Baseball Rankings: Bonita still No. 1 despite loss to J.W. North; league titles in the Sierra, Valle Vista up for grabs

1. Bonita (24-2) — The Hacienda League champions gave J.W. North, ranked No. 3 in D-1, all it could handle in a 5-4 loss to finish up the Centennial tournament. There are two ways to look at this. In Bonita’s biggest three games of the year, they’re 1-2, losing to South Hills and North, and beating Palm Desert (3-1), a team ranked No. 1 in D-4. But more importantly, they competed in all three, a great indication of what they’re capable of when the playoffs start next week.

2. South Hills (15-7) — South Hills finally cracked the code to the Division 2 top-ten rankings, settling at No. 8. It’s a tough division, some say D-2 is even tougher than D-1. If the Huskies win one of two against Claremont this week, they win the Sierra League title. Yes, the Huskies can win the Sierra with four losses and possibly five, showing how tough the Sierra is from top to bottom.

3. Bishop Amat (18-9) – – Here’s what you have to realize about Bishop Amat. After losing twice to La Salle for the first time ever, and even after losing Rio Ruiz to what appears to be a season-ending situation, the Lancers are still the best bet for an area team to win a CIF title. They spent the preseason taking on D-1 ranked teams like Esperanza and Mater Dei. They go 3-1 in the National Classic and Saturday went North to beat state power Concord De La Salle. They won’t see anything like that in the D-4 playoffs and with a horse like Daniel Zamora on the hill, you have to like their chances to repeat.

4. Glendora (15-8) — With Alta Loma losing last week, the Tartans are tied for first in the Baseline with two to play against struggling Etiwanda. If the Tartans sweep, all they need if for third-place Upland to split with Alta Loma to clinch the title outright. Advantage, Glendora.

5. Nogales (20-5) — Here’s what you have to understand about sportswriters, we don’t root for teams, we root for great stories and what the Nobles are doing is a great story. They swept Northview last week winning two one-run games. I was there when they rallied from a 2-0 deficit in the seventh to pull out a 3-2 victory in dramatic fashion. It was a sight to see watching legendary coach John Romano celebrating with his boys. He now has 593 career wins, and if the Nobles get a split against San Dimas this week, they win the Valle Vista League title.

6. San Dimas (16-7) — The Saints got what they wished for, a Nogales sweep over Northview, which allows the Saints to control their own destiny. San Dimas is a game behind Nogales heading into the home-and-away finale against the Nobles and with a sweep, they win the league title.

7. Damien (12-9-1) – The Spartans sit in fourth in the Sierra but the race for second, third and fourth is far from over. The Spartans have a good chance to finish third by finishing with Ayala while third-place Chino Hills goes to battle with fifth-place Charter Oak. There are too many scenarios to consider, so lets just let it play out and see what happens.

8. Los Altos (17-9) — The Conqs finish with Diamond Bar on Thursday for what will decide second in the Hacienda. The Conqs are good, but the knock on them is they haven’t won a big game all season. They beat who they’re supposed to beat and lose to the teams you figure they should lose to. Beating Diamond Bar with something on the line is what they need heading into next week. After all, they’re ranked No. 8 in D-3.

9. Northview (14-7-1) — After being in position to win the league title, the Vikings are fighting for their playoff fate this week against Covina. Both are 7-3 and tied for third with a home-and-home against each other. When the season started, I thought this season-ending series would be for the league title, not the battle for third.

10. Claremont (12-9-2) — Maybe the biggest surprise of the year is that the Wolfpack are in second in the Sierra League, ahead of Damien, Charter Oak and Chino Hills. I didn’t think anything could trump what Nogales is doing, but if Claremont sweeps South Hills and wins the league title, it would be by far the biggest shocker of the year.

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  • Lancelot

    You’re entitled to your opinion Frederico but I’ll still take my Lancers in an All Valley Playoff for #1

  • rankings

    Both the Palm Desert and JW North games were not pitched by Garza, otherwise, they are 2-1 in those games. It will be interesting how the CIF brackets fill out. Personally, I hope Beckman gets a 2 or a 3 seed and these two teams meet in the finals….Garza vs. their ace, who is very impressive in a much tougher league. If they are #4 and they meet in the semi-finals, the Bohi coaching staff will have a tough decision with their pitching rotation. Do they go with Garza in game 4 or pitch him in games 1 and 3 and hope their other pitchers can win games 2 and 4 (didn’t work out last year). Beckman, obviously, would have the same decision. They have lost 7 games so no idea how good their #2 is. I guess I am ahead of myself. This is more of a discussion for next Monday when brackets are released.

  • “They won’t see anything like that in the D-4 playoffs.” “the Lancers are still the best bet for an area team to win a CIF title.” Of course BA wont see any competition in the weak D-4 Division! Amazing that a decent team can dominate a weak Division. Geez, how about time for a change to a stronger Division? Come on Amat time to graduate to Division 2 and stop with the sandbagging.

  • Lancer

    You can’t blame Amat for being in D-4, they don’t want to be there. They don’t want to be in the Del Rey either, but there is nowhere else to go. What Amat does as a D-4 team is play one of the toughest non-league schedules in the state. They don’t sit around and play the Dicks Sporting Good tournament, they play in the National Classic. They take on Mater Dei, Esperanza, De La Salle and a bunch of other strong programs in D-1 and D-2, I don’t see other area teams playing that type of schedule. So, while you might be right about the division, it’s hard to call Amat sandbaggers, they’re playing the best teams they can schedule.

  • Lancelot

    We don’t need to be in DivII to beat DivII teams, or even DivI teams for that matter…anytime you want a game, we are here and we play DivI,II,III and IV. If you want to play with the big boys, you will definately have to come out of your cushy sgv schedule and actually join us in a REAL tournament where REAL competition goes to play. Maybe next year? I think it would be great to see some of our local detractors in the National Classic next year. Sooooo, how about YOU GUYS step up and stop with the sandbagging!

  • Observantcat

    Fred, I’d say let them play first then make a statement like that. They are very, very vulnerable as you and everyone else can see. La Salle BEAT them twice in one week is saying a lot. Who’s to truly say that De La Salle is any better than La Salle? Monrovia beat Indio who was currently ranked higher than Bishop just before they played. So before you continue giving the trophy to your greatest team on earth, remember they are Vulnerable like everyone else. Save your money for a more respectful wager.

  • Fred Robledo

    Observant, I don’t think you understood my point. Bishop Amat has a better chance of winning a D-4 title than South Hills or Glendora have of winning a D-2 crown. D-2 is extremely competitive from top to bottom. Bonita is a better argument, they can win D-3, but I still like Amat’s chance of winning D-4 over Bonita’s of winning in D-3. BTW, it’s good to see Temple City and Monrovia winning again. That was on my favorite rivalries during my Star-News days. There was nothing like the Tucker-McKiernan battles.

  • Lancelot

    BTW-McKiernan was BEATEN by the vulnerable Lancers TOO!
    Observantcat – Thank you captain obvious…evrybody is vulnerable, Ya don’t say? Uncloud your Mind my D-11 champion….look at the body of work, look at the teams played. The cats have had a good run as of late but c’mon man, STEP UP THE COMP!!!! You play NO ONE OF ANY MEANING! Where’s your Servite? Santa Margarita? Alemany? Loyola? Hell Where are your Venice’s? Valencias? Upland’s…..???? You EARN what your looking for in football. In baseball, you’re not even in this conversation.

  • AMAT 73

    You can tell football season is right around the corner. The blogs are starting to get nasty . Good luck to all the SGV teams come CIF time. Maybe we can bring titles home in D- 2,3,4 .

  • bonita

    Bohi 15 – DB 2….Garza wins again

  • Spartans Fan

    Fred: do you know how CIF will handle if Damien and Claremont both end up at 8-6-1. They had to tie because of darkness in third game by inning 13. Would they have to restart the game from there or for playoff seeding would it be a coin-flip? Because there is a good shot this could be what ends up happening for the Sierra League.

  • Sgv baller

    D3 and d4 are about the same.last year actually d4 was better amat was the number 1 team in the state and palm desert was too 10 in state.this Bonita is on top but amat is not far behind. Bonita lost to a top d 1 team and south hills a div 2 team .if Beckman is ranked 4th and Bonita meets them in semis.i think garza will have to pitch.they are probably the top 2 teams with their ace pitching.

  • Not CIF

    In response to a tie with Claremont and Damien, it would be determined by Sierra League rules, not CIF. It’s up to each league to submit their own playoff teams. Most leagues have built in tie breakers that includes a coin flip as the last tie breaker. Some leagues have a tie breaker that awards points based on who ur victories are against, in this case if you beat the first place team you get 5 points, 2nd place 4, etc. valuing victories against the higher ranked teams. So Claremont’s victory over SH might be the edge. Hope this helped. BTW – don’t know Sierra League’s tie breaker.

  • Don Julio

    don’t know Sierra League’s tie breaker.

    How about if each team chooses between Fred or Aram, Then have them Race or Arm Wrestle or something else for the tie breaker!

    Now that would be worth watching!