Softball: St. Lucy’s mercies South Hills 12-2 in five innings to set the stage for tomorrow’s showdown at Chino Hills

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  • sh fan

    Haha, made you look!! SH is sure missing sh fan!!!

  • not surprised

    South Hills losing shows how much they missed Syndey. Got to the finals twice with her and can’t make the playoffs without her.

  • ZZzzZZzz

    WOW…its to bad because it seems that its the coaches fault…GO HUSKIES!

  • shs fan

    No, it is not the coach’s fault. Players have are lacking heart. The first teamers went 0-for, nuff said.

  • After all is said-

    Those girls have finished in the top for the last several years. After awhile you just run out of gas. They have had great high school careers, setting new records and representing themselves and their school well over the years. Now allow them to have fun and enjoy their remaining high school games.

  • shs fan

    Losing is fun and enjoyable???

  • No moron

    Lives lessons are not always about winning and loosing. After all the years of hard work, let the game go back to being fun and enjoyable, without the stress and pressure of the win-loss column. Was that your kid that quit and will be remembered as a quitter?

  • ZZzzZZzz

    You guy’s can’t handle the truth! Keep telling yourself that maybe you need a new coach! Or maybe you kid does not have what it takes?