Former Charter Oak back Kurt Scoby on the move again, leaves Duarte for St. Paul

By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer

The question of where former Charter Oak High School standout running back Kurt Scoby will play next season took another turn Thursday.

Scoby, who last month left Charter Oak for Duarte, has now left Duarte and is enrolled at St. Paul, first-year Swordsmen head coach Elijah Asante confirmed to the Tribune on Thursday.

“After careful consideration of the needs of Kurt Scoby, his guardian has decided to enroll him in a faith-based institution that is St. Paul High School,” the statement said. “Scoby needed a family environment with a spiritual emphasis.”

Scoby, a junior-to-be, rushed for 1,572 yards and 21 touchdowns last season at Charter Oak. Rumors of his departure from Charter Oak started before the 2011 season began and picked up again following it.

Scoby eventually landed at Duarte after he was rumored to be considering Bishop Amat and Monrovia. But things never went smoothly for him at Duarte, according to sources, and he eventually sought out another transfer.

“I wish the kid nothing but the best and our team chemistry is so strong that this won’t affect us,” Duarte coach Jason Martin said. “We’re looking forward to a very successful year and competing for a league championship.”

For Asante, picking up a player of Scoby’s caliber is a major coup. The Swordsmen have one of the toughest nonleague schedules around with games against Mater Dei, La Habra and Servite before they start play in the rugged Mission League.

St. Paul made a splash this offseason when it hired Asante to replace legendary former coach Marijon Ancich, who retired after last season.

Asante made a name for himself after a strong run at Carson.

“Our objective is to develop scholar-athletes and win every time we take the field,” Asante said. “We are happy to get the kid (Scoby) in here. The first thing we need to focus on here is academics and make sure he does well in the classroom.

“I’m definitely pleased and look forward to working with him and developing his talent both in the classroom and on the football field.”

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  • SGV Cat

    Yes, St Paul is trying to lure Scoby over to the pit, but for now at least, Scoby is still at Duarte. That St Paul coach is trying everything he can to get top players over to St Paul. I don’t doubt seeing Scoby actually make the move somewhere down the road, but for now he is practicing with Duarte. If St Paul is as tough academically as they say, I can’t see Scoby making the grades there. But the soap opera continues.

  • WeLuvTheCrest

    Sounds like this kid and his parents have a committment problem. Let’s remember an education is the goal, and going to a different high school every year just makes it that much tougher.

  • Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

    Somebody needs to drop a dime on this coach at St. Paul. Recruiting is still a major CIF violation and it’s dirtying up the waters of High School Football. CIF needs to send a message to all these coaches that cheating will no longer be tolerated.

  • Wow

    Geez Scoby movin from place to place faster than I can follow him on Twitter -,-

  • Bobbins stein

    This will not be the last move of the season…D1 guys remember this when the scholarships get handed out.. It’s not the kids fault if the system (CIF) let the coaches recruit.

    Another item…Blair hires a new head coach ( not reported on yet?) because he passes the look test, but they need an OC and DC? Looks don’t make a good coach. Maybe Duarte’s coach Art will there soon as a OC/DC he moves around like the Scoby

  • OldMan in Chino

    Let me see if I understand what is going on. Kurt Scoby and whoever is guiding him is possibly having him transfer from Duarte High School which is a little bit north of the 210 freeway to St. Paul High School in Santa Fe Springs in pursuit of a better level of an educational experience. Also if he does wind up attending St. Paul High School he will be eligible to play football there in October. He has already according to Aram and Fred tested the waters at Charter Oak High School, Monrovia High School and Duarte High School. No doubt St. Paul offers bus service to their campus since it is quite a distance from Duarte to Santa Fe Springs. I hope that if he does wind up at St. Paul High School that he will be happy there and will find what he is searching for.

  • Exam?

    How does a kid that was having academic problems at Charter Oak transfer to an academic school like St. Paul? Doesn’t St. Paul have an entrance exam? What about the kids that did not get into St. Paul because of low scores on the entrance exam? I can’t believe that St. Paul is using these types of tactics just to add to their high school football roster. Is this what St. Paul is all about now? This along with the fact that their Head Coach is obviously and actively recruiting??? How disturbing and sad.

  • j

    does anyone know if ST.PAUL still owns a house across the street from the school…

  • Confused

    Is this kid a high school football player or a travel ball baseball player? I wonder if I can follow his leap frogging from school to school on the USSSA Baseball site? (LOL)

  • Amazed

    “If St Paul is as tough academically as they say.”

    The answer to that would be, “No, it’s not.”

  • Jastrab

    Unless things have changed, Catholic schools traditinally don’t have a test even in 10th grade as slots open up due to attrition. That said, Catholic schools are no better than publics (I went to both), but the expectations about your papers, preparation and how you approach academics is different.

    If you struggle within a public systems, you will have issues in a Catholic system. Simple things that in a public schools that are non issues will be issues in a Catholic setting. I don’t care if it is Loyola or the poorest Catholic high school, the system requires you to be prepared.

    My daughter goes to Los Osos and I can’t believe they have make up test, individual chapter test and the same test as a group (average the scores) going to a tutor improves your score etc, etc etc. These treatments don’t exist in a Catholic setting. It is sink or swim.

    I assume to qualify for college they will put him college prep.


  • no more updates

    WHO CARES! OH YEAH DID I MENTION WHO CARES! If you don’t have the grades you should not be playing football anywhere period !

  • Haters

    Leave this kid alone. CIF has created this.
    Whether we all agree or disagree, he has the right to transfer to where his parents think will be best for him. I wish him the best and believe St. Paul will provide good academics, structure, and accountability. I am an AMAT fan but I have seen good things with athletes at St. Paul who needed help with college prep.
    Best wishes!

  • Yeah! good luck to the Scoby family and the football faithful at SP. My kid is a scholar-athlete at SP graduating with honors, set to attend CSU San Luis Obispo. To COMPETE with the the best you need the horses. Look at La Habra and La Serna with their transfers or any other school. The test is a placement exam not an entrance exam.

    Good Luck coach Ashante,staff and players.

    God Bless all the area teams

  • Scooby’s Entrance Exam….

    ….is his time in the forty, a 4.5 …..LOL Of all schools, he choses St. Paul. I think it’s funny. What percentage of the US catholic parishoners are african america???? Just sayin’…

  • JMO

    Has anyone ever stopped to think why CO never challenged his transfer, remember it was before the thirty day sit out rule was voted on. Hmmmmm.

  • Fred Robledo

    I thought about it. Charter Oak is one of those schools that have benefited from transfers and for that reason is probably not interested in stopping someone if they want to leave. It should work both ways.

  • CO gets kids and loses them as well. Scoby is a big loss. As was losing Alex Hernandez to Damien two years ago. Imagine if they had him this year to go with Hauser.

    Cuts both ways, but overall I would say CO is a net gainer when it comes to transfers.

  • JMO

    Your both right of course, I’m just saying that this story is like an onion that has so many layers that can’t be talked about. Why do you let a stud walk away so easily?


    Good Luck on the Scholar Athelte concept with this kid.

    YOu can see why CO may not be affected. IF you two were really on the insight with CO, you might not worry about the so called “loss”.

    I think we’ll be just fine. “I” guys are a dime a dozen. When were ahead and asked to come out of games, better listen to the coaching staff and not act like a punk.

  • Bambino

    Okay..Fred..Aram – you’re tight with all of the coaches. What’s going on? As I said on Steve’s blog, I promise not to say or think any more bad things about CO.

  • Don

    For Aram and Fred:

    Within the context of this ongoing discussion, I understand ‘transfers’ to be kids who already have played a year or more of a Varsity sport and not someone who chooses to attend a school other than the one nearest their home address.

    Given that, can you guys run down for me those athletes who have transferred into the C O program over the last eight or ten years.

  • Joe Amat

    Without spending alotta time thinking about it, but to get the list rolling we can go back even further than that and start with Michael Graham via Mater Dei/Edison, Justin Perry and Santiago from South Hills, Thropay via Monrovia/Amat and Hauser were all elite varisty guys off the top of my head. I’m sure there are more and thers who may have played lower levels elsewhere.

    I think the use of “imports” rather than transfers increase that number exponentially, making what I believe the public/private/residential boundaries debate a moot one. Everyone is pretty much on equal footing as it pertains to that – whether folks want to believe it or not

  • Joe Amat

    I do find a couple things interesting about this potential move. First, as I understand it, if he transfers now he is bound by the rules which are in place at the time of the transfer. This would mean the “athletically motivated/pre-enrollment contact language is still in play. I believe that transfers after the new transfer rule is ratified will be subject to the 30 day SOP.

    The other thing that is interesting is Assante laying the groundwork for a hardship appeal by saying:

    “After careful consideration of the needs of Kurt Scoby, his guardian has decided to enroll him in a faith-based institution that is St. Paul High School,” the statement said. “Scoby needed a family environment with a spiritual emphasis.”

    Given Scoby’s situation it would be hard to argue that those things would not be beneficial to the young mans development, football or otherwise.

    Finally I do find it hard to believe that this will not be under a huge microscope and gone over with a fine-toothed comb. I have to think that the Blue and Gold that Principal Kathie Wiard bleeds (which is NOT Charger B&G) will allow her to let Scoby end up at St Paul wthout making sure everything is on the up-and-up.

  • JMO

    Joe Amat,

    Graham was the all time classic, frosh MD, soph, Edison, junior CO and senior at Muir. I doubt we’ll see a run like that again.

  • OldMan in Chino

    I am struck with how Clay Fowler from the Daily Bulletin is either: a) oblivious to all the drama that occurs at the schools that fall within the subscription area of the Daily Bulletin, b) there is a higher level of drama at the school that are within the subscription area of SGV Tribune, or c) he has chosen not to be drawn into the drama that occurs at these schools. In either case it looks like Aram and Fred are writing for the National Enquirer as compared to a legitimate newspaper in that any and all movement of high profile players is reported and scrutinized. If Kurt Scoby has found it to his liking to attend a Private School which is part of a Parochial School league as compared to a Public School that recruits like a Private School Arams description of how Charter Oak runs their football program then good for him. I hope that his stay at St. Paul will be beneficial to him and that he will improve both academically and athletically.

  • Don


    I think import rings more true at C O since they have always drawn a lot of kids from all over to play football, most of them showing up as 9th graders. I think this has more to do with the sad state of fallsport at most SGV schools than anything else. Over the past 10-15 years people living inside the 605/57/60/210 box haven’t had a lot of choices in programs with high level coaching and results.

    Thanks for the names though I was unaware that Thropay had ploayed varsity at Amat. I thought he came to Charter Oak as a Sophomore. As for Santiago leaving South Hills, that’s a whole other kettle of stuff better left alone.


  • … And of course there was good ole Phil Guerrero, who LEFT CO to win what, two CIF title as the QB at South Hills?

    Win some/lose some.

  • Footballfollower

    Things have changed from the early 80’s when you were jumping from school to school to best fit your needs. Parochial schools do have entrance exams for incoming freshman and you are correct in saying they don’t for transfers. The thing that is weighed in on is the grades from the school where the kid is transferring from. Reading all this even running a fast 40 time i don’t see how this kid can get into St.Paul. I say this because if he has the gardes to get into St. Paul I am surprised Gano couldn’t get him in.

    I wish Scoby all the luck, this may be what he needs I caution the coach who may be violating some cif recruiting rules.


    This kid looks pretty strong. I keep hearing that his G.P.A is pretty low, does anyone know if he will be able to participate in high school sports?