In three weeks, it’s back to football 24-7; You have to read Aram and Joe Amat’s back and forth on the thread, great arguments on both sides

Wow, check out the Kurt Scoby workout video.

This is a random comment from Aram on a football thread in his In the Huddle blog. As you probably know we don’t always agree, but when it comes to the future success of Amat and Damien football, he hit a home run with this … Football, three weeks and counting!!

Here’s the question posed to Aram….
Other than DJ Daniels, why does Amat not get more Pasadena guys? How does Alemany get all of their kids? Steven Mitchell (Top 100 Rivals), Devin Ross (5-6 D-1 offers), the freshmen Desean Holmes (offers from Utah and Washington), and the two Oregon State kids Marable and Gonzales, that awesome QB they had Adams and all of the other filler kids. How is a school in the SFV snatching them all up and a school in the SGV isn’t? Even Crespi has a Pasadena stud in Foreman (8 D-1 offers). The SGV has talent, mostly in the WSGV, so why can’t Amat capitalize?

Aram’s response:
Let me just be plain old blunt with you about this. In order to do things like that you need to hustle. The Amat coaches aren’t about to be up in Pasadena planting the Amat flag. And those types of guys aren’t just gonna end up on Amat’s doorstep. And despite what people say about Gano and Damien, they’re actually doing a poor job of hustling, too. It certainly hasn’t gone down like many people thought it would when Gano was hired.

In my opinion, both Amat and Damien are being handicapped by the powers that be who don’t want to do the things necessary to be an elite parochial football program. And that’s OK. That’s their choice.

Now, Asante at St. Paul is a different story. The school is clearly letting him do what it takes.

When Amat and Damien want to realize that football is a business, and football success = more students and more students = more money, then they’ll allow the programs to do what they need to do to get the type of talent they need to compete.

Some of you may call this wrong. And you’ve certainly got a point. But you either do it or 6-4 is your ceiling.

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  • Under the Belt

    Thank god…getting tired of Aram’s attempt to match your skill set.

  • Cong ’76

    Mr. Scoby is certainly quite a specimen and I sincerely hope he is reaching out to his new teammates in an honest and genuine manner. This kind of “press” is surely capable of sewing some seeds of resentment when young, as not yet mature ego’s are involved.

  • Nail on the head

    I think Aram hit the nail on the head. You have to not only have the goods to offer (good program, good history, good facilities, good academics, good scholarships for tuition expense, good exposure etc….), but you have to be out there hustling them and offering!

    With a school like Damien, I would see there being a great fit for good players there with the exception of the all boy setting. I was considering sending my son there because of the athletics and academics, but the all boy thing just wasn’t happening.

  • Joe Amat

    I’m down with the hustlilng part…not so much the offering end. There’s nothing wrong with coaches out at youth games, wearing their gear and being friendly getting to know people. The’s nothing wrong with parents out at games and events talking about how much the program is doing for their son and how much fun the kid is having in a program…and it’s the coaches job to make it so. There’s nothing wrong with kids at games and events talking about how much they like their coaches and how it is a good place to be. Once that process crosses the line to “inducements” being made by representatives of the school is when you have “Undue Influence”. THAT is where “toeing that line” crosses from Amat/Damien to (insert school here)

  • Hirum

    I don’t like the way this is going. I don’t like the rule change and I don’t like where high school sports is headed. High school coaches hanging out at pop warner games flying their colors??? That is pretty slimey. The kids and their parents can start getting lured by H.S. coaches acting as pimps for their schools at an even younger age and all out in the open without fear of reprisal…..undue influence is a forgotten term and the gates of hell have been flung open! Parents beware of false prophets and most of all stay grounded in your peresonal assessments of juniors athletic abilities or you will be nothing more than leverage for the next athlete to “transfer in”. AAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Please define ” do the things neccessary ” to be an elite parochial football team . Lay it out for us on what you think those things are.

  • Hirum,

    I was really careful and failry clear on what ai wrote: “There’s nothing wrong with coaches out at youth games, wearing their gear and being friendly getting to know people… Once that process crosses the line to “inducements” being made by representatives of the school is when you have “Undue Influence”.”

    I think the HS coach should be visible in the community. I think they should do beneficial camps and clinics at a reasonable cost. I think they should be accessible to parents and the public in general. How else will the community get to know them and be able to make an informed decision on where kids should go?

    Once the discussion turns to “the recruiting pitch” …that’s when the line gets crossed. The product should speak for itself.

  • Sgv baller

    Dj Daniels is not from Pasadena. He is from walnut.played at walnut pony since he was 8 years old

  • jcaz

    Actually, in this one instance, I kind of have to say that maybe I agree with Aram.

    I mean if im wrong, then just look at Mater Dai. Do you think there just sitting around here waiting for things to happen ?

    NOT !

  • Fred Robledo

    What I believe Aram is alluding too is the financial aid (what some call scholarship) incentives that schools like Mater Dei and maybe now St. Paul have over schools like Amat and Damien. That’s what he meant about being handicapped by the powers that be — administration. It’s not about just attracting athletes, as Joe suggested, it’s the financial incentives you can offer that get kids to your campus. In talking to parents over the years, it seems Amat and Damien are far behind the Mater Dei’s, Crespi’s and other parochial power schools when it comes to financial aid incentives or assistance. If that doesn’t change, Aram’s right, players will be forced to go to other schools. You think Scoby is paying full tuition at St. Paul?

  • Given what’s taken place at St. Paul in recent months, I should not have to spell any of this out.

    High school football at private schools is, IN MY OPINION, the backbone to their business. Big-time football program = exposure to all the other great aspects of the school = more students = more business.

    From what I hear, St. John Bosco has 20 “scholarships” its football program can give out. How many of those at Amat or Damien?

    Kurt Scoby is at St. Paul. Noodles is at West Covina after Cathedral and Amat reportedly wanted him. DeShawn Ramirez is shunned by Damien and plays his senior season WITHOUT INCIDENT at Monrovia. Ellis McCarthy is on his way to Amat to sign the dotted line, gets a call from D-Jax, his pops turns around the car and the rest is green and white history.

    Those things CANNOT HAPPEN if you’re Amat or Damien. None of them. CANNOT HAPPEN!

    If Gano were still at Los Altos, you can bet your credit card debt that Deshawn Ramirez is a Conqueror for his senior year. Why couldn’t Gano risk it and give the kid a chance at Damien? Think about it.

    It was the worst-kept secret in the area that around Christmas Scoby wanted to be a Lancer so bad that he couldn’t contain himself. Why is that? Think about it.

    I thought Amat was on its way with all the transfers it got a couple years ago from South Hills. But that looks more and more like a fluke courtesy of Booth’s dad with each passing day.

    I believe the administrations at both schools have made it so that both coaching staffs feel they cannot take risk on transfers, especially Damien. Well guess what, guys don’t transfer unless there’s some type of baggage at their previous school.

    I believe the administrations have not equipped the coaching staffs with the necessary ease of getting financial hardship kids into their schools.

    I believe in Amat’s case that it’s just not in the coaching staff’s nature to get out there and hustle and/or recruit. And yes, I’m saying hustle and recruit, because unlike some people I keep it real. I’m NOT gonna mince words. If you’re a private school, you need to HUSTLE and RECRUIT if you want to compete at the highest level.

    I have nothing but respect for all the coaches I know at Amat. They’re all stand-up, honorable guys. From Wiard to Ertle to Nieto to Hags and his staff. I believe at some point that all of them have said to me something to the effect of “I’m not gonna whore myself out or my program to get kids.” Well, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. I really don’t. I don’t think hustling and recruiting makes any coach or his program a whore(s). I think it’s just the way the game is played these days. And in Amat’s case, I don’t see why it’s such a bad thing to say to a kid “Come here and get coached by top-notch guys and play in front of the best fan base in SoCal.” To me, that sounds more like the truth than it does “whoring” ones self out.

    The biggest thing I’ve learned in my time covering high school sports is that like politics and sports and marriage and whatever else, there are two TOTALLY OPPOSITE ways people view the world. One is the WAY IT ACTUALLY IS. The other is the WAY YOU WANT IT TO BE.

    The way it actually is the one I prefer. Those who disagree with me, AKA the do-gooders and old-schoolers, swim upstream all their life for their vision of a shining city up on a hill called high school athletics.

    Well, you can either get your hands a little dirty like the Crespis, Mater Deis, St. John Boscos, La Verne Lutherans of the world, or you can put a ceiling on your program somewhere around 6-4 and home by the second round of the playoffs. It’s your choice. I will gladly report on your games either way.

    And yes, all or most of this will repeated in a column for print somewhere around the start of the season.

  • Sgv baller

    I know a couple kids that wanted to go to amat last year for baseball . They where from the tomatero travel ball team that where the number 1 team in the nation for 4 years straight .they where not offered anything from amat So they went to cathedral because they where offered something.amat needs to start recruiting because other schools are.

  • Frank

    What seems to be being asked is that Amat coaches should go and do illegal things to bring the talent to Amat. Amat coaches have integrity and are not about to do things that are in CIF Violation.
    Also you ask how could Pasadena kids go to Alameney instead of Amat. Alameny is actually a 15 -20 minute drive from Pasadena where Amat is atleast 30 minutes, plus more traffic.

  • Base Baller

    sgv baller, how’s that cathedral baseball thing workin out for those guys? Amat doesn’t seem to be missing out on talent in baseball. As a matter of fact they will be good for several more years after this year too. The tomato’s are a good little ball club but I believe the loss is all theirs. JMHO

  • Sgv baller

    Well 5 players are starting on the varsity team. Willie Aguilar was team USA panam games MVP and led the team in home runs and batting average. He would of started on the varsity team at amat .bryan duenas was also on the USA team.the only other so cal players that made the final cut was bailey falter from chino hills who starts as a freshmen. That 2 of the best freshman in the country and you say tomateros was a good little ball team.there is 3 other players I did not mention but they are good but not for varsity.

  • Check again…

    For the person who said DJ Daniels was not from the Pasadena/Altadena area:

    Walnut? Well I guess he doesn’t know where he lives either.

  • Joe Amat

    It’s a mighty fine line to walk…

    Undue influence is any act, gesture or communication (including accepting material or financial inducement to attend a CIF- member school for the purpose of engaging in CIF competition regardless of the source) which is performed personally, or through another, which may be objectively seen as an inducement, or part of a process of inducing a student, or his or her parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver, by or on behalf of, a member school, to enroll in, transfer to, or remain in, a particular school for athletic purposes.

    I certainly don’t fault any school that wants to follow that rule…or walk the tightrope that you need to as a private school to attract students and stay within the rules. If that means you have a 6-4 ceiling then so be it. I personally don’t think it does. I don’t think Servite does either. You don’t hear them mentioned in the same breath as the others…and while they went twenty-five years between champioinships, it didn’t prevent them from going back-to-back.

    And honestly…how’s that working out for Mater Dei, St John Bosco, and Crespi anyway? Is it really that different?

  • Joe Amat,

    And how’s status quo working out for Amat?

  • Joe Amat


    Compare the last 4 seasons of Amat and the teams you mention – then you tell me how it compares.

  • Sgv baller

    At check again.the Facebook page also says he studied at USC . My nephew played pony baseball with him in walnut from pinto to bronco which is about 6 years. Don’t know where he lives now but the last time I saw his dad was 2 years ago and he was still in walnut . Maybe he lives in Pasadena now but when he first went to amat he came out if walnut.

  • Joe Amat,

    Why compare the last four? Why not go back further?

    Here’s my tally of playoff wins the past four years, by the way.

    Mater Dei 3
    Amat 1
    Crespi 1
    SJB 1

    I think if you look at the talent level of the teams, at least the past two years, Amat’s is probably fourth best. If you gave Amat’s coaching staff Crespi’s talent, then you’d really see my point.

  • BJ

    Wow i didn’t realize Scoby was that yoked.

  • Real talk

    @Aram correct me if I’m wrong doesn’t Amat beat and hold their own against the teams that you listed below? I think that saying something considering what you stated they are willing to do to get kids. And lorence Philips was the same way wanted to go to Amat but let’s just say he wasent Amat material Amat said theres the door. Where did he end up?? Amat has always been a class act that’s just the way it is. I think there has been some very creditable players that have come out of Amat. Just look at USC they are a type of team that you say are what the times are calling for in these days who did they get to restore a good face? Pat Haden from what school Amat not MD not Crespi and so on. Character Aram thats Amat.

  • Erik


    Why is it so unrealistic to think that ‘old school’ values should have a place in high school athletics, especially at private schools? I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with a 6-4 team loaded with good, hardworking kids of solid character. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather win than lose, I just don’t think athletic success and ethical conduct need be mutually exclusive.

    Part of the attraction of Catholic education – to me at least – is that character-development is, or should be, an essential part of the experience. What does it say to the kids when the coaches and administration place the ends (winning, increased exposure, added profits, etc.) above maintaining high standards of conduct?

    To me, the whole ‘that’s just the way things are’ attitude is a sorry excuse for maintaining the status quo. If people always accepted this line of thought we’d still be living under kings and slavery would continue to be practiced. Those ‘do-gooders’ can Inspire others with their vision of a better world, and then the actual world shifts into one that was merely possible beforehand.

    Anyhow sorry for the long rant. I have no horse in this race I just don’t like to see such cynicism go unchallenged. I thinks sports are, or can be, a great place to inculcate values into kids that can transcend the sport, whatever it is, and impact their lives in many positive ways. Yes, a bit of a dreamer here, but I do believe that good youth coaches (like teachers) can inspire and influence the direction of kid’s lives in subtle ways. Bad coaches can do it too, unfortunately.

  • Angola Prison

    I’m very certain that now that the transfer rules are in effect as of July 1 the greatest benefactor of Pasadena talent will be Monrovia its closer and its FREE. And MHS HAS STATE OF THE ART FACILITIES that will in the short run lure Pasadena talent east to Monrovia.

  • To SGV Baller

    Not so fast on your purple pride. Amat has way more tradition than Cathedral in baseball. At last count there are at least 30 players from Amat still playing baseball beyond high school and not one of them received a dime from the school.

    Dan Haren- Los Angeles Angels
    Mike Young- Texas Rangers

    Wallace Gonzalez- Houston Astros Affiliate
    Ryan Goetz- Miami Marlins Affiliate
    Mike Lamb- New York Yankees Affiliate
    Pete Lavin- Philadelphia Phillies Affiliate

    NCAA DIV 1
    Justin Grijalva- LMU
    Andrew Mistone- Mississippi
    Bernardo Zavala- San Diego St.
    Brandon McNitt- Stony Brook
    Jordan Fox- UC Irvine
    Tommy Reyes- UC Irvine
    Jerry McClanahan- UC Irvine
    David Berg- UCLA
    Brady Zuniga- UNLV
    Jay Anderson- University Nevada Reno

    NCAA DIV 2
    Nick Bergara- San Francisco St.
    Joesph Eusebio- Cal Poly
    Jordan McCraney- Cal Poly

    Ketih Murakami- Concordia
    Ryan Serrato- Georgetown
    David Higuera- Georgetown
    Javier Iniguez- La Verne
    Josh Genzuk- Whittier

    Adiran Franco- Mt. Sac
    Andrew Gutierrez- ELAC
    Jonathan Velasquez- ELAC
    Brandon Castaneda- Citrus
    Dominique Davis- Rio Hondo
    Paul Paez- Rio Hondo

  • Base Baller

    Let me put it in “perspective” for you….they are doig this at Cathedral. There are a lot of kids that “would be starting” at Amat…but aren’t! It sounds good but it doesn’t make it true. Amat is a sacrifice for many parents, players and their families. Obviously this (cathedral) was the easier route and a sure way to see the varsity field. It’s all good though good for them and best wishes for the future but don’t knock the Lancers while trying to thump your chest on talent that didn’t even step into the contest (at Amat).

  • Joe Amat


    I think those numbers further prove my point.And as we are continually reminded, anything past the last 4 is “living in the past”. You can’t pick and choose.

    Look, Crespi has 1 win in 1 playoff appearance after a 3rd place finish in league and no league titles, SJB has 1 win in 1 playoff appearance after a 3rd place finish in league and no league titles, Mater Dei has 3 wins and no league titles – plus Amats playoff win came against them! So what has selling out really gotten all of them? Amat has 4 playoff appearances and a League Championship while not “doing the things they need to do to win”. We expect what we see out of the Slime. From SpyGate to this, nothing surprise me.. Moving forward, we’ll see how things pan out for all the teams above.

    I don’t think there is a quantum leap from the locker room to the board room. From Swordsman to Ryan Braun to Enron. When you get in the habit of cutting corners, looking for shortcuts, and vlolating rules it becomes a habit for life. What you learn between the lanes shapes what happens outside them. Kids know when rules are broken, who lives where and how they got there.

    What we know from Amat is there are no special cases. Once kids, and their parents, “think” they’re special because a rule has been bent they own you. Not gonna happen there. I’ve personally told soem to take their money elsewhere if you’re looking for special treatment. That’s why some leave and become all-league or SGV Tribune Players of the Year elsewhere. Or don’t get in at all. If you expect to be special – you’re not going to get it. Follow the rules – or suffer consequences. Pretty good lesson to learn.

    And I personally don’t count playoff wins quite the way you do. In the football playoffs you either win it or you don’t. It isn’t like basketball where they actually seed 1-16 and you play increasingly more difficult opponents. In football it is about league placement, coin flips, and “the formula”.

    I honestly don’t look at our performance much different when Amat lost to LB Poly in 08 than beating Mater Dei in 09. Are you going to let a 4th and forever fluke TD in the final minutes to lose by 5 going to cloud what happened in the previous 47 minutes? Conversely a late Rio Ruiz TD catch vs Mater Dei makes the post game a little more fun – but in the Pac5 it was just another 48 minute battle. Some you win and some you lose. Celebrate or drown your sorrows.

  • Well Joe Amat, sounds to me like we fundamentally disagree that something’s even wrong at Amat.

    I believe that Amat has not evolved with the times and is therefore underachieving in the postseason. ONE playoff win since 2005. That’s not OK for Amat.

    As much as I love reading your opinions and think you’re well informed, I also believe that you’re a biased, unapologetic fan and truly part of the problem.

    I don’t get the sense that you think anything is wrong and it seems to me you’re explaining away what’s become a legit pattern of under-performance in the postseason as a few unlucky bounces of the ball.

    I’m being proactive here. Maybe it’s because I’m not biased. I recognize there’s a problem. I recognize that changes need to be made. I recognize that sitting and hoping that a great class simply shows up and things turn around is not being proactive.

    But all too often I’ve seen many Amat fans follow your lead of deflecting when the issues that the outside world sees (and even some Amat fans) are brought up.

    “Let’s only go back four years.”

    “We’d still beat any SGV team.”

    “We have some huge Sept. and Oct. wins”

    It’s that type of thinking that will keep you mired in the situation you’re in.

    When people at Amat get fed up enough, they will start to give Coach Hagerty and his staff the tools they need to get out and make it easier to sign, seal and deliver kids/parents who aren’t willing to jump over the financial hurdle that it takes to attend Amat.

    And hopefully at that point the staff will take the ball and run with it.

  • Joe Blow Hard

    Oh Joe… The truth just hurts! LOL

    Playoffs? One win since when Joey?

    Who cares about pre-season, schedule, pac-5 if you can’t bring home the ring? Tough schedule gets Amat ready? For what, early exit since 2005?

    Get out that stat page, talk about the past, because in the end it just isn’t working…

    Same crap different year! What’s going to be the excuses this year..

  • reality

    Saw the list of pro ballers from Amat. Very impressive. With all those titles and rings and getting the very best of the players and high priced coaches from all over and the greatest fans in the area its simply amazing that a little team like Bonita baseball competes with Amat at all, playing with the kids from the sandlot next door. But yet they do it year after year and play in a tougher division. Go figure.

  • wow


  • Fred Robledo

    Wish I understood what you’re talking about. So when you use all capital letters does that mean you’re shouting at me through your computer?

  • Little red riding hood

    I’m not an Amat fan by any stretch of the imagination but I do respect the fact that Amat does not bend, sidestep, or break the rules to get primadona kids in the door in order to win football games. I always have to laugh out loud every time I hear a coach (like Asante) from St Paul or Crespi or Alemany say something like, “we are about teaching life lessons, or so and so kid needs a spiritual education”, all the while these same people are breaking the CIF rules in the process of chasing football wins. Rules to follow:
    1. Beware of wolves wearing sheep clothing
    2. Beware of people who constantly quote the bible and end every conversation with, “god bless you”
    3. Beware of coaches that use the above mentioned , cliche statements.

  • Joe Amat


    I think what we fundamentally disagree with is the purpose of high school athletics.

    For me it is a valuable part of the educational process that also helps develop community on campus – when things are done the right way. For you…it’s something to write about

    For me it is about the process and the day to day efforts everyone involved is putting in. For you its a weekly list.

    For me its about doing the absolute best with what you’ve got against the very best. For you it’s about searching for relief avoiding competition and “winning” a diluted title so you can beat some imaginary drum of superioriy.

    Do what you do, within the rules that are laid down, and do so with honor.Anything less than that and you’re not really “winning” anyway. I’d prefer to follow the Servite model and be 25 yrs between championships, do things the right way and eventually buiild some cache as opposed to the Santa Margarita model who went 4 years with only one playoff win too before their “Open House” turned things around. Ask any public school OC AD who they respect more?
    As for Sept & 0ct wins, I think some of those have come against Loyola, Notre Dame, Crespi, and Mater Dei in November too

    To me, this all sounds like an extension of the “wussification” of America. You can’t win – go break some rules and gather more talent, drop a divisioon or challenge a move up. Go to the state school instead of challenging yourself. Pay on the short courts against the little kids so you can dominate. Have orange slices at halftime, pick up your snacks, everyone collect your trophy so you can say you’re a “winner”.
    Then you can pop off and say – “well we ‘won’ and they didn’t so we could beat them *this year*” or “I know we lost to them last year but *this year*…” or
    “I *could be* at Fox or ESPN if I wanted to…but I’m happy being a bounce-back 4th stringer at the local fish wrap” (and there’s nothing wrong with the 2nd part if you leave out the first part.)

    Schools, and people, should just be proud of their achievements at the level they’re at without projecting that to the next level – when it just doesn’t translate. The pound-for-pound argument doesn’t work beacause as mouthy as Mayweather is – he’d still get his @$$ kicked by either of the Klitchko brothers – so he simply doesn’t go around saying he could beat the heavyweights. Even he knows better. But that doesn’t get hits or sell papers in the Fish Bowl.

    And BTW, was I “a biased, unapologetic fan” in 2005-2007 when yor blog was getting started? .

  • Don

    How far are you willing to go?

    Financial aid to families who cannot afford tuition at a private school? Sure, no problem. Just make sure you don’t spend ALL of that dough on football players. Looks bad. Mix in a few math prodigies and coronet players and stuff, too.

    Have your coaches hit the local kiddie ball programs. Good on this too, especially if you have a few former USC or UCLA players to pass out wristbands. Best yet is a guy or two with NFL creds. Everyone wants to take a phone photo with him.

    Promise mommy and daddy playing time for junior or better yet, a starting position. Kinda dangerous; I know there are lots of folks here on the blogs that can point at a 12 or 13 year stud and project him as the next Adrian Petersen or Cam Newton but most coaches would prefer to a little play on Friday night before anointing them. What the heck; worst case, the peeps take their kid somewhere else, right?

    Promise play at the next level. It’s one thing to point to dozens of alums who have gone on to college rosters and beyond like, well, like Bishop Amat. If you REALLY want a kid though, better GUARANTEE he’ll be playing after HS. Hey, you can always say you were wrong.

    Extras like spirit packs, transportation to and from school and practices, nutrition programs (breakfast, lunch, and supplements), outside training programs, keys to a new Escalade and a cheerleader. OK, OK, OK, geeeezzz. Just kidding. Kinda.

    Have the HC drive the snoop dogg bus on Sundays. Hey! THAT will get you in front of some kiddie ballers . Nobody scouts the Pop Warner scene like the dogg, right? Alright, jk, again. Sorta.

    When all else fails, Money. Always fits, never out of style, right color, etc. Sure, I know that nobody has ever actually GIVEN money to family to induce them to attend a school . . . wait, what I mean is that I don’t know anybody who has given money to a family for attendance. Could happen though.

  • mark monroe

    Go Alta Loma Braves….# 1 seed from Baseline League…not even a mention in the pairings…no respect…

  • Krusty

    Just a note:
    The more posts that I read from Aram the more I realize that he is just as full of BS as any other blogger on this board (he holds his own biases and wears them on his sleeve to boot!). He is really no more than a semi-knowledgable blogger and less of a “professional” sports writer with each post. What I really don’t understand is why he and many people are continually talking about, the impending decline of Bishop Amat and how Bishop Amat should do this or needs to do that to stay competitive/relevant yet truth be told, they would like nothing more than to see the programs crumble. Aram has been tooting the decline of the Lancer Empire for years now and the latest thing to bring the empire down is the free transfer rule. Oh, Amat better get on board because they are going to miss out. “hopefully at that point the staff will take the ball and run with it.” BS ARAM! You hope they continue doing what they have always done and hopefully they will start to lose to local teams too. Then your scenario plays out like you predicted and your right for once. Man up dude and say what you really feel. At least Fred is up front with how he feels. He will be the first to report on an Amat issue IF it is not based in speculation or hearsay. Facts people, deal in facts. If Amat is in such a Decline…How do they manage to still make the D-I playoff’s every year? If they are there, aren’t there other teams you should be worrying about? Amat will fix what’s necessary to move forward. All programs go through ups and downs and Amat was no exception. You all just wish the “DOWN” had been longer and farther. Keep wishing!

  • Krusty

    Mark M. wrong paper dude. Hit up Clay for some 909 ink!

  • Bulldog4Life

    @ Aram-
    hey Aram, when Amat barely hold their own against a D3 team, don’t Amat fans run on the field????

    i got your back Aram don’t trip =)

  • SGV Fan

    In response to Fred’s mention of Scuby paying full tuition at St Paul…did R Ruiz pay full tuition at BA? Its all about the money, Amat used to have it and because of demographics, the economy and just the sheer size of student capacity at Amat it’s now going to the larger schools. Money buys players, facilities and great coaches. Money gets you championships and championships bring in revenue and a steady stream of new tuition paying students! What amazes me is that a few die-hard bloggers like Amat 73, Lancelot, Joe Amat along with some prodding by Fred and Aram light up the blogs and create interest. Interest hopefully translates into advertising dollars and job security for Fred and Aram. Its all good, mildly entertaining and hey it sucks in interest from not only me but also the surrounding fans of other schools. Keep the banter going! Just mention the old has-been glory of Amat and let the entertainment begin!

  • Blue Beard

    When you’re on top there is only one way to go and everybody is trying to help you get there…….Everybody hates a WINNER!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bulldog – would that ha been a win over (not just Hold heir own – a win) against OLu, Mater Dei, Damien, Rancho Cucamonga, Charter Oak, Diamond Ranch, Glendora, Dominguez, Alemany, St Paul, Chaminade, St Francis, Alemany, Loyola, Crespi, Notre Dame, or St Bonaventure? Which of those wins are you talking about? It surely wasn’t either of the two West Covina beatings! And who have the Bulldogs beat that matches that?

  • Roni

    Amat recruits just like the other schools, to they don’t is just silly.

  • rumors

    Roni – details. If not, its just talk

  • Real talk

    @ puppy4life what is your guys record against that D3 team your talking about? Ohh wait you guys don’t play any good teams and when u do you get beat. Now go outside and get in your dog house.

  • Sgv baller

    @baseballer and whoever else’s replied to me.i was not trying to pump up cathedral .i was just commenting that amat better step it uP in there recruiting.i know cathedrals program is not good . Those tomatero kids would of went to amat if someone would of recruited them and worked out some financial aid like cathedral point is amat better get with the program and start recruiting in football and baseball.

  • Real talk

    @sgvballer why? No everyone else better get with the program and understand that no matter how good you are you are not above Amat. Like I said these kids your talking about might be the sh** at other schools but at Amat it anything new to have good players.

  • jcaz

    Aram, as I once told another bloger in here, no need to start to get personal in here when you disagree with another bloger

    For example, when you start to say thing like “As much as I love reading your opinions and think you’re well informed, I also believe that you’re a biased, unapologetic fan and truly part of the problem.” Well, isn’t that a bit over the top for you with him here ?

    Also, tell me. How is it that Joe Amat is a part of the problem anyway ?

    Look, Joe might very well be a big time mover and shaker over at Amat, but even if he was just the custodian, cleaning up after the game, in the end, maybe he looks at the world in a far different sense than you do.

    BTW, nothing wrong with that. He has his job to do and so do you. The fact is that both sides of this argument make a lot of sense and at the same time, both sides have their shortcomings.

    On the one hand, I would love to see the Lancers celebrating a PAC 5 title, but the fact is that they most likely won’t be doing that anytime soon, and that’s because of what you just said in here.

    I guess that’s because Amat doesn’t play by the same rules as some of the schools you just mentioned ? Oh well….

    But, that’s not a bad thing is it ?

    I mean, sure it’s all about the integrity that Joe speaks about, but even there, there are instances when human nature takes over and no matter what you do to try to instill these values in these kids, their still going to make poor decisions in life.

    Anyway, I don’t care that you guys throw in a few to many Amat stories, or that you guys spice it up a bit, or even throw in a “shill” every now and then, because obviously what ever it is that you guys are doing. is working quite well don’t you agree ?

    After all, if you just happen to take look in here, you have people who always say that they hate you guys, yet here they are, year after year still reading your blogs.

    Tooooo funny !

  • Sgv baller

    At real talk.willie Aguilar and Bryan Duenas . Two of the guys I am talking about .are not only good somewhere else. Both where stArters on the panam games last summer.both are better than amats top freshman Miguel chavirra.willie Aguilar was the MVP at the panam games and led the team in all batting categories. That’s why people hate amat because people like you can not Admit they missed out on some great players. By the way I graduated from amat at know the graduating class of 2015 class athletes very well because I followed these kids for the last 8 years . Every week going to tournaments.

  • JCaz,

    I don’t think it’s getting personal to call somebody an unapologetic fan. That’s what Joe Amat is. He fails to see the same obvious Amat shortcomings that everyone else sees. Instead, he explains them away with selective reasoning or what Fred does “but they could beat anybody else in Valley.”

    On the other hand, I’m an unbiased opinion. If Amat is the top team in the state, I’m the happiest man in the world. If Amat is 5-5 and at home in Week 11, I’m off to cover somebody else. Hitsa-wise, it would probably be better for the blogs and whatnot if Amat was No. 1 in the state.

    Anyway, I think Joe Amat is one of the most informed bloggers on this site. His insight and points are well thought out, but he is biased. You have to understand where he’s coming from and that’s from the angle of being an Amat diehard.

    And when I say he’s part of the problem at Amat, it’s meant to say that by not recognizing the football program is under-performing and/or thinking it will magically change with a couple of miracle classes of kids, is not helping the situation. Amat cannot get by on reputation any longer. The higher ups need to realize and start being proactive.

  • Amats fine

    Aram .i don’t think Amat is under performing .I actually think they are stepping up and making it to the playoffs with the lack of act like they are a team with a losing record who hasn’t made it to the playoffs in years and loses most of there games.when Amat consistently misses playoffs then I think this discussion should begin.

  • Real talk

    @sgvballer I’m not saying that they are not missing out on some top players. I’m just try to point out that that’s the way Amat has always been. You should know having graduating from there. They have had many players that have went to the next level and the pros. I’m sure Amat will be ok.

  • Joe Amat


    Humor me with this one pkease.go back and read this random thread after an Amat victory over St Paul (should be a happy time – right?). Start at the bottom and work your way up, reading my posts and responses to them. Make it easy on yourself with a word search on the page for “Joe”.

    Tell me if that sounds like someone who is a “biased, unapologetic fan and truly part of the problem”… Or someone who is “proactive” and “recognize that changes need to be made”?

  • Joe Amat


    Humor me with this one pkease.go back and read this random thread after an Amat victory over St Paul (should be a happy time – right?). Start at the bottom and work your way up, reading my posts and responses to them. Make it easy on yourself with a word search on the page for “Joe”.

    Tell me if that sounds like someone who is a “biased, unapologetic fan and truly part of the problem”… Or someone who is “proactive” and “recognize that changes need to be made”?

  • First off, I’m very disappointed to see there’s two comments on that thread left by somebody using my name. One of them calls Coach Verti an idiot, which I would NEVER do. I’m disappointed in Fred for not deleting those back then. I was at FOX at the time.

    Anyway, congrats on you spotting whatever ailed the program back then. Your gripe was the msgnr not laying out enough cash to hire a “name” coach or somebody with more experience.

    Again, this is classic Joe Amat picking and choosing his spots to give the facade that he’s seeing the overall big picture and is not afraid to take a stand. You want credit for being disappointed and calling for change during the lowest point for Amat football in 20 years, when players were leaving the program for other area schools? Congrats!

    Well what about now? Again, Amat is not cutting it. More than just Amat fans have long enough memories to know what are the standards that Amat’s success should be judged by. It’s not big wins in Sept. or Oct., it’s deep playoff runs and D-1 athletes all over the field. You ain’t there and haven’t been for a long time. You won’t be back there until people like yourself start pressuring and urging the administration to give the coaches what they need to get kids/parents over the financial hurdle. And then once that’s done, pressuring the coaches to get out there and get their hands a little dirty.

    During this argument (and others recently), I’ve offered solutions.

    — divisional relief

    — better financial support/”scholarships”

    — more recruiting hustle by the coaches

    You don’t have to like my solutions. They may be right or wrong, but at least I’m giving some.

    Joe Amat, you’re not even recognizing that so many of us see. You see the program’s lackluster postseason record (ONE playoff win since 2005) as an unlucky bounce of the ball. I don’t understand your complacency given that you know full well of the successes Amat had in its past.

    In the last couple days, I’ve heard from several people from inside and outside the SGV, most of whom are affiliated with some of the best programs around, and they’ve all read this stuff and commended me for knowing “how things really work.”

    I don’t really care if any of you like me. But I have had my eyes and ears open and made plenty of observations through the years and I know what I’m talking about.

    Amat fans can wait to hit the back-to-back good classes lottery, or they can get proactive about having a program that makes things happen. The coaching staff is in place, the rest of it needs to get there as well. Same goes out to Damien.

    I’m now done with this convo.

  • jcaz

    Aram, you cant just call somebody out like that, throw him a sucker punch, and say, im done with this convo.

    I mean, its just not cricket old man….

    Anyway, in this particular thread, maybe, just maybe you have some interesting points, but honestly, many of the suggestions youve made are simply not practical to the vast majority of lancer fans and, really, not at all acceptable to many of the faithful.

    Amat football will never go down in divisions and just because Amat hasnt won a great many championships in November, doesnt necessarily make Amat some kind of loser in our eyes.

    Amat is good. Maybe not great, but they are nevertheless, just as good as they need to be.

    Frankly Aram, when people such as Nonsense can come on this forum and say all the silly things that they say, it only validates everything that Joe has been speaking about.

    When he says that Amat is doing just fine, then belive me, theyre doing just fine.

    People such as nonsense would never even pay attention to Amat if they werent taking on the challenges that many of the other programs in this valley refuse to take on, year in and year out.

    So yes, Amat is successful doing, and being who they are, and just so you know, many of those other schools you compared Amt to havent even had as many big time wins against quality opponents as Amat has in the recient past weather it was in October or even in November.

    The fact is that many of the football programs in this valley who say and pretend to be on the same level as Amat, will never even try to take on the same challenges as Amat does each and every year.

    Ya, I know its always a clich to say it, but its true. They play and beat some of the best football programs in the country year in and year out and thats because Amat is in one hell of a powerhouse division.

    BTW, not one school in this valley other than West Covina, has even bothered to schedule that any of the same quality of opposition as has Amat has, so heres my question to you. How do you measure success anyway ?

    Do you measure it only in the rings you wear or on the road you take in order to try and get them ? In other words, if Labron never wins a championship, will he never be considered to have been one of the best ?

    How about Amat ?

  • Fred Robledo

    Aram calling me out for a 2007 comment on a thread with 347 comments? Hey pal, I missed it, don’t be so sensitive. I’m sure there are comments on your football threads with someone blasting someone else that could be taken down too. You know as well as I do, we do the best can, but we don’t catch everything.

  • Game Over

    JOEY.. Quit livin in the past. “Youre only as good as your last sale”. Figure it out old man

  • Amat…Respect is EARNED…not given

    “Anonymous said:
    Bulldog – would that ha been a win over (not just Hold heir own – a win) against OLu, Mater Dei, Damien, Rancho Cucamonga, Charter Oak, Diamond Ranch, Glendora, Dominguez, Alemany, St Paul, Chaminade, St Francis, Alemany, Loyola, Crespi, Notre Dame, or St Bonaventure? Which of those wins are you talking about? It surely wasn’t either of the two West Covina beatings! And who have the Bulldogs beat that matches that?”

    Can we talk about the last few years and not the past??? What games of significance has Amat won in the last 3 years???? Amat fans seem to live in the past glories of the “Mighty Blue & Gold”
    Let’s take a look at the last 3 years, shall we?

    2011 – 6-5 ..SMOKED by Servite!, 1-3 in league, 24 point loss in the first round of the playoffs. Beat only one team in the top 100 in Ca…not impressive.

    2010 – 10-2 …#4 seed in the playoffs…lost to 3rd place Tesoro @ home in the first round…only beat 2 team in the top 100 in CA……So much promise, underperformed

    2009 – 10-2…6-0 non league against only 1 opponent in the top 100. ..beat a 6-5 Mater Dei team (that Amat fans brag about!) … their only playoff win in the last 7 years!

    I woudl expect an elite pac 5 team (what Amat fans think they are) to play better teams non league. They pad their schedule with inferior teams which has not helped them. At least play teams ranked in the top 100! Adding Charter Oak and Chino Hills is at least a step up.

  • AMAT 73

    Well looks like all the recruiting and handing out of tuition to athletes that the blog has as SOP at AMAT just wasn’t happening after all. It’s not our style to buy our athletes . If winning has to be done by getting a little dirty or whoring out the program then we pass. We will continue to go about it the AMAT way and just not see eye to eye on how to build a program . If CIF decides to drop us or we don’t win a PAC-5 title then so be it but we do not pay for players , because if you’re honest , that’s what these schools are doing. 20 football scholarships at SJB , the slime handing them out like crazy and the others Aram mentions is their style not AMAT’s . There is money for tuition assitance and last time I checked being a stud football player was not on the requirement list . It’s assitance for those who cannot afford to pay full or part of their tuition and not to get a PAC – 5 championship . So yes Aram we are do gooders or old school or whatever you feel like calling us but as I wrote that’s the AMAT way . Getting a title is not worth getting dirty ( there is no getting a little dirty , you either are or your not ) or whoring ones self or program and maybe that’s what seperates AMAT from the rest .Either way we will continue to compete or not (as the blog sees it ) with what we brung and with the fine young athletes who go to AMAT because that’s where they want to be as students and athletes .If that’s what you call a do gooder or old school or swimming upstream then count me in . Did we cry for more money for transfers or freshmen phenoms , no , we wanted a new coach and we got the right one for the program . And to have take a player and accept the fact that baggage comes along as part of the deal is not for AMAT . In closing the problem is what you see thru your eyes and fixing it is your solution and not ours because to follow the others and lower our standards we would be just like them and that’s what seperates AMAT from all the rest. Fred , do you really think Scoby is paying any tuition at the slime ?????

  • Fred Robledo

    Amat 73, to answer your last question, there are people who claim to be in the know that tell me Scoby got a free ride at St. Paul, that was part of the deal of him agreeing to go there. I don’t know if it’s true, and personally, I have no beef with it if in the end, this is what helps get the kid going academically, gets him to college and saves his family money that they might not have had to afford an education like this. So be it, to me it’s always about what’s in the best interest of the student, and placing that student in the best environment to succeed in life. Remember the movie School Ties, what was the famous line in the end? “You used me for football, I’m going to use you to get into Harvard.” I also have heard from parents who claim certain players have had a free/partial ride at Damien and Amat over the years so don’t fool yourself, it happens. The big difference in terms of football and all sports, is that some schools offer a lot more of these deals than others.

  • Lancelot

    The Amat way will always be The Amat Way. Bishop Amat is more than just Championships, Banners and Rings, Do we like them? Yes. Do we want them? Yes. But we will not change sacrifice our morals or principles to get them. We do ot hire Pimps as coaches. We want athletes who are at Bishop Amat because THEY WANT TO BE A LANCER. Not because they CAN BE A LANCER FOR THE RIGHT PRICE. That is why Bishop Amat excels with the type of athlete it gets. When you suit up for Amat, you suit up for the School, all the players and athletes who came before you, for the Alumni and for the personal pride in being given the opportunity to carry on the Amat Tradition. That is the Amat way and it is NOT FOR SALE!

  • Keep 27

    Amat 73
    It’s ridiculous for you to say Amat’s money they dole out is only need based. When I talk to kids in my area and ask where they’re going, I would say 90% of the ones who say Amat when I ask why they’re going to Amat they answer, “they’re giving me a scholarship.” What I’ve been told is that give the freshmen “scholarships” and if they don’t pan out, then they pull the money the next year and ask them pay. I have heard that several times. Not sure of the truth, but I could see it. I think the point is they’re hustling in this area, but not doing it out of the area.

  • AMAT 73

    Never claimed that that no one at AMAT gets tuition assistance . Some pay all or some pay part but no one gets a free ride due to athletic ability . And believe me , Mgsr would not stand for it and that’s ok by me and many others. Why do you think Scoby is not at AMAT if like Aram say he was busting out on the fact of playing at AMAT which tells me playing for AMAT still has some luster to some or many, but not by their rules ,it must be by AMAT’s rules .You fill out the financial application for assistance it gets reviewed and granted if there is a valid need . Hey I am all in favor of helping kids get a good education,in a student friendly enviroment and if they are athletes to help them along into college but not at the expense of the program and respect of that program in the eyes of coaches,administration,parents,and alumni . Now what is puzzling to me on him leaving CO . Why leave a top notch program with a highly respected coach and a very student friendly enviroment and a winning program ??? And really Fred you are ok with free tuition as part of the “deal” in getting a top player because you know an offer that like that would not go out to the average hard working athlete like a Garza who has by his hard work made himself a top pitcher , what’s next bonus grades for TD’s or making all league or all CIF ???

  • Fred Robledo

    Amat 73, you’re dealing with semantics now, “tuition assistance” is a fancy word for “partial scholarship.” I never wrote Amat gives FULL “tuition assistance,” I wrote full or partial because I simply do not know where the truth lies. But I have heard over the years of athletes given financial assistance they otherwise would not have been given if not for sports. Is that fair?

    This is what Joe Amat wrote earlier:

    Undue influence is any act, gesture or communication (including accepting material or financial inducement to attend a CIF- member school for the purpose of engaging in CIF competition regardless of the source) which is performed personally, or through another, which may be objectively seen as an inducement, or part of a process of inducing a student, or his or her parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver, by or on behalf of, a member school, to enroll in, transfer to, or remain in, a particular school for athletic purposes.

    Whether Amat’s done it once, in part of full for athletic reasons, it would fall under the criteria of undue influence, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s not pretend that Amat plays 100 percent by the rules. They may not be as guilty or go after that particular superstar as hard as others, but doing it once is as illegal as doing it 100 times. And for the record, I still find nothing wrong with it if it benefits the student long term. But CIF and those who make the rules disagree, obviously. In my OPINION, high School football is a big business, it delivers a lot of revenue for the school. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to offer financial assistance to those athletes who help drive the revenues through the roof? I know it will never happen in high school, but that’s why you give scholarships to college athletes.

  • Joe Amat

    MANY students, including MANY athletes, get financial aid at Amat. The difference, as it pertains to financial aid, is the ttransparency of the distribution. It is very clear to everyone how to get financial aid and the company line is to direct them to the proper place to get that process started. Once that gets rolling the coach is really put of the picture – different han some places that have a quota of schollies to pass out. You want financial aid – here you go:

    The following scholarships and financial aid sources are currently available to students enrolled at Bishop Amat High School:
    The Archdiocese of Los Angeles Education Foundation Tuition Awards Program
    The Education Foundation provides Archdiocesan High Schools tuition awards each school year in the amount of $1,500.00 each.
    Criteria: The Education Foundation bases Financial Eligibility at approximately 15 percent above the Federal School Lunch Program income guidelines. Students qualify for a Tuition Award based onacademic achievement, involvement in parish and school activities, combined annual family incomes,strength of personal character, and a recommendation from the Principal.
    George H. Mayr Foundation Scholarship Program
    There are two components to this program. In 1999 and 2000, the school matched two challenge grants of $25,000 each from the Mayr Foundation and created a long-term interest bearing account with the Archdiocese. This income source funds two annual scholarships in the amount of $2,500.00 each.
    The George H. Mayr Foundation also provides the school with an annual donation of $20,000.00 to be used in the current year to fund eight scholarships in the amount of $2,500.00 each. In addition to the eight scholarships that the Foundation funds, interest from the investment provides two scholarships in the amount of $2,500.00 each.
    Criteria: The Foundation stipulates that the awards be at least $2,500.00 in amount and the awardees be academically outstanding students, deserving,and worthy of financial aid. They are to be designated Mayr Scholars and are obligated to submit personal portfolios annually to the Foundation. Choice of the awardees is left to the school. The Foundation prefers to assist their awardees through their entire high school careers.
    The Bishop Amat High School Honors at Entrance Program
    In the Fall of 2001, the school initiated a program to honor academically gifted ninth grade applicants with a one time financial award to assist them in meeting their tuition obligations to the school.
    Criteria: To be eligible for the awards, the applicants must take the Bishop Amat High School entrance test and enroll as ninth grade students. Students who score in the 95th-99th percentile are awarded a $2,500.00 scholarship; those who score 90th-94th percentile are awarded a $2,000.00 scholarship.
    The Bishop Amat High School Financial Aid Program
    Specific amounts are appropriated through the school budget to underwrite financial aid that will be granted to needy students.
    The criteria and process by which recipients are chosen are identical to those employed by the Archdiocesan Tuition Grant Program. In practice, we choose our recipients from those students whose applications to the Archdiocesan Program were not funded.
    The Sylvester M. Graff Scholarship Program
    The Graff Scholarship was established in 1999 with funds donated by the widow of the late Mr. Graff in memory of her deceased husband. Interest drawn from the investment provides for one annual scholarship in the amount of $3,000.00.
    Criteria: In consultation with the Graff Family, the scholarship is awardedto a student of superior academic ability who is experiencing severe financial difficulty.
    The Angelo J. Brutocao Scholarship Program
    The Brutocao Scholarship was established in 1999 with funds donated by the widow of the late Mr. Brutocao in memory of her deceased husband. Interest drawn from the investment provides for one annual scholarship.
    Criteria: to be awardedto an academically capable student in need of financial aid.
    Bishop Amat High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
    This scholarship fund was established in November, 2001 with monies donated by Bishop Amat Alumni and matched by the school. The interest provided from this account funds two annual scholarships.
    Criteria: to be awarded to an academically capable student in need of financial aid. When possible, the scholarship is awarded to a child of a Bishop Amat graduate.
    Carrie Estelle Doheny Scholarship Program
    In 2010, the school was awarded $29,500.00 from the Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation to be used for scholarships to retain students who, without financial assistance, would be unable to remain in the school.
    Criteria: Awards are granted to students who are in need of financial aid,have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 and who have a history of Christian Service.The student mustcomplete a minimum of 15 hours of Christian Service under the supervision of Mr. Victor Arenas, the schools Christian Service Program Moderator.
    Armando Gallegos Scholarship Fund
    The Scholarship was established with funds donated by the daughters of the late Mr. Gallegos in memory of their deceased father. Interest drawn from the investment provides for one annual scholarship in the amount of $1,100.00.
    Criteria: to be awarded to a student who is experiencing financial difficulty.
    The Charles F. Policare Memorial Scholarship Fund
    The Charles F. Policare Scholarship was established in December 2003 in memory of the much loved veteran teacher who died earlier in the year. The initial fund was created with a major donation from school surplus moniessupplemented by donations from individuals. Interest drawn from the investment provides annual scholarships.
    Criteria: to be awarded to a studentas recommended by the Charles Policare Memorial Scholarship Committee.
    The Helen F. Haden Scholarship Fund
    In 2004 and 2005 our alumnus, Mr. Patrick C. Haden offered a matching grant of $25,000.00 to the school to establish a scholarship fund in honor of his mother, Mrs. Helen F. Haden. The total amount of $100,000.00 has been deposited in the long-term investment pool operated by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
    Criteria: to be awarded annually to a student who is resident in Sacred Heart Parish in Covina (Mr. Hadens parish of origin) with demonstrated academic ability and financial aid need.
    Knights of Columbus Scholarship Fund
    In November 2005, the Fr. Maguire Council of the Knights of Columbus established a scholarship fund with an initial donation of $5,000.00. This amount was matched by the school. The Council has also pledged an annual donation of $5,000.00 which will also be matched by the school.
    Criteria: To be awarded to an academically capable student in need of financial aid.
    Scott Sullivan Textbook Scholarship
    In June 2006 Mr. Charles A. Sullivan of Leawood, Kansas made a donation of $30,000.00 to Bishop Amat High School for the purpose of establishing the Scott Sullivan Textbook Scholarship Fund in memory of his recently deceased nephew, Scott Sullivan, an alumnus of Bishop Amat High School. In 2008 an additional $5,000.00 was donated by the family.
    Criteria:Four $500 scholarships are granted to students who are maintaining good grades and are working part-time to help meet their tuition obligations to the school are eligible to receive financial assistance towards the cost of school required textbooks. Applications are available May 1. The Sullivan Family reviews the applications and designates the awardee(s).
    Bishop Amat High School Endowment Trust Fund
    On July 24, 2007 Bishop Amat High School, with the approval of His Eminence Roger M. Mahony, established the Bishop Amat Endowment Trust Fund. The initial investment in the Trust was $500,000.00 with a subsequent investment in July 2008 of $100,000.00. The Board of Trustees has determined that for the foreseeable future the earnings from the Fund will be used to provide scholarships and financial aid to students from lower income families. The School intends to invest an additional $100,000.00 in the Fundannually.
    Criteria: grants will be made to academically capable students in need of financial aid.
    Joseph Sparky OConnor Scholarship Fund
    The Sparky OConnor Scholarship Fund was established in October 2007 in memory of the much loved athletic coach who died earlier in the year. The initial fund was created with a donation from school surplus monies supplemented by donations from Mr. OConnors family and friends.
    Criteria: to be awarded annually to one male student and one female student who is in need of financial assistance.
    Carmen and Lucy Cavezza Scholarship Fund
    The Carmen and Lucy Cavezza Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 in memory of long-time Bishop Amat supporters, Carmen and Lucy Cavezza both of whom died in November 2008. The initial fund was created with a donation from school surplus moniessupplemented by donations from friends and family.
    Criteria: to be awarded annually to a student from St. Joseph School, La Puente who is in need of financial assistance.
    Daylon McCutcheon Scholarship Fund
    In December 2008 Mr. McCutcheon pledged to contribute $10,000.00 annually for a period of ten years, for a total of $100,000.00. Each year, $2,500.00 will be directed to a current student, and the remaining $7,500.00 will be deposited into the Daylon McCutcheon Scholarship Fund that the school established with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The school will match the annual contribution of $7,500.00 that is deposited into the scholarship fund bringing principal contributions to $150,000.00 at the end of ten years.
    Criteria: In consultation with Mr. McCutheon, an award will be madea needy student who is of sound character and demonstrates qualities such as commitment, integrity and perseverance. The student must also be involved in the school community and maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average.
    The Rosella and Christopher R. Trujillo Scholarship Fund
    The Trujillo Scholarship Fund was established in January 2009 with an initial donation of $25,000.00 from by the school from its surplus funds, supplemented by $2,200.00 from the Trujillo Family. The school committed to matching all subsequent donations to the Fund until the principal reaches $50,000.00.
    Criteria: to be awarded annually to a student from St. Louis of France School who is in need of financial assistance.

  • AMAT 73

    You can believe it or not but if you ever happen to run into Mnsgr just ask him .You ever heard that saying about tighter than a frogs azz , perfect example and again I am not saying that’s a bad thing in this situation, maybe when it concerns a new stadium or new turf it’s puzzling but not on this .I would bet you there are more non athletes receiving assistance then there are athletes receiving it. Think about it if we were offering free tuition to all these local phenoms as keep 27 writes wouldn’t they be in AMAT uniforms . Wouldn’t Scoby be at AMAT instead of the slime. Really why pass on an athlete of his caliber and who really wants to be a Lancer if giving a free ride was all that mattered and we do it all the time as you and others think . Answer me that one . Makes sense doesn’t it that we would be loaded with talent if it was happening at all or at the levels bloggers come on here and post . So as I wrote we have come full circle from offering the world free rides and heavily recruiting to not offering shiat and way behind on the recruiting front with the other parocials . Which is it , either we do or we don’t just as , either you’re dirty or your not or your a whore or your not , there is no middle ground .

  • I bet if

    you were to ask Hagerty, he would without a doubt enjoy a few athletes that would bolster and strengthen his chances in the Pac-5 regardless of whether or not they come by means of financial support. Matter of fact, I bet he would embrace the idea.

  • Oh Please

    Amat 73 and Joe Amat please stop with the “we take the high road” approach to scholarships. Your just like the rest of the private catholic schools in the area so dispense with holier than now attitude. want proof? Just look at last weeks headlines about your school that was quickly swept away. If that had been a public school, then news like that would have been on TV non-stop for days. Sorry, your not perfect so please stop. Im sure they will block this message because of the reference to a public article/

  • Fred Robledo

    Oh Please, for legal reasons, there are certain things I’m not at liberty to discuss. But in terms of your general question, sweeping stories under the rug, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The story you’re referencing isn’t in the news (other than the story published of a teacher being dismissed) because the police did a cursory investigation and found no laws had been broken. If there were chargers filed and someone was arrested, then it would be all over the news. The rumors that were spread mostly through twitter about a student being expelled or losing a scholarship were simply not true. That’s all I will share or should share. Any comments suggesting anything else will, and should be deleted. I’m not taking any follow questions regarding this, I’ve spelled it out the best I could. If you don’t understand our position, you never will. If you have concerns you want to voice privately, you can always email me.

  • Steve Ramirez

    I guess I will get into the fight. I have to side with Joe Amat here, using the famed Jack Cooper line in a Twilight Episode when he was down and out, saying, ‘A man’s got to live with himself, even if he lives in the gutter.’ Amat, or any other Catholic school shouldn’t sell its soul to win football games, just like any Division I college that has high academic standards shouldn’t either and go bonkers with high special admits.

  • Not a business

    High School Football is not big business, if it were a business 100% of all High School Football programs would file for bankruptcy protection each and every year. Football and Basketball generate some revenues, but not nearly enough to even come close to covering the budget for those programs. Some schools and some programs are able to generate more revenues then others but certainly not to the level where the incoming revenues outpace the outgoing expenditures. Why do you think that Amat and other big time private schools charge their kids so much to participate in any athletic program which is on top the tuition that they already pay? Why do you think that parents are required to donate so much of their time to fundraisers and bingo? The schools aren’t pushing this things so someone can get rich, they push these things in order to help offset some of the enormous costs of running the program. If Amat went out there and started handing out scholarships to every little Johnny they want to bring into the program they’ll have to jack up the fundraisers, athletic fees, and tuition to every other paying customer to cover the losses. Not only is High School Football/Basketball NOT big business, it’s not even on par to be called a non profit, most non profits at least zero out.

  • Really

    Interesting how much a certain school talks about tradition and how they would never recruit, blah blah blah. So why was it that i saw this schools coaches scouting a player while he was playing at another school freshman team talking to his dad. Guess where that player ended up. They weren’t there only once either. So please get off your high horse you all do it. I wont name the player or school, I mean why mess up this young man. But get over yourselves already. Oh and he wasn’t the only player they were trying to get.

  • Aram Is Right

    Like it or not, Aram is Right!

    This collection of copulating Amat Blowhards is humiliating, ignorant, and arrogant. Its kicking on its last gasping breaths! And I for one am enjoying it! Where’s your dignity Joe Amat?

    Steve “R-E-L-I-E-F” Hagery already did a spring-ball interview with Fred wherein he has acknowledged that his Lancers are going to get their collective azzez handed to them in 2012.

    Fred J Robledo (Blog 04/30/12) Hagerty is directly quoted as saying:

    “We’re fighting to get on top and we’re NOT EVEN CLOSE right now.” What does that say about your leader of men over there at Amat? The guy has admitted that you’re not even close to the competition you’re playing in 2012. And who is the competition in 2012? Why it’s the FishBowl, Joe Amat…! You know…all the future drop outs and State school graduates you want to hold beneath you! Its Chino Hills and Charter Oak, little man…! You cannot avoid it in 2012!

    Hagerty is later quoted by Fred as saying:
    “HOW do we bridge that GAP that appears to be WIDENING between us and the Pac-5?”
    HOW…? He’s asking how…? This is the mule that you’ve wagon hitched to? Really…?

    The Bishop Amat head football coach is at a loss for how to compete in the PAC 5! He doesn’t even know “HOW” to compete against his own division. AND its only May! Injuries, Grades, and Summer Defections haven’t even started yet…!

    Hagerty then tells Fred:
    “I think there’s adequate people to fill those (2011) spots. We just need to get them coached up and taught up…”
    Translation: I have no studs, no superstars, and we’re gonna suck in 2012. My Cupboard is empty and I ain’t got the horses to run with!

    If that doesn’t cry out for desperation, humiliation, and embarrassment, what else does Hagerty have to say that will convince you otherwise?
    – Amat 73
    – Joe Amat
    – Covina Colt 74
    – LanceaLot
    – JCAZ
    – Amat Blowhard

    I say Aram Is Right…! Amat has been a “Below-Average” football school for the last 17 years and will not change in the near future. 2012 is very likely to bring another 2 – 8 season, no playoffs, yet the Blowhards will stay say that they are better cus their All Valley defensive linemen get scholarships (errrr financial aid!) to Mt Sac city college.

    Amat, like the single wire Telegraph, was once great. But the modern high school football world demands the new “IPhone 4s” which is Fast, Sleek, Powerful, and owned by a giant company called Apple…!

  • Steve Ramirez

    First of all,it’s Mt. San Antonio College, with the second reference of Mt. SAC, not Mt. Sac.
    Secondly, it’s not a bad thing for a high school player to go there. At last count, Mt. SAC is a very good road to FBS. The Mounties average about 20 players or more receiving athletic scholarships to four-year schools, and about 7-10 going Division 1.

  • Lancelot

    @aram is right, it sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself that Amat is in real trouble. Also, if you are using Hagerty’s quotes as “proof” of our decline, HA,HA,HA…..the joke is on you my man. Coach Hagerty does a great Lou Holtz about this time every year…where ya been man!

  • Aram is Right

    At Steve Ramires, City College is all you got out my fabulous essay? Wow…your bilndness is even worse than the Amat Blowhards!

    What’s the topic Steve? Stay on it or don’t comment at all.

    At Drunkalot, Lou Holtz hasn’t coached since ND and SC cuz his act got so tired even their Alums didn’t buy it! You’ll see the Lancer Blowhards will be asking for RELIEF in 2013 also. Hagerty Relief, that is…!

    Now back to the topic at hand:
    Is Amat dead?

  • Numbers never lie

    It looks like 2/3 of the readers don’t agree with Aram. It looks like Amat has made the playoffs coming out of one of the toughest leagues in the country every year under Hagerty – the only Serra League team to hold that 4 year streak. Not Crespi, who Amat is 3-1 against during those those years. Not Notre Dame or Loyola. Alemany is 2-1 vs Amat during that time after this years 5 pt win. Amat has a league title during that time. Not Cespi. Not Loyola. Not Notre Dame. During that time Amat beat Orange Lutheran in a year they won the trinity league. During that time Amat beat Mater Dei in a year they beat Corona Centennial – even though people here pop off about the tough Inland Division. During that time Amat beat St Bonaventure when they were a top team in the nation. During that time they’ve improved after 3 straight declining year (6-4,5-5,3-7) in which they didn’t make the playoffs. Amat is just fine and headed in the right direction – thank you very much.

  • Numbers may not lie, but you do

    1. Serra League? = worst performing league in the Pac-5 playoffs over the last 6 years, and That includes the newly departed Sunset league. You can’t boast of being one of the best leagues in the country and lay an egg in the playoffs each year.
    2. League title? = Amat shared the title with Notre Dame in 2009, and it only took 2 wins to be the Co-Champions because you only had 4 teams in the league.
    3. Ok, so you beat a 3rd place Mater Dei team who beat Centennial who DIDN’T win the Inland Div that year, Big deal
    4. Inland Div = smashed the Pac-5 Div last year
    5. Improving = peaked with only 1 playoff win and now in decline once again.

  • Lancelot

    Ha,Ha, ok “aram is right” guyWe all know when Lou last coached so try and stay focused….Hopefully you get the reference because I’m not goping to explain it to you.
    Say what you want about the Serra and playoff’s etc.etc…still one of the toughest divisions in the Nation and AMAT is still the only school in the area playing in it! And no matter how you squeeze your numbers they (AMAT) HAVE won league titles and made the playoff’s where others have not.
    As always, everybody loves to worry about little Ol’Amat. Thanks fellas but leave the state of Bishop Amat to the ones who really care…The Amat Faithful. When we start voicing our concern that’s when things matter. You clowns are just stirring up dust, starting rumors and Hating on the Lancers.

  • jcaz

    Aram is right…..

    Ouch !!!

  • Fish Bowl Originator ( yes it’s me and no it’s not anonymous if you know it’s me right?)

    Since I started the “FISH BOWL” phrase let me at least give some perspective on this made up declaration by others that Bishop Amat is in decline and should be dropped from the Pac 5.

    When a “fish” is in the comfort of a “FISH BOWL” it’s easy to dismiss big ocean fish and their “daily” struggles to survive by saying they are not “thriving” and hence in decline.

    However we also know, or at least should acknowledge, that the Fish Bowl “fish” are being “fed” daily by the powers that be and we should not mistake food flakes for true Darwinism, “survival of the fittest”.

    As was the case with CO who was taken out of one division after going back to back only to be replaced by their neighbor who also goes back to back. The irony is both schools have Championship pedigree in their past before the Fish Bowl mentality came into vogue so no hate to either, championships are championships.

    I do have a question though for every one, “what’s the point of dumping on Bishop Amat when no OC team is panting to play any one in the Fish Bowl to prove “their” worth” ? In fact instead of complaining why Bishop Amt plays Garfield why doesn’t CO, WC or , the new flavor of the month” Monrovia schedule Serra who will play any one any where?

    The question I have is simple, “What would Monrovia, WC or CO have accomplished last year that Bishop Amat did not?” Considering that the Lancer teams are in “decline”, a universally held concept, isn’t it an odd coincidence that now local teams are chomping at the bit to play them? What does that say about them?

    Years ago, when their were less divisions, winning a Championship was really something but that’s not so say San Dimas beating Monrovia is the same as Mater Dei battling LB POLY ! Which bring me to a point that is being ignored, LB Poly, Mater Dei and Carson all have similar Amat like records yet how many FISH BOWL teams are scheduling them?

    This is too funny. So maybe the experts can tell me an “A” from Bassett high school is the same as an “A” at Loyola…an “A” is an “a” right?