Breaking News: Source confirms the Hacienda, Valle Vista and Montview League’s will vote to approve the one month sit-out period for transfers at Wednesday’s CIF meeting; Aram’s sources say Sierra League will vote against it

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  • roll the dice

    Yes of course.

    With Monrovia and West Covina dominating all of the other schools in Mid and Southeast , all of those schools are going to try to load up. I would expect the rest of the schools to roll the dice and vote yes. It’s so intoxicating to be able to go get players this summer. It’s going to be a scramble next month. We could see new challengers in the Midvalley and Southeast and every other division this year….However I think Monrovia is too good for any one in that division. However, I think South east is wide open and La Serna May be the front runner. I think a “yes” vote, will add much needed excitement across the south land. This years blog is going to be hot from June to DEC. All of the transfers, changing of guards and gossip is going to be great!

    Vote “Yes” on transfer gate!


    I agree with you,ROLL THE DICE!

    Heck what does the Montview got to lose and everything to gain out of this! UNLESS!!! The best of the Montview from the league decide to LEAVE!Then it would make for more weaker LEAGUE and that’s the last thing schools like this need!

  • Does anyone know?

    How many schools in the Sierra have open enrollment? My guess is the minority. Don’t forget you still have to get into the school and some schools actually follow the rules and don’t take kids out of their district. Kids going to these schools would still require moves. But a Damien on the other hand would not require a move because they in essence have open enrollment.
    Samrt move by the Sierra.

  • roll the dice

    predictions if the rule passes

    1. Bishop Amat/Damien- The lancers have had troubles lately with a few key players leaving the program. If you factor in tuition cost, and lack luster seasons in pac 5, Amat may lose a few back backups to schools. Their much needed depth could be effected by this new rule. It’s going to be hard for Private schools to hold on to border line players. Damien landed two players which help them. However, they could lose other guys who feel they are not getting a shot, and don’t want to get pounded in the inland. Their depth is hanging in the balance as well.

    2. Charter Oak- After losing Scooby, may see even more players decide to take their show on the road. struggling in the Inland does not help. Since Covina lost head coach, they could see players come there to CO. However, their only hope might lay in getting a bounce back or two from BA.

    3.West Covina- West Co is in the perfect division and league to continue its winning ways. They have already received two players to fill the huge losses at DE and LB. They have a ton of RB’s and WR’s already. With Antonio Hull at QB, they could be a threat to 3 peat. Scary

    4.Monrovia-Monrovia is in the same position as West Co. They have the core of team and D1 prospects returning in ’13. With the additions of Ainsworth in the backfield, they don’t need to much else. However, they too could see a few more players show up. Scary

    5.Diamond Bar/D Ranch/ Ptown- With D O Double G’s kid their, new unis, and a lot of hype. D ranch and D bar will be fighting for kids. Don’t be surprised if a few Pomona skills find their way over to DBar. That seems to be the place in this area.

    6. Chino Hills/Chino/Ayala- Chino Hills may see all the kids in this area flood in. They have done well in inland, and have a great tradition of the big uglys up front. If you are in this area CH is the place to be.

    7.San Dimas/Glendora – Coach z is crafty and will be looking for RBs. He has room for 5 ahaha. I expect at least one or two good RB’s will join peyton. If you are looking for more carries. SD is the place. Glendora has not had a steady coach, nor did well in the baseline. They could see some of their guys look for a school with Winning ways. Glendora could lose big if rule passes.

    8.Muir/PHS- Well they could benefit from the new rule. All of the players who left for alemany and possibly want to come back can. I think a few will. Expect a few surprise back transfers into the pasadena schools.

    9. St Francis/La Canada- I don’t think Money/tuition will is a issue in this area. However it will be really easy to just walk across the fence to LC. LC may get a few players from this. However transferring into the Rio hondo means no league title and no CIF title.

    10. MVL, Almount, Montview,& Everyone else-these schools don’t have much to gain from the new rule change, but they do have a lot to lose. These schools don’t have a overflow of talent. They do have talent, and loyal players. They build around these players. If one was to leave it would be devastating. However, if they could lock in their studs and land a few more it could be huge. I say vote yes, then go find some players.

  • Why Coach?

    Does anyone else see this as another reason for the coaches left after the mass exodus of last season to still want to coach? So now they not only have to work year round for the same pay, but if they want to be successful, they are going to have to hire a recruiting staff as well and start talking up Johnie to come play for him? For what? To be further ridiculed in the blogs on what they are not doing to win? That just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

  • Mixed signals

    It’s almost like having a keg for refreshments at an AA meeting. CIF tells coaches that it’s a violation to recruit and then they bend over backwards to put a rule out there that almost requires them to recruit if they want to compete.