Chino Hills gets huge transfer in Matt Simko

From Aram: Former Claremont and Colony QB Matt Simko checked in Monday at Chino Hills and will be immediately thrust into the battle to replace graduating starter Andrew Chavez.

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  • Love it!

    I don’t know anything about this QB, but I assume he is pretty good? If so, this is very good for CHHS who has no clear cut QB that can take the reigns. Can someone offer any opinion about this player as a leader and QB? Save all the vitriol and your opinions on the travels of this kid for someone else. I simply want to know if he is a top notch guy and how he compares to the other QBs in the Sierra League. Is this a huge help for my Huskies or just a minor upgrade?

  • Charlie Tuna

    I don’t think there is anyway you can call any kid a team leader when they have been to 3 high schools in the last 2 years. As far a talent, the kid is a pretty good QB but not on the same level as Santiago from CO last year. I would rate him on par with the kid that CH had at the QB position last year.

  • Coach Watch

    Guess we now know where Bechtel is going…

  • Tuna hunter:

    Lil Fish: You gotta be kidding! How can you rate Simco on the Same level with Chavez from last year. Chavez can Run and Gun and Simco is a pocket QB , I think Chavez had 27 TDs vs Simkos 12 TDs Chavez had 10+ TDs rushing with 500 yards and Simko had what 50 Yards? Think about it….

  • Dog House

    You can’t really compare statistics as Simko had a shared position with a quarterback who is committed to University of Arizona.

    Simko is a good quarterback. Technically sound and a great combine player. What remains to be seen is how he does under pressure. Chino Hills had a good line and if Simko has any time…He could be the one to beat next year.

    Anyone who knows Bechtel or Simko saw this coming.

  • News Flash

    The Charter Oak Chargers will SMASH Chino Hills and Amat!

  • Fair enough

    Big Tuna,

    Thanks for the info. I agree with you re: the three teams in 2 years comment, but that is a parent thing, most likely, and not a kid thing.

    I hope he is as good as the kid at CHHS from last year or better. After I posted my original inquiry I went to Aram’s site and which had quite a few comments and the kid slung the ball a bit and has some size. I think this is going to be a huge upgrade and I predict that any QB playing behind him will transfer out due to playing time!

  • No Transfers OUT of CH.

    Fair enough,
    There won’t be any transfers out of CH. The kid slated to play QB before Simko transfered in will just go back to being a starting LB like he was last year. The frehmen kid Thropay is a good athlete. He will play on defense and back up at QB as he learns the ropes and matures to take over the team his Jr & Sr year. There is no one that is upset about this situation – it is win/win all the way around. I saw the kid (Simko) throw yesterday and I was impressed. He is about 6’3 220lbs and throws a very nice ball. Very strong arm. Combine him with All area WR Jack Austin and returning 1st team all league RB Napoles and a very deep and experienced defense and I’d say things are looking to improve for CH.