They are entertaining and athletic as he!!, but they will not change the world brother.