As we approach spring football, tell us the teams, players and storylines you want to hear about

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  • top 10

    I would like to see the passing league all encompassing top 5. I’ll do mine

    1. Monrovia- Starting QB back, D1 WRs and TE(Frazier) back, Ainsworth transferred in and speedy PHS transfer. DB’s back, LB’s back.

    2. West Covina-Hyped Dual threat QB, reloading at skills, (Hornsby) TE They still have solid DB’s and LB transfer. I think WC will improve in their pass offense and defense this year.

    3.Charter Oak- Needs QB to step in, still has bobo, lost scoby but still has talented skills. Will need to replace a few spots in the secondary with graduation and transfer.

    4. Bishop Amat- QB has some experience, New talented RB, and still have good players. Bishop still executes at a high level. Will need more speed on Offense, Will need to solidify the secondary.

    5. Damien-has a young QB with experience. They have skills returning.

    Others: Chino Hills, Pasadena, Bonita, St Francis, Muir, Duarte

  • Sam

    I want to hear about what is going on with the coaching search at Keppel also what is going on at Alhambra it looks like the ship is sinking over with the new coach

  • joho

    I want to hear about Bishop Amat, is that possible???

  • Aram Tolegian

    You will hear about Amat soon. But please help Fred realize what’s important and what isn’t.

    I will be out to Amat practice next week. Already talked to Coach Hagerty about it.

  • Summer All American

    Top 10, Amat has a strong armed, mobile QB ready to take the helm. RB is untested but should make the grade. He has HUMONGUS shoes to fill. Amat is Amat and they always have skill players. And really? The last thing the Lancers need is a secondary my friend, these guys have been together for two years! Some of them will just be playing on both sides of the ball now. Coming for ya this year charter broke!

  • SGV Dad

    It seems that St. Paul is having issues with parents complaining that he is paying more attention to his players he brought with him, rather than the returning players he has. It will be interesting to see what happens with that team this coming year. I know they have a tough schedule ahead.

    I am curious to see who Charter Oak is reloading with? I know they lost a stud QB, and stud RB.

    My buddy’s son is currently a freshman at Amat, and I’ve gone with him to a couple of practices this week. They look good early on. I think their new Rb is named Blue, and he is very fast. Their QB is also very fast and mobile, and he throws very well. I know he is a Sophomore, but he looks good. Their LB’s are big boys and look very quick. I see Amat looking better than last year.

    What’s going on with the whole Duarte thing with Scoby? Did it get finalized, or is that still a soap opera?

    I don’t have any sons who play football, but I am a SGV resident and have 2 daughters who went to SHHS.

  • CoViNa

    Wanna hear whats going on with the Colts this upcoming year. Looking for names who are gonna fill in the slots that left. From what I hear the cupboard is not bare. Who replaces William, Venegas, and I hear the O-LINE D-LINE are pretty solid. Whats going on at WR.

  • Interesting Matchups

    I see this coming season as one that will be very interesting. I am very interested to the how the game between Charter Oak and Amat pans out. I also want to see how Amat does against Chino Hills. We always talk about who is best in the SGV, and I feel that this coming year will get us closer to that answer. There are other good team like Monrovia and West Covina, but I don’t feel they stack up to Amat, CO, or CH. The question is, will Amat get crushed by Servite in game one, and will that affect their confidence going on with the season? Also, will CO be able to keep up their level with no Santiago and no Scooby? And is CH as good as the teams of the past. There will be some great matchups this coming season, and everyone will throw in their two cents, but we will finally have these teams matching up to back it up.

  • Ad


    New facilities, good core coming back, good coaching, great academics, semi or finals last 3 years. Enough said. Btw they love to play Motown. 3-2

  • sgvpractice

    After hearing about AMAT practicing early, I decided to go check them out. The two big impact players that really stuck out to me was their fb/mlb Sal Velasquez and their fs/rb Dionza Blue. Having those two on the same side of the ball on offense and defense is trouble.

  • Fbfan

    Will Monrovia 3 peat? What’s life after solmon like for wesco? Is Aaron Salgado the best player in the sgv? What does amat do without ruiz? How do 1st year coaches brown, medrano and Rodriguez do?

  • bob

    what about San Dimas?

  • Guest

    I’d like to know the over/under Aram wants..err I mean predicts Amat to lose a game but Amat actually wins.



  • SaN DiMaS

    San Dimas Saints Football

  • AHS

    Watch Ayala’s Jordan Robinson. He was 7th at L.A. NIKE SPARQ and is 84th overall on U.S. Leaderboard. He has the potential to be a great one.

  • Hs football

    At Covina guy.the past season the freshman running back at Covina was the best freshman player I saw all year.he was big and fast.i expect him to be on varsity.i also saw noodles at west Covina ,Kenya bell and kordell broadus at diamond bar. The Covina guy to me had the most impact .amat I saw play also and there freshman team had a good big qb ,some very good defensive players also. I could see maybe 2 Players from that squad make an impact at varsity.los alto had good size linemen on the freshman team.

  • HSFootball

    Amat without Rio, now what?
    M-town 3peat? Ainsworth?
    What will WestCo do with Noodles and Salgado?
    Charter Oak loses Scooby, but got Aaren Vaughns! QB?
    Covina with only one solid returner? but new coach..
    San Dimas…..?
    El monte trying too make a statement!
    Where did all the Azusa hype go??

  • FredJ

    While I was covering the West Covina-Bonita softball game, a WestCo guy told me Amat and West Covina were battling over a soon-to-be super ninth grader. This guys is supposed to be a game-changer from day one.

  • Middy

    San Dimas…..Line + Peyton = VVL Title and CIF Finals.

    Zernickow Retires after Saints Win. Goes out on top Like Dungy. Becomes Principas at SD in 3 years.

  • Blueandgold

    @Fred J
    Heard SH will get him and SH is going to get a lot of great players this fall. The new staff @ SH is pretty good!

  • http://yahoo SGV Fan

    Lets start out the new season without all of the hype, over coverage and bias towards Bishop Aint not. Enough already. There are plenty of other great teams in the valley that deserve equal airtime, so Fred please put the bias away and start the new season on a professional journalistic path!No more full page spreads and special editions about someone who you think will be big, We know how that turned out to be.

  • LA Fan

    What about Los Altos this year??

  • watching

    Best group of players you will see in the sgv are Darren Andrews, Dionza Blue, D.j Daniels, and Sal Velasquez from B.A. that is a real group that will be going both ways all year and all goin d.1 after h.s. Mark my words.

  • Guest

    SGV Fan,

    The Tribune has published numerous football articles about teams other than Amat. It’s just that Amat gets the most hits and views.

  • top 10

    Amat does need secondary. They had Jaylen Moore and Ruiz lining up at DB and they both graduated….what do you mean they don’t need secondary lol.

  • Monrovia is loaded

    All I know is Monrovia has 7 guys who are D1 prospects…3 have offers already. So I think they should be able to match up with BA, CH, CO this particular season. Too bad they won’t play any of those teams. Nevertheless regardless of the Division, there is some serious talent over there right now and the leadership to balance it out.

    1. George Frazier SR. LB/TE/QB/FB 6’3 240
    2. Anthony Craft S.r WR/DB 6’0 185
    3. Mason Bryant Sr. WR/DB 5’11 180
    4. Brett Walsh Sr. LB/TE/FB 6’2 215
    5. Blake Heyworth Sr. QB 6’3 200
    6. Iassac Mivaret Sr OL/DL 6’3 280
    7. Gevontray Ainsworth Sr RB/LB 6’0 210

  • jcaz

    Personally I believe that this year is perhaps the most interesting year that Amat football will have had in quite some time.

    The fact is that there are really no expectations from this team like in past years, and because of that, no pressure or for that matter, no disappointments.

    All of the hype that came with the big names and all the talk about a CIF championship is probably much more realistic this time around than it has been in the past, and to tell you the truth, I think that’s great because now we can start to focus on what we are, and where we want to be.

    Look, thats not to say that Amt football isn’t going to be successful. They will, but this year there are many challenges in store for them unlike the past, beginning with Servite at home, and what is perhaps the biggest game of the year, Charter Oak.

    Now, lots of people may disagree with me on that last point, but the fact is that a win or a loss against the Chargers this year will be significant to say the least.

    A loss against Charter Oak, will bring out all the crazy’s like “nonsense,” (and the rest of those fools) for years to come. All the smack talkers on this forum will have a field day, and for once, Aram will finally be able to look Fred in the eye and say whats he’s been holding back for years and years and years….

    To funny !

    Any how, the impact on recruiting will be significant no doubt, but the reputation that Amat enjoys as the best football program in the valley will no doubt take a big hit.

    And that my friend, is why Amat has to win that game.


    I think another big factor from Amat you are forgetting is a returning defensive lineman Matt Lopez. Kid is a hard worker and one of the strongest you’ll find in the sgv. Look for him to make a big impact on the run stop game.

  • Real talk

    @ Fred good one you know what gets the hits, put a pic of Amat and the haters come out and hits keep coming. Like I always say “if your not hated your a nobody” I don’t see Amat fans posting hateful comments on other teams. People remember this is football could of, should of, going to be,you watch, are all opinions that why they take the field on Friday nights. I have to believe that anything can happen and will happen that’s the thrill of watching it play out. As far as Rio, Moore, no player is above the team they are just two good players of MANY that have strapped the chinstrap on at Amat. One thing I can guarantee everyone is that these high school kids that Play not blog will play their hearts out, and that goes for all the teams that play. At this level the game is still pure no money no contract just you verses me PRIDE HARD WORK and DEDICATION!! To all the players good luck stay healthy and hard work pays off. And of course GO BLUE!!!!!

  • Kennedy Bryant

    MHS Wildcats and the Gang of 7 forementioned

  • Huskies in the house!

    I am proud to say the Huskies are showing signs of life this spring and could potentially be off of life support and may even be the most improved program a year or two from now but as long as Charter Oak is in our league they will be difficult to contend with because from what I hear Charter Oak is actually going to be the team who has a legit incoming freshmen class this year.

    The rumors are with a large senior class graduating next year and with Scoby transferring the Chargers are in need of strong freshmen group that can play on the Varsity level a year from now as sophomores.

    I can’t wait to see the Huskies compete against the Chargers and the Bulldogs because I seriously think we shock the valley and beat both team on our rise back to the top.

    Somebody from Charter Oak talk to us. What gives over in Chargers land these days? Why so quiet? Did somebody take your running back away from you?

    With us now having a head coach and staff willing to do whatever necessary to win meaning back to the days of trying to bring kids in like for example do your research FredJ we have a transfer from La Habra and his dad is coaching with us too we will back on top shortly.

  • Observantcat

    Monrovia is loaded, and and lets add some more BEEF:

    JR. Josh Cano (6’2 275) and growing
    JR. Avonte Moore (6’2 250) and still growing
    SR. Matt Norman (6’5 275)
    JR. Erik Brooks (6’2 265) and still growing
    JR. Gage Buonsanti (5’11 225)
    SR. Will Thorn (6’0 205) very potent Center
    SR. Danny Flores (6′ 230)
    SR. Steven Gholar (5’10 195) Very Tenatious
    and you know the rest,

    Up and coming great players

    JR. Brian Jones (White Lightning) name will become blog worthy this season.
    JR. Darius McClain (Pure Athlete)
    SR. Jacob Bueno (Name says it all) Dangerous player

    Stay tuned for more…….. and yes there will be more.

  • raider fan

    do something on Rowland !


    @ Top 10

    With all do respect, Amat secondary is talented. Jalen Moore did not play DB, he played a LITTLE LB. Rio Ruiz did play safety and was a good player.
    But they still have Dionza Blue, Darren Andrews, Nathan Lozano, Dj Daniels and possibly the freshman James Jackson. While Amat still has some other players that will fill in nicely.

    The LB’s are talented as well Velasquez and Pontikes. But the thing that will separate Amat’s LB’s is the speed in which they play football! They play fast and I know they play physical.

    DLine – Is the Question mark? While they have Lopez back, they have to fill in 2 starters. Something I think they will do. They probably won’t be big, but they will play like the blue collar team they are.

  • Aram Tolegian

    Amat will get covered first because as far as I know, they’re already practicing and most everybody else starts on May 7.


    I’m not waiting to tell Fred anything if CO beats Amat. I’m not so sure I even like CO in that game at this point. Not without Scoby and their best lineman waiting out his eligibility.

    I maintain, and will continue to do so, that there are years other teams in the area would/could beat Amat. Last year’s CO team was one of those teams.

  • Real talk

    @aram see that’s what I’m talking about you guys have a lot of would of could of when it comes to Amat. We can not go back in time, but will see what the future has in store when Amat plays the teams that you been asking to see play each other. Better yet let’s just make a team that could beat Amat with all the players from the past that could have beat Amat …… But didn’t . SMH come on man that is so old.

  • jcaz

    Aram, I think that at this point all that we can do is agree to disagree, because quite frankly, these two teams have made it a point to have avoided one another for quite some time.

    It’s stupid really, but what can you say ? Anyway, here we are, in a year when they have finally decided to meet up and the best the pundant’s (sp) can say is that Charter Oak can’t win because they don’t have a “specific player” on their team ?

    Look Aram, if Amat didn’t have Rio on its team last year and if these two had actually grown a set and have played one another, it still wouldn’t have been close. If you think im kidding, then just take a look at how Charter Oak just got hammered last year when they finally went up against some quality opposition and compare that to the game Amat played with out Rio against Notre Dame.

    And your saying that CO would have been Amat last year ? hum……

    You know, I read this blog every day. I may not comment on it as much as I used to, but one thing that seems to always be said in here that I couldn’t agree with more, is the fact that Amat plays tough competition each and every year. Sure, they get smacked around sometimes, but more often than not, they end doing pretty darn good. In fact, ill go on the record right now and say right her and now that Amat beats Servite next year and that’s because this team has seen them and understand what they need to do to win.

    Look, Amat has always had good individual players, but what separates these two teams is that Amat isn’t about just one guy. Its a team concept for the lancers, and with all due respects to the guy out there in Diamond Ranch, who said a few years ago that Charter Oak would beat Amat (that year), I have to say that no matter how talented Charter Oak has been in the recent past, that they have never, and I mean NEVER fielded a team that would have beaten Amat straight out.

    This year is no exception.

    Now Aram, your certainly welcome to your opinion as am I, of course, but the fact is that up to now, all that we could have done is to have just talked about it. It’s a bit different this time around because now, they get to play the game out on the field instead of on this blog.

  • Enough!

    Enough about Amat vs CO until they play each other!! Maybe Amat will get a transfer from CO in the form of Kathy Wiard back to Amat after defecting a few years ago now hat Amat has a Principal position opening up and thats what she always wanted.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    O-Line is probably the cats BIGGEST asset this season. OBCAT is right on point.

  • Joe Amat

    Typically it is to an opposing Head Coaches advantage to “stick up for” teams in their own league when it comes to comparisons. They have to face them every year (sometimes twice) and don’t need to create any bulletin board material. They also need to remain in favor for when it comes to All-League voting, which Aram has stated on numerous occasions is quite political (of course making his ” list” the most accurate)

    My guess is that was the impetus behind Layton’s proclamation (even after Amat could have picked the score against DR that year) just as it may have been the reason Herrington said Amat was better than Oaks Christian the year both beat Alemany.

    For that reason I tend to believe Aram’s good friend Greg Gano when he said Amat would win the matchup with CO this past season (much to AT’s chagrin) in a Prep Extra interview. By saying Amat was better, Gano had nothing to gain, and actually a whole lot to lose.

    But, of course, Aram may know better.

  • Love me some football

    I want to hear about Charter Oak Football.

  • Whittier Area Fan

    @SGV Dad…..

    New coach did not bring any players with him. That would be against CIF rules.

    With change you are always going to get some grumbling from parents. I know people inside that program and the only ones complaining are the same ones who complained last year. Just because your kid started on JV last year doesn’t make him an automatic starter this year.

    Things are different at The Pit this year.

  • beachrat

    How about who the most successful programs over the last three years are like West Co, Monrovia, San Dimas. Give us some wins/lose stats, and CIF accomplishments, and best academics. What is the most well rounded school fo success academically & athletically overall like a TOP TEN.

  • 238

    I would like to hear about Glendora and all of the other teams in the Baseline League. I know that the 5 teams that are not Glendora are not in your area, but I figure there is a better chance of you and Aram covering them than the people at the Bulletin…

  • Blue Beard

    Charter Oak and C.H will still have a lot on their hands when facing the Lancers. The Lancers will have some of the same returners taking on more duties but they are proven players all around. How will they hold up is the key. The lancers play a tough schedule and an even tougher league. Losing Rio, Moore, Shea, Varela and Sanchez to graduation along with Alcantara to injury is losing alot of core players. The Lancers have always been able to re-load and they will do it again this year with Haynes, Blue, Andrews, Cook, Carrillo, Valasquez, Pontikes and Lopez. Plus there are a few new comers who look to add in nicely. Keep working hard Lancers! Go Big Blue and Gold Machine!!!!

  • Video Man

    With the second head coaching change in two years I’d like to hear your take on Glendora. How does the new coaching staff look? I know the Baseline League is really rough, but after a tough 2011 season can we expect things to get better for the Tartans in 2012?

  • Football fan

    @blue forgot about dj alcantara not playing next year?

  • er1ehcir

    Yo Check out Montebello High School’s Marcus Portillo This Year. The Man will be doing Big Things this upcoming year. Many others will also be coming up from there.



  • Stanford Dad

    Seems like people are talking out of both sides of their mouth, and in pre-pre-season that just fine. Monrovia at #1 based on their talent pool. Just a question, didn’t they have a Man-child at Nose last year and still lost a few games to essentially average teams, not exactly Pac 5 level teams, and that with the MAN CHILD ! And all that talent?

    I’m not trying to disrespect Monrovia at all but wasn’t it 5’6″ 140 lb Nick Bueno who lead Monrovia to back to back CIF Title games? And if all these scholarship offers are true, and I have no reason to doubt them, didn’t Monrovia lose three games coming off a Championship seaosn with essentially a seasoned, veteran team with 13 D1 players on the squad?

    My point is Bishop is also under sized and out manned in game after game, plays teams with better position player by position matchup deficiencies and somehow beats them, maybe not as often as before but a whole lot more often than any one else in the Fish Bowl.

    The point is “teams” win Championships.

    BTW Mr. Bryant congrats on the Harvard offer. Why not Stanford? LOL

    Either way let the games begin.

  • Joe Amat

    My Friend,

    I’m glad someone else said that so it doesn’t come from an “Amat Homer”.

    I always figure since these “lists” (they are not *polls*) compare SGV teams to SGV teams – the logic of the “in their won world” line of thinking is lost on me.

    When comparing Amat to other teams in the valley i prefer to let the *Twenty-Something and One* record against valley teams this decade (when Amat is supposedly “declining”) do the talking – only losing to your Ian Johnson led Spartans. And that *Twenty-Something and One* didn’t come against any Temple Citys, Wilsons, Walnuts, Rowlands, or Blairs – but against the better programs in the SGV. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out after this years local matchups – but the SGV has alotta catchin’ up to do.

    I would suggest Monrovia concern themselves more with beating valley teams like San Dimas, Arcadia, and last place South Hills before they start talking about SGV superiority, 15-0 and State Championships. Be proud of the impending Three-Peat, but lets not compare apples and oranges – which is exactly what this “list” has to try to do.

    It is sounding a lot like last years pre-season narrative.

  • Blue Beard

    @Football Fan, you are absolutely right, DJ Daiels is also returning to the Lancer squad! Gonna be another good year for the Blue and Gold. Word is that Alcantara is not playing due to last season’s injury and will focus on baseball. Good luck to him and to our returnig Lancers!!!! Gonna be a good year Amat Faithful, it (the season) can’t get here soon enough!

  • My Pal Joey, hey my kid’s going to freakin STANFORD !!!! LOL

    Joey the funny thing about Aram’s list is they aren’t really based on any football centric criteria, and why should it be? He’s a blog master and his specific job is to generate interest and not dazzle any one with his football knowledge which is limited.

    Monrovia is a lot about stats, offers, transfers, bravado and “rings” yet somehow they’ve yet to play a step up game that any one would say, “wow” !

    Enough about Monrovia, Joey in all truth, just between us, was Hagerty’s schedule the past two years a help or a hinderance with parents and players? With so much promise for the Rio Era I’m still wondering what happened?

    I would have loved to see Rio against Upland, Chino Hills and St. John Bosco as far as recruiting players. Here’s my point. Secondary player at these schools are depth at Bishop early and potential starters down the road.

    Another issue I see with Bishop recently that I’d never seen before, coaches hoarding athletes. Somehow it was always the best athletes on the field where ever they are needed and now it seems as if players come in, or are told, what position they’d be best suited for, that’s not the Bishop I knew.

    I’ll say this after watching Bishop play against Damien the past few years, the Lancers beat Monrovia convincingly for the simple reason that none of the teams Monrovia lost to stay in a game with the Lancers.

    Last point, I think, and it’s just me saying this, but the Garfield game, looked back on over time, might have done more harm than any one will ever admit. Just a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad move on Hagerty’s part.

    I liked Hagerty more when he was beating teams he had no business beating than playing teams he has no business playing. Just my opinion.

    It’s like when I got a email coupon from Morton’s…YIKES !!!

  • jcaz

    Frank, this is kinda late in the thread, but for what its worth, I think that this was one of your better posts, if only because many of the thoughts that you put down in here, were in fact some of the very same things I had been asking myself.