Baseball/Softball pairings released on Monday

The CIF-Southern Section Ford Baseball and Softball playoff pairings are released Monday. Softball is released at 11 a.m., and Baseball at 12:30 p.m.

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  • Change

    Damien losses and is knocked out of the playoffs by the last place team.

    The pitching rotation in our game yesterday was changed as soon as Bast showed up LATE.

    It wasn’t time for a SENIOR day, lose and we go home Leyva.

    Hopefully the contract isn’t re-newed……..

  • state of damien baseball

    Dr Bast is one helluva surgeon and a very professional sincere wonderful doctor who does and has done alot for kids, sometimes free of charge in handling their injuries. With that said, he cannot and should not be placed in position of asst coach pitching coach third base coach etc. He should be a helper slash donor slash team doctor slash team good guy NOT asst coach. Also Skip Claproods act has grown tired at damien and does not work with todays high school kids. As far as Leyva goes he is a fraud of a head coach, not a leader, will not make a decision without consulting with skippy or bast and will never i repeat never win like he should because he and his teams are not tough enough. Leyva is not a damien guy, period.

  • calling for tom carroll

    A coaches job is to get his players to play at their potential. Clearly Al Leyva has failed miserably in this area. Batting averages are down way down from a year ago. This team grossly underachieved and the parents are way down on this coaching staff, even at the lower levels. Its doubtful that change will occur, given that Bast has done so much for the school but Tom Carrol, father need to look at this situation closely.

  • Fred Robledo

    Here we go again, it’s always the coaches fault.

  • Oldguy1

    Fred- It would be nice, if you know, to please post the playoff entries by league. Thanks

  • yes, we can blame them

    Usually I agree that you can’t blame the coaches, but if you knew how utterly disrepectful and cruel these coaches were to these boys, you would agree. Everything this year was demeaning and negative. Even when some players stood up to the staff and aired their feelings, they were wrong to do so, apparently. This is not last year’s coaching staff…. same people, different act. Somewhere, something went terrible wrong and the wheels fell off. I would say the best thing that happened this year was that since the players felt so alienated from the coaching staff, that they boys all got very close and had each others backs…much more than in previous years. This team definately underachieved and it all started at the top.

  • Manny Reynoso

    I understand that Damien parents are upset at losing to Ayala. However, I’m not sure that Al Leyva is to blame. He coached my son at Claremont and he teaches baseball fundamentals as well as any coach Claremont has ever had. Maybe the dynamics at Damien have made him the fall guy. Also consider, there are some very good pitchers in the Sierra League. We basically played Damien even, and we have two pitchers that throw in the low 90’s. After playing South Hills yesterday, they had a junior pitcher who pitched a great game, could very good pitching be the cause of lower batting averages at Damien? Nobody likes to lose, myself included, but please be careful in blaming a coach. If Damien doesn’t want Al Leyva, then I hope he returns to Claremont.

  • Fred Robledo

    Old guy, I’ll do that if I get a chance, at swim finals in Riverside and tomorrow is Mama’s day šŸ™‚

  • one person close to situations thoughts

    Manny I can appreciate your kind comments towards a person that you happen to like or respect BUT lets not forget that Leyva up and left Claremont when he had many players returning from a very good team, a team in fact that went to the semifinals during kevin gross’ one and only year as head coach. And Leyva left for what? An asst job at d3 Laverne? That made no sense. Furthermore, The area that is being questioned with Leyva is in terms of his leadership, toughness, communication with the players, rapport with the players. He basically has allowed Claprood and Bast to handle the fundamentals and do most of the coaching. That doesnt work in high school. What is he a figurehead? I think in over his head!

  • The truthhh

    what about the number one pitcher who left in the offseason with discontent?? The real problem is how the politics have played out on this team and Leyvas inability to keep the kids pulling together on the same rope. Those close to this situation know exactly what and whom Im talking about

  • politics

    Yes we do….Hockin, Hockin, Bast, Ponce, Hindes, Hockin, amongst others

  • Here’s a thought

    Maybe the talent level of your kids isn’t as good as you think it is.

  • nice job coach

    Yea thats the ticket, blame the kids lol. Its what all less than tough coaches do when the season goes awhry.

  • From within

    I have a kid in the program and I can’t be any happier with Coach Levya. There isn’t a coach in the area who spends more time with the lowers levels of their program. Of course that means he needs to delegate a little at times but over all I think Coach is building the program the right way.

    Everyone had expectations this years varsity team would play better but it’s not over. If the parents would spend half the effort supporting the program that they do in undermining we all be happier.
    The players where in games and had opportunities and that all I ask for.

  • Exactly

    spending so much time with lower levels lol. I arrest my case!! His team, his var players dont think much of him believe me!

  • From within

    The varsity kids may not like them but it’s because the varsity parents are instilling that in them.

    It’s a hard realization when your kid doesn’t meet your own expectations. So you lash out to protect them. It’s usually a moms instinct to do so but from a freshman parents view point it feels like the dad’s at Damien act more like the women with all their whining and complaining.

    Just support your kid and the program everyone including your son will be better off.

    And just a reminded the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so be careful of what traits your instilling in your son during this time when they are faced with obstacles.

  • dr phil

    now that youre dr phil on us, I think I’ll bow out of this conversation. LOL

  • From within

    That’s right you can take your cheap shots at our coach and program and go on your your way.
    I have only made a few varsity games but it doesn’t take much to witness the embarrassing behavior of a handful of Damien fathers.The ranting and raving is horrific. Other schools and team are applauded.
    We experience some of that with a select freshman parents and hope they all transfer as well.
    I would rather be average on the field and than be around people who are so misappropriated.
    Character counts and it has help me run my very successful business so don’t try the loser chit chat.

  • I dont get it, politics…..

    “politics….” explain your list. You named a coach, players…. what did that list mean? Interesting group, but I don’t get it.

  • little league dad

    hey within, your kid must not be very good…politicking on here defending the coaches. “My succesful business” LOL.

  • Turn Two

    “From Within” must be a frosh parent who’s kid was probably catered to & invited to play on varsity. Please shup up as you or your kid hasn’t been around long enough to represent Damien parents/players. Character counts for coaches too. The only coach with any character is the outfield coach, think his name is Pertasati. He’s the one guy the kids respect and can relate with. There are plenty of terrific parents & players on the varsity squad, once again you don’t speak for the parents or players who have been involved for more than one year. There are major issues with skip, bast and leyva period. Plenty of negative and also positive. They have certianly done some good things too when you look at 3 consecutive appearanes in the CIF quarter finals. The question is who’s at fault here? Is it Leyva for letting the very negative bast & skip run too much of the team or is it Leyva? Anyway let’s end it with some positive as there have been some real bright spots on the team. They are; Grant Hockins, Cody Ponce, Erik Quesada, Mike Montalvo, Dave Buenelas and the Pridgen kid. Still praying for a invite for Spartans to play in the CIF playoffs!

  • come again

    turn two,

    good take but how is ponce a bright spot this year? With the loss of the kid in the offseason werent we expecting alot more from this kid. Hes a senior with only 20+ innings, none starting. Not bashing just saying. The other names on that list i totally agree with. The montalvo kid has been a big surprise with the bat and the soph hockin has really stepped up, hope he gets better and isnt tapped out so to say. There have been some disappointments for sure but ill stay positive and not mention names other than the biggest negatives which are bast claprood and leyva. And the answer to your question of who is to blame. For sure the head coach..Hes allowed politics to creep bigtime into the program and he hasnt stepped up. The kids see it and know

  • these are fighting words

    from within,

    how dare you come on here calling people out and singling out certain kids and their misfortune. Why dont u try talking to me about this in person if you got the juevos. Also you are green as grass regarding hs baseball, your opinion means zilch. You are simply politicking up the coaches butt for your little johnny, it is obvious. You dont know jack about nothing, so shut your piehole and come see me if got a pair. I also have forgot more baseball than you will ever know and my kid will outplay your kid every day wimp boy. Dr Hockin or someone better get between us if you want to walk out without some bumps and bruises. you will need dr bast to sow up your scrawny butt

  • embarrasment

    this is a complete embarrasment that the parents and coaches are embarrasing thimselves and their school like this. I understand frustration but where is the class, where is unity. This program whether it be vasquez or leyva or whatever has the most embarrasing moments on these message boards that ive read over the past several yrs. JUst absolutely not the place i would ever want to be, thats for sure. I mean parents challenging fights, inside things revealed, coaches absolutely bashed and their manhood challenged, kids called out, ad said to have hands tied, accomplished surgeons ridiculed it is just plain EMBARRASING!!

  • Patriot 25

    Congrats. to Bonita for a fantastic year. Good luck in the play-offs.

  • Fred Robledo

    Is this what some of you do on Mother’s Day, bash each other? Leyva’s always been a good coach, he was great last year when Damien pulled a few surprises in the playoffs, now you’re down on him for not making the playoffs? It happens. Before the season you knew with the parity in the Sierra good teams were not going to make the playoffs.

    In any case, move on to something else, I don’t need people challenging each other to fights. How about talking about other Damien sports, like your great swim team. They were inspirational yesterday, haven’t been that excited at a swim meet in a long time.

  • fred is correct

    fred i hear ya and you are right! BUT there have been alot of issues throughout the program this year that have alienated both players and parents. Leyva regardless wins or losses is a different guy this year and he and his staff have just not meshed at all this year. This goes back to the offseason as well, there were issues there too

  • Let it go

    dude let it go…have respect for freds blog. He asked everyone to stop on this issue. LET IT GO

  • go away

    from within youre a frosh parent so just shut up and go away and quit instigating on these message boards. Have some class and just shut up. I wouldnt want to mess with that other parent anyways, he was a wrestling champion in his day…no joke

  • Stanford Dad

    Somehow I can’t get over the drama at both Damien and SL and I’m not being blamed, lol. Must be the parents who are so self righteous yet when it’s their ox being gorged they suddenly, and anonymously either bash or defend their respective coaches.

    Bast is one of a kind, think Joe Montana who somehow got on the Oaks Christian staff and gerrymandered his son toe tipping at ND for a spell. What is it about incredibly successful athletes, with enormous wealth who just don’t remember what it was like when they made their bones.

    Somehow I don’t understand firing a softball coach who essentially would have gotten the girls team to a second place finish and didn’t violate any code of conduct issues. Given the fact that the best four players ever to play at SL in the last four years got theirs what’s the beef?

    Move on. From what I gather the girls haven’t beaten Chino Hills in their career, is that correct? Something tells me they don’t beat them in their respective travel ball teams either. What would be funny is if the team tanks in the first round, that would be a karma special. But I’m not a player hater I hope the girls make SL proud and somehow I think SL’s survives all this drama.

    BTW, didn’t the Basketball coach also go thru the ringer at SL only to do incredible things this year without a player who left the team before the season?

    All this drama about players who essentially coach themselves or have the misfortune of having to play for a coach their parents didn’t pay, boo hoo.

    Damien and SL have the same disease, it’s only a problem when the $$$$$ gets butt hurt. Nothing else requires action. Trust me on this one.

    Maybe that’s why Swimming, Track , Hockey and Water Polo never have disgruntled parents coming on the blog, their coaches integrity that afr outweighs a few bucks.

  • reality

    This is in actuality a very simple dynamic. Parents can’t suit up and play on their kids team so they take the next closest action. The only way they might involve themselves in the outcome of the game is to influence coaching. Even if the team is doing well many parents will find some angle to critisize coaching thus feeling they are part of the solution, never considering they are part of the problem. The coach is the easiest target for parents and that will never change. The blogs allow these parents another venue to feel they are part of the team without having to show their face. Best advice to coaches, don’t read the blogs, for these cowardly folks will never approach you face to face.

  • Fred Fan

    @Reality: Well put. Hit the nail on the head.

    @Stanford Dad: FC, you’re still the same old know-it-all clown. Please consider limiting your input to topics you are knowledgable of. Perhaps Policy Debate or how to shoot a bunch of fruity jump shots. Also, Shut up DF!

  • Really….

    Reality – weren’t you on these same blogs, really critical of the Bonita HS softball coaches a few years back??????????

  • reality

    Nope not I. There is another blogger that uses reality and he makes many posts that I do not agree with. That is why I got that little blue box to differentiate my posts.

  • Really

    mea culpa!! Actually, I think I was thinking of Basic anyway. My memory is going. Your earlier entry was right on.