La Salle beats Bishop Amat again, 3-2

The baseball fiefdom of the Del Rey League is controlled by a new group of Lancers.

La Salle High School handed Bishop Amat its second consecutive defeat on Friday, scoring a 3-2 victory at Citrus College.

“To beat them again is so huge,” La Salle’s Bowdien Derby said. “I feel like a king now. Everyone knows we took down the league champs.”

The La Salle Lancers, who had never beaten the Bishop Amat Lancers in a league game until this week, now control the Del Rey, although technically they are still half a game behind Bishop Amat.

“We’re not done,” La Salle coach Harry Agajanian said. “We still have some work to be done. We still have to play with composure.”

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  • oldguy1

    Congratulations to La Salle, this could give Bishop momentum going into playoffs. It’s where you end the season that matters most.

  • Oldguy1

    Sierra League baseball results-
    South Hills wins big over Ayala
    Claremont beats up Charter Oak
    Chino Hills beats Damian moves into 2nd by themselves.

  • Wow again? Looks like LS got the momentum!

  • Wow, Congrats on your sweep. History repeats itself twice in the same week.

  • Not this year

    It looks like without Rio this Amat team will not take it this year. They have been shaky all year, and now they are proven to be not only beatable, but not really the threat they were supposed to be. This division is wide open

  • All Lancer

    hey I found the link for the highlights of the game.. just the 1st, 3rd and 7the inning…


    BA your excuss for being D4 was your preseason was hard and you domoniate league. then play some Ok teams in playoffs
    Well you got you but kick in preseason you losing to LS…..BIG LOL. Next you will get busted down in playoffs.
    The party is over BA.
    You can talk about being you all you wan but that is just you back peddling.
    Oh and I almost forgot its about time to play the Rio is hurt card.
    You call your self a program…BIB LOL.

  • No Name

    All of you who think La Salle beating BA is a joke need to stop drinking the BA Kool aid. LS’s starting can outplay BA’s starting 9 any day this season!

  • brokenarrow

    It’s currious to me when BA is rolling, there are a million posts, but when times are bad and the visors are on backward…not so much. Must be alot of broken ankles today. Nice job and a “tip” to the other Lancers bringing things back to the WSGV for a change.

  • Sgv baller

    It is not amats year this year.they are still a team that is dangerous when playing good but a team that can be beat by good teams because they are young.everyone in the valley thinks amat plays a weak schedule but la salle can compete with the valley top teams.amat still has a good chance of winning a championship . They’ve had some long streaks of playing good baseball this year.palmdale is not as strong as last year and does not have Garvey and tanner ranier .its Bonita’s year to win one for the valley.hopefully Bonita faces omana this year because they need to face better pitchers before the playoffs.omanas is the only dominant pitcher in the hacienda league and Beckman is more prepared to face pitchers like garza.

  • Lancelot

    La Salle is good team and they are even better w/Derby on the hill. No shame in losing to a pitcher like that. Congratulations to the Lancers, they got the best of us this year.
    And to the poster talking smack about the lack of posts by Amat Fans, we don’t get on here and piss and moan about our players, their families or our coaches like the SOME schools in the Valley. I’ll leave it at that. We are setting our eyes on the Playoffs and bringing home ANOTHER Championship this year. Go Lancers, Go Big Blue!!!!

  • sgv baby

    SGV Baller,

    you are absolutely correct. Amat is down and can make a run. Too bad Rio is not playing. Great kid and pray for a full recovery. Bonita has not really got the respect they should be getting. Bohi is playing great baseball and will be there at the end. by far have the best team and record around. 1 loss to SHills a great team playing good right now. Look out for SoHills at the end also. As far as Omana goes. YES DOMINANT. Beat up on a high scoring Don Lugo team in their tournament before fracturing his foot. The kid is a stud. Saw him against WCo and Loyola. Against Wco Omana had 10k’s and 1 hit thru 5 gets a no decision leaves the game winning. DB looses in 8. Throws a complete game against Loyola 3 hitter and looses 1-0. Can Omana be a threat to BoHi? Yes and No. DB can’t score enough runs or collect hits on Garza to win the game. Bonita, So. Hills will represent the SGV this BB season.
    Good luck to all the boys working their tails off…

  • GoAmat

    Amat beat themselfs. Come on Amat play ball!! We all know that you boys can do it!