Your top ten conteders for the Tribune’s Baseball Player of the Year

You can probably figure out who the leading contenders are, but here is what I came up with for top ten candidates with the playoffs beginning next week. There are players not on the list still up for consideration because plenty changes during the playoffs. This is a more difficult list than softball to compile because so many teams do not post stats, so until I get updated stats from certain teams, the teams that do not post will NOT be included. That doesn’t mean teams’ players who do not post will not be considered for player of the year or all area, they just won’t be mentioned for this discussion. I don’t know how they pick all-league teams without updating how players are doing game-to-game, but that’s the gamesmanship too many coaches are in favor of, so here goes….

Glendora’s Donovan Holmes, .479, 12 RBIs, 8 doubles, 15 SB
Bishop Amat’s Adam Alcantara, .432, 27 RBIs, 5 doubles, 4 triples
Los Altos’ Joe Munoz, .406, 4 HRS, 22 RBIs, 6 doubles, five triples
Bonita’s pitcher/infieder Justin Garza, 8-1, 0.47 ERA, 68ks; .batting 387, 15 RBIs
Bonita’s Tyler Heslop, .467, 26 RBIs, 2 HRs, 8 doubles
Bishop Amat pitcher Daniel Zamora, 7-3, 2.31 ERA, 60ks
San Dimas’ Shawn Kennedy, .407, 16 RBIs, 6 doubles, 3 triples
Sierra Vista’s pitcher/player Giovanni Rivera, .431, 19 RBIs, 17 SBs, 6-1, 1.19 ERA
Dylan Goodwin, Diamond Ranch, .413, 21 RBIs, 10 doubles, 2 triples
Zeph Walters, Diamond Bar, .500, 30 RBIs, 10 doubles, 2 HRs

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  • 12th man


  • go look

    South Hills Stats are posted in their dug-out. Will you take those???

  • Hacienda

    Not sure he will won POY, but really glad to see Dylan Goodwin’s name on the list. I posted the same thing in another blog. I have a lot of respect for how he approaches the game. The kid is a bright star on a team having a tough season. Even though they are not going to CIF, he shows up for every game and plays as if it is his last game. He is hitting in the 400s with a dozen extra base hits. He is really the only offensive threat on that team and gets pitched around constantly. I checked MaxPreps and he has 17 walks and an OBP of .543. The funny thing is that his offense may not be the best part of his game. He is the best defensive catcher in the Hacienda (ask GLendora). Teams never run on him and he has a ton of picks. A local pro scout went to watch the DR/Glendora game to see Glendora play. I asked about DR, he immediately said the catcher is for real. Don’t forget about him.

  • Don

    Garza is the POY . . .

    Gotta agree on Goodwin’s work. Scary to think where Panther Baseball will be when he moves on. Kid is solid and has been since he was playing youth ball. I left him off my short list on the All-Star thread as I haven’t seen him this year. Might have to fix that at the WesCo DRanch contest this week.

  • Proud28

    I am so proud to seeing Daniel Zamora and Dylan Goodwin mentioned as potential Player of the Year candidates. Both of these young men are very talented and have worked hard throughout their four years of high school. Good luck to both of them as they continue their baseball careers in college.

  • ???

    Who pitched for Bonita in their 5-4 loss to J.W. North on Saturday? Bonita is great at updating Maxpreps as soon as they win, but nobody’s in a hurry when they lose.

  • Bonita

    Merritt pitched. Since Bohi only has 2 losses, I am not sure your comment is fair. Maybe Knott is just busy today. I am certain that whatever HS you follow has more losses to post than he does.

  • Although he got limited press from the Trib unlike the BA folks, Garza is hands down the winner! CSUF is lucky to have him next year, and keep your eye on this kid, he will do great things!

  • ummm…ok

    Leslie, the Trib has given Garza all kinds of press (deservedly so)…don’t come on here begging for more.

  • Bonita

    Glad to see Tyler Heslop mentioned. He’s played behind Mark Lindsay for 3 years (BTW – Mark is tearing it up at SF State). Tyler got off to slow start, but hit his stride after the Dicks’s tournament and never looked back. I think he hitting over .600 in league play.

  • ???

    Coaches of the year have to be Knott at Bonita and Romano at Nogales, not sure who else you consider

  • oldguy1

    Garza is the areas player of the year. Although you seem bitter towards coaches and are taking it out on the kids by not listing them for consideration. Ty France should be on the list from South Hills. Additionally two dark horses-little Danny Sheehan the lead off hitter and Kevin Mc Kelvey ace pitcher of the staff. CJ Saylor has had a great career, going back to his freshman year and the squeeze to beat Bonita in the playoffs.

  • Fred Robledo

    Old guy, read what I wrote, of course France and Saylor will be considered, but only players with stats are on this list.

  • reality

    Always very hard to live up the hype. Ask Pujols and a slew of high schoolers that have been hyped on the blogs then struggled for a variety of reasons. No need to name names. But the Bonita pitcher came back after a perfect season and has almost duplicated it again with a target on his back when he takes the hill. Plenty of talent in the SGV but I too pick Garza.

  • Sgv baller

    At the moment justin garza hands down .i dont think anyone else will deserve.the only thing that could drop him I’s a loss in his first game in the playoffs .

  • socalbaseball fan

    Justin Garza is a lock to win the SGV POY. In a draft projection he is presently a late 3rd round pick meaning he will not see the field at CSF. In the latest D3 poll Bonita is still #1 and Beckman has fallen to #4. Would be a great matchup to see Garza vs the ace from Beckman James K.

  • socalbaseball fan

    Beckman’s ace P James Kaprielian has thrown 2 no hitters and one hitter in his last 3 starts. CBL title on the line this week as Yucaipa needs to sweep REV to win the CBL. Redlands with a 21-5 record will most likely finish 3rd and have to play a wild card game on tuesday. If they win will have to play a first place team possibly the baseline league winner or sierra league champion. REV has not been ranked this year however they have 3 good pitchers and can swing the bat.

  • The word

    No was Sheehan should even be considered. He’s not that good at all…

  • Tartan

    Great season by Donavon Holmes. He has a great support system at home and extremely well grounded. A joy to watch play.

  • AMAT 73

    Garza hands down POY . To come back and have another great year is just awesome. Hopefully he carries on in the playoffs.

  • Dawg gone good

    Dont forget my boy Bozo! Just because no one pitches to him, and his team is terrible doesn’t mean he is deserving of at least consideration. USC is lucky to get him if he doesn’t turn pro first.

  • Next steps

    It’s pretty darn impressive the way Justin Garza has performed this year after having a stellar season last year. But I think he’ll be the first to admit, a CIF title is really what he wants. A humble kid that just keeps working every day and takes care of business in the classroom too! That’s a parents and coaches dream and he deserves to be recognized with an award like POY.

    Take the time to think about it what this young man has done in the past two years. Look at the numbers, there amazing and to be able to do it “all in stride” with no ego is just a testament of who this kid is!

    Personally late third isn’t enough money, take some time at CSF and grow into a better pitcher than you are today. You have a future Justin and the sky’s the limit.

    Best of luck

  • For the record

    I don’t think Garza has faced a whole lot of top talent. Posting good numbers and mowing down mediocre teams is easy when you through like him. I would be more inclined to believe the Hype IF he played against better teams. Not to bash the kid personally because he has done a great job and he doesn’t set his schedule but I’m Just sayin.

  • For the record II

    For the record, Garza pitches at 92-93 and tops out at 96. 96 is 96, no matter the competition. For the record, he beat Kennny Matthews twice as a junior..who now is pitching vey well for CSF…in watching those games, he clearly had better stuff then Kenny. For the record, he has played in area code games and numerous top showcases around the country and has looked just as impressive. For the record, he is the real deal and you should believe the hype!!

  • For the Record

    Well “for the record” when you face good teams, they can hit 92-92 and while you may “hit” 96, you don’t stay there. Would have been nice to see how he held up against some better teams, I’m just sayin.

  • Bonita

    Garza will win, but shouldn’t Thomas Castro from Bonita also be on this list. Hitting .493, 19 RBIs and 27 runs scored, not to mention his superb defense at 3rd base.

  • The Ringer

    Why isn’t the Los Altos catcher Steven Camberos being considered?

  • BonitaBB

    Fred work in the street is that SGV player and catcher from Bonita high got freshman of the year for the CCAA at San Francisco state batted .360 on the year. Wow top 10 in the CCAA in batting kid has a bright future. Shows how good he actually wAs. Props to Tyler Heslop too for having a monster year after he left. Good luck Tyler and mark. Goo bearcats