Any thoughts on Softball player of the year and first team? Lots of tough choices

When I think of Chino Hills, St. Lucy’s and Bishop Amat, the area’s best three softball teams, there are a collection of standouts that make those teams great, and in Chino Hills’ case, this is especially true. It’s hard to nail down just one MVP. There were players from other teams with great individual seasons, so picking an MVP for the area is especially difficult this year. But we only get one player of the year and one first team, so who do you think should be on the list.
2 Pitchers:
1: Catcher
4 Infielders:
3 Outfielders:
1 Utility.

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  • Ridiculous


    I really wish you would stop including teams like Chino Hills, Ayala, Claremont, etc. in our SGV rankings and blogs. These school’s are clearly in the coverage area of the Daily Bulletin, not the Trib. That’s where they belong and our kids deserve their own coverage. Stop sacrificing OUR kids for the sake of YOUR blog’s popularity.

  • SL Fan

    I give a vote to probably the most under rated player in the SGV. Jasmine Sosa has been the starting catcher at St. Lucy’s for 4 years. I have watched her call her own games in travel ball and high school and she is extremely game smart. She has helped make Danielle OToole the success at SL by her pitch calling and framing of pitches. She makes good pitchers look great. I believe she failed to get the recognition she deserved becaue her stats at the plate may not have been as high as some of the other standout catchers. However, I would match her up as a complete catcher with any kid out there. UCLA obviously saw her value and what a steal for them. Great kid and work ethic! She is my vote for 1st Team.

  • Softball fan

    Jasmine who? UCLA out early this year seems they are not recruiting well!

  • Softball fan

    Congratulations to St Lucys for a great year !

  • Wow

    To; Softball fan said

    Have you no class? Leave the kids alone, you crossed the line.

  • My vote

    The two pitchers for me would absolutley be O’Toole(St. Lucy’s) and Innamorato(Chino Hills).
    Player of the year I always favor a pitcher and between the two I would lean towards O’Toole. They both have impressive pitching stats but O’Toole hits and has a good batting avg. Anyway, thats my two cents. The other positions are tough! There are so many good players from all teams. Good luck!

  • Softball fan

    I agree O’Toole an all around great player who also CAN HIT THE BALL which is important in softball and can field!

  • letsC

    2:Pitchers: Otoole or Nikki.
    1:Catcher: Well deserved & earned Jasmine Sosa.
    4:Infielders: Laura Swan, Dani Mavirdis.
    3:Outfielders: Jazlyn Costa, Katherine Jiminez, Caroline Smith.
    1:Utility. ?

  • LetsC

    OOps! I will redo 🙂

    2:Pitchers: Otoole
    1:Catcher: Jasmine Sosa
    4-Infielders: Dani Mavirdis, Laura Swan, Brandi Harkness.
    3 Outfielders: Caroline Smith
    1 Utility.

  • R Gary

    Sosa is a very good at handling pitchers and a fine defensive catcher, but didn’t hit enough to make 1st team SGV. Anyone know why she didn’t play yesterday in the most important game of the year.?

  • Softball fan

    I agree Gary but you got to love the passion of her relative posting under different names!

  • LetsC

    Im sticking with Sosa. Numervous reason why that kid should be voted. Sosa #1 Catcher is my vote.

  • R Gary

    Hey LetsC.

    Why didn’t Jasmine play in yesterday’s Semi Final?

  • Fan of the Game

    Sosa did play. She didn’t hit. She is an outstanding catcher. Made OToole shine! Sosa has had a rough year hitting she was overshadowed the last two years. But she’ll get plenty of at bats in UCLA. Go Bruins!

  • R Gary

    Fan of the Game, Thanks
    I forgot that when I looked at the box score.
    Catcher B. Rodriguez from So.Hills is also going to ucla, but she’s a big time hitter. Will interesting there the next 4 years.

  • Softbsll fan

    How can you expect a catcher who does not hit to be nominated for first team.

    I think Lexi Gonzales at Amat handled a pitcher just as effectively as the SL catcher, if not better. And she certainly hit for power, drove in runs and with a much better average.

    You SL parents are smoking something!

  • tyrone

    Don’t forget about kaylea snaer the catcher from Rowland she did have 16 homeruns and just because they didn’t have a great season doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve it

  • hssb

    2 Pitchers: Nikki Innamorato (129 Ks, 1.05 ERA, 21 W 2 L), Danielle OToole (148Ks, 1.56 ERA, 19W 4 L; BA 306, 17 RBIs 4 HR)
    1: Catcher Paige Gumz (BA 371, 29 RBI, 4 HR), Alexis Gonzales (BA 495, RBI 38, 11 HR), Brittany Rodriguez (BA 432, 33 RBI, 8 HR),Kayla Snaer ( BA 536, 36 RBI, 16 HR)
    4 Infielders: Nikki Girard (BA 430, 37 RBI, 7 HR), Brandi Harkness (BA 441, 45 RBI, 10 HR), Danielle Mavridis (BA 446, 24 RBI, 5 HR), L. Swan (BA 407, 27 RBI, 4 HR), Kristen Stewart (BA 366, 27 RBI, 6 HR)
    3 Outfielders: Tannon Snow (BA 435, 34 RBI, 8 HR), Nikki Sprague (BA 513, 21 RBI, 5 HR), Alison Strycula (BA 458, 13 RBI, 2 HR)
    1 Utility. Patricia Parks (BA 478, 18 RBI, 3 HR, 1.07 ERA, 62 Ks, 10W-1L), Sarah Moore (BA 461, 27 RBI, 8 HR)

  • DreamSeam

    I have seen my fair share of games this year and following the criteria here is my list.

    Pitchers-(SL)O’Toole,(CH) Innamorato
    Catchers- (SH)Rodriguez-(BA)Gonzalez,or (CH)Gumz
    no disrespect to Sosa but it wasn’t even close! JMO
    Infielders-(SL)Mavirdis, (BA)Padilla, Harkness,(SE)Diaz
    Outfielders- (CH)Parks, (BA)Sanchez, (CH)Snow

  • Seventy4

    “Softball Fan” seems to be a douche, Everyone on here is posting positive comments and not one person has even mentioned any negative comments except for softball fan, Softball can do with fans like you, It’s bad enough with all the BS in HS Ball. You must be a relative of JP over at Santiago. Fred asked for suggestions not your asinine comments.

    quote: “Have you no class? Leave the kids alone, you crossed the line.”

  • Enough of Max Preps

    I think using Max Preps to vote are a bit inconsistent with how good (or not so good) some of these players are. There are so many variables ie; strength of schedule, parents keeping stats, interpretation of hits vs. errors, fielders choice, innings played etc…
    My votes go to the kids who had the big plays, big hits, big catch in the big games to help their teams win or change the game. Sorry if Im a bit bias to Chino Hills and St. Lucy’s but they proved they had some players by their difficulty of their schedule, toughest League in the SGV and their results this year.
    1. Pitchers – Innamorato (CH) / Otoole (SL)
    2. Catchers – Sosa(SL) / Gumz(CH)
    3. Infield – Harkness(SL) Girrard(CH) Mavardis(SL)
    4. Outfield – Snow(CH) Kent(SL) Jimenez(SL) Smith(SL) Parks(CH)
    5. Utility – Brooke(CO)

  • Truth hurts some people-

    Innamorato(CH)-League Champs 2 years in a row and in the Championship Game for Division 3. Sorry St. Lucy’s you can’t beg, bully or buy your way to either of those.

  • Uncle Buck

    Get Real….

    Kent is as good as it gets in the outfield. I don’t know about the others.

  • SLP4

    1. Pitchers -Inamorato(CH)-Otoole(SL)
    2. Catchers -Sosa(SL)
    3. Infield – Swan(SL)-Mavardis(SL)
    4. Outfield -Smith(SL)-Jimenez(SL)
    5. Utility – I cant think of one. Apologies.
    Apologies if I miss spelled anyone name and good luck CH!

  • Ridiculous


    All this talk about Chino Hills makes me sick. All of these girls are going to get honored by the Daily Bulletin. Do they really need to make All-Valley as well? Especially since Chino Hills is NOT in the SGV? Come on people. There are tons of great players who truly play in the SGV who deserve to be honored. I think one paper (DB) awarding these girls really should be enough.

    By the way…this is not just an issue in softball. This is an problem in all sports.

  • hssb

    “Ridiculous.” Let me get this straight. Chino Hills and the other teams you speak of are good enough to play in the SGV and good enough to represent the SGV in playoffs and CIF, but they are not good enough to have their players recognized, assuming they are deserving?

    These teams did not put themselves in the SGV leagues or the CIF divisions, but they are required to play in them. The best players should be recognized in the SGV leagues, period. The papers for the areas some of these players live in DO NOT recognize them because they play in the SGV and expect the SGV to recognize them. It’s pretty simple, be the best player and you have a shot at getting recognized.

    Your name is perfect because you are in fact, Ridiculous!

  • True That

    Fred Please start a post about Horse Shoes. I want to see how long it takes for the St. Lucy crowd to make it about them.

    Let me make the first post for them:
    SL would have had the best horse shoe team in the SGV, but we ran out of horses and the coach and AD were bad. No one knows what we had to go through. It was not fair.

  • Treba

    MVP – Kaylea Snaer, period. Her stats are unapproachable by any player in the Valley, both offensively and defensively. Aside from her power numbers; .536 BA, 16 HRs, 36 RBIs, she threw all but one basestealer out (bad call by the umpire). Also, she had several pickoffs on both first and third base runners. Most teams intentionally walked her in the second half of the season and her hits were from swinging at pitches out of the strike zone. Give her her due – MVP ! ! !

  • Ridiculous


    We’re not talking about CIF here, or even leagues. We’re talking about an independent newspaper. They can choose to cover whoever they want. They aren’t bound by any rule to include Chino Hills and Ayala just because they are in a league with local schools. Cover their games…fine! But keep them out of the ALL-SGV team if they don’t even go to school in the freakin SGV!!! Last time I checked, Chino Hills is in a different COUNTY and AREA CODE than the entire SGV. By what logic or stretch of the imagination are they considered SGV?

    Two questions for you:

    1) Does the Daily Bulletin include Chino Hills athletes in their All-Area Team?

    2) Can I get the Tribune delivered to my house if I live in Chino Hills?

    Eagerly awaiting your answers.

  • R Gary

    Does the Daily Bulletin run stories through out the year covering the various sports of Charter Oak, South Hills and St. Lucy’s. And do they include the various athletes in their All Area teams? After all they are all in the Sierra League, just like Ayala, Claremont and Chino Hills.

  • Fred Robledo

    When the new Sierra League was formed with Chino Hills, Ayala, Claremont, South Hills, Charter Oak, Damien and St. Lucy’s in the fall of 2010, a decision was made to include all six schools in our coverage, rankings and all-area teams. Since the decision was made there have been a lot of complaints because Chino Hills, Claremont and Ayala aren’t technically in the SGV. The complaints are mostly with all-area decisions because those schools are also eligible for post-season awards with the Daily Bulletin. After the season I will revisit the discussion with the higher-ups and mention your complaints. Who knows, maybe we can draw all-area boundries, but keep in mind that schools like Bonita, Damien, Diamond Ranch, Pomona, Ganesha and La Verne Lutheran are also eligible for post-season awards with both papers, so this isn’t just about the three Sierra League teams not technically in the SGV. I’m on the fence about it because I believe including all the Sierra League is good for our bottom line, but I would never change the rules in the middle of the game. It is what it is for now.

  • Mike Kent

    Apparently I am the only with the nuts to use his real name. It was brought to my attention my daughter was being named in this blog. She doesn’t care about all league, all valley or all anything. She doesn’t know Uncle Buck or Get Real and doesn’t want to. The amazing part is an adult would sit on line and tear any player apart no matter who they are. She plays the game because she loves it not for you or anyone else and I would imagine all of them do. Unfortunately this is what makes them hate it and makes them quit. The same people on this blog who thinks their angel is perfect and takes a wack at others because they really don’t believe it. I hate to say it but the only thing that matters is All CIF and you won’t be able to talk your way on to that.

  • Softball Guru

    Boy, I am 30 something posts behind, here are my thoughts for All-Tribune players. I think the MVP should be decided after CIF finals and should belong to a player that most helps their team capture a CIF title, hint (Chino Hills):

    Danielle OToole(SR) (148Ks, 1.56 ERA, 19W 4 L; .306 BA, 22 H, 16 R, 17 RBIs 4 HR)
    Nikki Innamorato(SR) (129 Ks, 1.05 ERA, 21 W 2 L)(no hitting stats)

    Catcher: (tough call)
    Kayla Snaer(JR) (.536 BA, 37 H, 27 R, 36 RBI, 16 HR)
    Alexis Gonzales(JR) (.495 BA, 46 H, 28 R, 38 RBI, 11 HR)
    Brittany Rodriguez(SR) (.432 BA, 32 H, 23 R, 33 RBI, 8 HR)

    Danielle Mavridis(SR) (.446 BA, 41 H, 29 R, 24 RBI, 5 HR)
    Brandi Harkness(SR) (.441 BA, 41 H, 27 R, 45 RBI, 10 HR)
    Nikki Girard(SR) (.430 BA, 43 H, 30 R, 37 RBI, 7 HR)
    Kristen Stewart(SR) (.366 BA, 30 H, 21 R, 27 RBI, 6 HR)

    Candice Orozco(SR) (.569 BA, 33 H, 29 R, 24 RBI, 5 HR)
    Nikki Sprague(JR) (.513 BA, 40 H, 35 R, 21 RBI, 5 HR)
    Patricia Parks(SO) (.478 BA, 54 H, 35 R, 18 RBI, 3 HR, (1.07 ERA, 62 Ks, 10W-1L)

    Sarah Moore(SR) (.461 BA, 27 RBI, 8 HR)

  • SL Fan

    Softball Guru,
    You wrote,
    MVP should be decided after CIF finals and should belong to a player that most helps their team capture a CIF title, hint (Chino Hills):

    Then why do you have players listed that never even got past the first round of CIF? Good players but you are contradicting yourself.

    Max Preps stats are a guide but very often padded. Wins and Losses stats are the only stats truly verified because the game officials validate them.

  • Softball Guru

    SL Fan:

    The players I listed are for All-Tribune selections, I did not mention a name for MVP. A CIF title would certainly help build a case for someone, though. If Chino Hills wins CIF, it would be difficult not to make an argument (not a guarantee) for Innamorato. Let’s see what happens this Saturday. If they lose, I lean towards O’Toole because not only is she a dominant pitcher with 19 wins and 148 K’s, she is also a .300+ hitter with 4 HR.
    Regarding Maxpreps, I think the most accurate stat leagues (not perfect) are the Sierra and the Del Rey Leagues. The reason I say those two leagues is because every team from both leagues report stats, therefore you are able to cross verify stats for accuracy. Also, there are a lot of eye balls (including the press) watching the stats in these two leagues and if there were bogus numbers, believe me, we would hear about it on this blog. I would also mention the Hacienda League, but West Covina is missing stats for half their games (12 games) why? And in the Valle Vista, Pomona does not report at all.

  • SGV softball

    So, are players from the Sierra League teams Charter Oak, South Hills and St. Lucy’s eligible for First Team-Daily Bulletin honors? I think the answer is no. But the other Sierra League teams like Ayala, Chino Hills and Claremont are eligible for both paper’s First Team-Honors. “Ridiculous” makes a real good argument especially with Chino Hills being so dominant this year. There possibly will be deserving players from the SGV that will not get First Team recognition from their home town paper, but there will be players from Chino Hills that will get recognition from both the Daily Bulletin (their home paper) and the SGV Tribune.
    Maybe you can talk to your Daily Bulletin counterpart and coordinate an equitable agreement.
    I did find it interesting that the SGV All-Star game this Sunday includes teams from the Sierra League, yet Chino Hills, Ayala and Claremont players are not represented. Just thinking out loud.

  • FYI

    Daily Bulletin includes St. Lucy’s in its all-team selections. In the case of volleyball, POTY, Head Coach and 3 other players were named All-Valley in 2011.

  • Softball Nan

    Try playing every game knowing in all likelehood you are going to loose. It takes a love for the game to keep on going. Kaylea Snaer has a love for the game and deep respect for the game. She is constantly encouraging her teammates to do their best and also provides the know how for softball. Just take a look at her stats for example her BA is 536 and could be much higher if the other schools would pitch to her. She hit 16 HR and had 36 RBI’s. Kaylea should get Softball Player of the year.

  • was wondering

    Was wondering how Charter Oak made it through a whole season without a single player reaching base on an error? If a batted ball is recorded ROE you get charged 0 for 1 for that play. So how do you know what their real stats are ?

  • SGV Softball

    Kayla Snear played in a weak league with no pitching and her team finished dead last……MVP OF WHAT????????

    Nikki Inomorato P Chino Hills MVP No brainer,,,,,,


    Softball Nan said:
    Try playing every game knowing in all likelehood you are going to loose.(NOT A VERY POSITIVE ATTITUDE) It takes a love for the game to keep on going. Kaylea Snaer has a love for the game and deep respect for the game.(ALL TOP PLAYERS LOVE AND RESPECT THE GAME, NOT JUST HER) She is constantly encouraging her teammates to do their best and also provides the know how for softball.(AND SHE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES THIS?) Just take a look at her stats for example her BA is 536 and could be much higher if the other schools would pitch to her. She hit 16 HR and had 36 RBI’s.(ROWLAND HAD A WEAK SCHEDULE, ALL TOP PLAYERS DON’T GET ANYTHING TO HIT, NOT JUST HER. SHE WENT O-FOR AGAINST AYALA, LOS ALTOS AND THE WEAKEST TEAM IN THE SIERRA LEAGUE, CLAREMONT. SHE HAD 5 K’s IN THESE GAMES.) Kaylea should get Softball Player of the year(DON’T BELIEVE YOUR OWN PRESS)

  • reallly

    SL Fan,

    Sosa at UCLA is like my dog spot winning the kentucky derby…… It wont happened. Ucla wont win games with this recruit.. Sorry, big donations buys a spot on the team…….

  • SGV Softball


    thank god somebody finally said that….UCLA what a joke….Good luck getting any time in front of B.Rodriguez…..

  • True That

    @SGV Softball and SL Fan

    At least that Sosa didn’t get kicked off the team for being a drunk and threatening teammates.