Breaking News: Damien baseball earns at-large berth to D-2 playoffs; softball pairings released at 11 a.m., baseball at 12:30

CIF-SS baseball at-large berths

Click here for baseball and softball pairings this afternoon.

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  • So lesson learned

    So following the lead of St. Lucy’s and Damien, if you cry loud enough, you get your way. Pathetic.

  • baseballfan

    Damien qualified for a wild card under CIF rules, just like the 5 other wild cards. They actually tied for third in league also, in a very balanced sierra league. Despite some frustration vented on the blogs by unhappy parents and fans, Damien has good players, good coaches, and good parents. Although I think they under-achieved this year, they did lose 8 very close games in the late innings or extra innings. I understand that good teams find a way to win those games, but Damien still has a chance to use the talent to make a playoff run. Hopefully, the Damien community can use this opportunity in the playoffs to enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Spartans Fan

    With everyone slamming the Damien coaching staff, I believe the players will zone out and hopefully make a deep playoff run, Damien players always come close during playoffs.

  • Who’s the “I” guy

    Spartan Fan

    Wake up, it’s our players and parents who are unhappy. The coaching staff has failed at teaching and coaching the game. Period.

    At the final disaster of losing to Ayala, not one coach attended the pot luck after the game. What a bunch of babies. The next day at 9am practice 3/4 of team sent home because they didn’t have their jerseys cleaned. Now its an at large berth, so what does a dirty jersey have to do with it now Leyva? Are you kidding me? You just wasted a Saturday practice.

    Grow up Leyva, you have won nothing at every stop you have been out. Wonder why? The admin is going to get an ear full when the season’s over.

    The mouth and behavior of Clappord and Leyva are pathetic at best. You can be a tough coach, but to threaten, disrepected and belittle players is over the top.

    The only “I” in our team is Leyva, Clappord and Bast. Start coaching up and you may see a difference.

  • WWE

    Practice was not a waste of time many had a great workout because they did what was asked of them. If more boys would do what was asked of them we wouldn’t be in this spot.
    Stop blaming the coaches and crying to the admin and get your kid in line.

  • Future Parent


    C’mon folks show some restraint.

    This is embarrassing and taking the label, “THAT Parent” to a new level.

    Coaches always get the “Kudos” when things are good and the criticism when things are going so good.

    But this is taking it a little too far.

    What happened to “Faith, Family….?”

  • Little Albert

    Who the “I”

    I agree…

    It’s pretty sad when some talk about faith and family. LOL

    The coach should lead by example. The practice good? You mean with players who didnt play and had clean jersey’s. Maybe 10 at best.

    Leyva is a complete joke.

  • Max Prep

    So lesson learned said:
    So following the lead of St. Lucy’s and Damien, if you cry loud enough, you get your way. Pathetic.

    It’s easy to say that from the outside looking in, But when valid points are ignored for so long, The admin needed to take action, In the end those valid points were brought into play and a decision was made. You may call it whining, But whining gets you no where. Look what’s it’s done for you. A negative comment instead of congradulating two teams that made CIF on their own merit. It’s easier to be bitter than open minded.

  • Turn Two

    Okay folks enough is enough, stop the negative vibes and let’s support our team and coaches through the playoffs. There are some good things these coaches do offer, sure there’s plenty of negative they throw at the boys, but our pressing concern right now is to support our players and coaches…hopefully there’s hope our coaches can feed our kids positive feedback to help them compete tomorrow and throughout the playoffs. What’s the old saying, fake it to you make it! Just take it one game at a time!!

  • longtime area baseball fan

    On a positive note regarding Damien baseball, tomorrows’s wild card game vs La Mirada HS brings back memories of probably the single greatest gm I’ve seen watching high school baseball all these years. These two teams met in the 1997 cif title game at angels stadium. Damien prevailed I believe 6-5 in 9 innings on a suicide squeeze bunt only moments before the game would have been suspended and finished two days later due to the div 1 gm having to start on time. La Miradas Kim Brooks is still the head coach and he produces good teams year after year. His son was the starting shortstop on that team and currently is in the coaching profession. Damien ironically is on its 5th or 6th coach since that championship game. Recent major leaguer Chris Jakubauskas was the winning pitcher that night and also homered to right center in the ballparks old configuration. Lets hope the Spartans can rekindle some of the same magic in tomorrows wild card game!!

  • Tommygun

    thank you longtime fan for bringing back positive memories of damien baseball. That for sure was a great team. Enough with the recent negativity here on the blog. That cif team was damiens only championship in baseball and also the only championship in baseline league history. Glendoras title a couple years ago was part of the sierra league.

  • damien faculty

    My memory from that 97 team was that immediately after defeating west torrance 16-3 in the cif semifinals, the team was rushed to get a team photo in the outfield so that it could be submitted to cif offices by 9 am the following morning. Tom Carrol drove the photo down at 7 the next morning!! Point is that team couldn’t have cared less about team pictures, senior day, potlucks, or anything else that wasn’t baseball. I had a number of them in my class

  • just a mom

    real glad for the boys to have an opportunity to erase all the negativity and finish on a positive note. Go get em spartans, you know you can

  • current coach

    @longtime fan…very good stuff, perfect time to talk about the 97 championship team
    @tommygun…that’s right, I’d forgotten myself that glendora was still in the sierra. Upland a few times deep but never winning, Clare twice to semis, los osos to semis with same coach as damien 97, now that woulda been something
    @damien faculty…a good team always reflects its coach’s personality, all baseball all business apparently on that team

  • Win Baby Win

    Bottom Line..

    1997 isnt 2012 and Leyva coaching staff is not getting the job done.

    Excuses Excuses.. time to put up or shut up!