Chino Hills wins first softball title since 2005, beats South Torrance 3-0 for D-3 title

Congratulations to Chino Hills, the 2012 Division 3 softball champions. Check out the Inland Insider Tom Kiss’ video highlights and postgame interviews …

Chino Hills pitcher Nikki Innamorato was solid again, surrendering just two hits in the 3-0 shutout over South Torrance. All the Huskies runs were unearned, scoring twice in the third and again in the sixth on crucial South Torrance errors, but credit the Huskies for keeping the pressure on and capitalizing when they had to capitalize. It was their second title and first since 2005.

Chino Hills High School’s softball team is an incredible collection of talent. But in order to win a CIF-SS title, you have to be more than an incredible collection of talent. You have to be an incredible team.

Top-seeded Chino Hills (32-3) became that incredible team in 2012 by winning the CIF-SS Division 3 title on Saturday with a 3-0 victory over unseeded South Torrance at Deanna Manning Stadium.

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  • 12th man


  • OldMan in Chino

    Just wondering how many comments would be posted if St. Lucys or Amat won CIF? There were more comments about their loses when Chino Hills beat them.

  • So does this make it official??????

    So does this make it official? So maybe it wasn’t the St. Lucy’s coaching staff that had it wrong after all and maybe, just maybe, Chino Hills was the better team this year, last year, the year before that, and the year before that year past.

    Could it be that Chino Hills just has a better program and worked together as a team more efficiently?

    Anything is possible I suppose but maybe it was just meant to be and the Softball goddess decided to b-slap some karma on that one parent from St. Lucy’s that stated this whole mess.

  • The Unknown

    So nobody is going to say it??? I will I suppose. Chino Hills had a fantastic year! Great job ladies!!! It’s called heart!! Which you all displayed. I do hope the Officals learn how to inspect bats a little closer next season. When a bat makes a sound like it’s aluminium ding ding ding!!! It’s means it has been tampered with. Shaved!! But you still have to put bat to ball and make contact. The ding ding ding can only give it a little more strength that causes the error(s). The new base coaches would know about the bats. Wouldn’t you Slow Pitch Players..

    Great Season!! Ding Ding Ding!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to the Lady Huskies on winning the CIF title. Outstanding job and good luck to the seniors on their college careers.

  • R Gary

    Hey OldMan in Chino,
    Of course there was more comments about their losses when Chino Hills beat them. That’s because the “San Gabriel Valley” Tribune is a local SGV paper and Bishop Amat and St. Lucy’s are located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley.If SL or BA won, there would be considerable more comments, as they are local teams. Not to take anything away from Chino Hills , they are an outstanding team ,with great players, But they’re not even in the same county.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Amat 73-Thank you for the accolade that Chino Hills deserves it was honest untainted.

    To R. Gary your post has the taint of sour grapes and bitterness it sounds like a whine of a St. Lucy follower and one who alibis that the reason that there are not more blogs of congratulations is due to the Tribune being a SGV paper as compared to an Inland Valley paper like the Daily Bulletin. Please give credit where credit is due and do not hide behind a geographic excuse.

    To The Unknown- I am not sure what to make of your post. Are you implying that altered bats played a part in the success of Chino Hills softball this season and that the two errors that lead to the 3 un earned runs against South Torrance were due to shaved bats being used. Both errors were due to the 2nd baseman taking her eye off the ball, not looking the ball into the glove. These were not hard smashes that almost took her head or hand off, but rather a well hit grounder to the hole that was not cleanly fielded and a bloop hit that hit the top of her glove and really should have been fielded by the center fielder or the short stop who both had a better angle on the ball. You speak as if you have knowledge of what a shaved bat sounds like which leads me to believe that you have been on the receiving end of a ball hit by an enhanced bat. If that be the case both of the hits that lead to the winning runs for Chino Hills were nowhere near the type of hits that come off a shaved bat. They were just well hit balls that if they were fielded cleanly would have been outs.

  • The Unknown

    OldMan in Chino you certainly know your “altered bats”. It took the entire season to get where you are and yes all season long i witnessed myself and heard it for myself. I do know what an altered bat sounds like. And no not every hit would be solid. Use some common sense. Even a uneven hit ball of an altered bat would result better. And yes your base coaches do know what that world is like surrounded with altered bats. Never the less CH won!! Way to teach the girls.

  • hssb

    Unknown….you have really stooped to a new low. Just when I thought people could not be more idiodic, petty, self-centered, childish, etc, you come on here and accuse Chino Hills of using bats that have been tampered with. Absolutely unbeliveable and absoulutely untrue, although truth doesn’t appear to matter to you. I would be careful about making false statements though.

    Would it kill you to just congratulate a team that had an incredible year and was clearly the best team in the Sierra League this year? The geographic boundries are irrelevant. Chino Hills won league and CIF through hard work, coaching, and playing as a team. They earned everything they have won and deserve the right to be congratulated like all the CIF Champs.


  • OldMan in Chino

    What is sad is that the SGV Tribune blog gets 9 more hits that the Daily Bulletin blog on this topic. So as much as R Gary complained that Chino Hills has no business being included in this blog, it is the only one that got any hits after the game.

  • R Gary

    OldMan in Chino

    The SGV Tribune has the finest high school coverage in So. Calif. The Bulletin is a rag. Did they even cover the Chino vs don Lugo championship.?

  • OldMan in Chino

    To R. Gary-
    Yes the Daily Bulletin coveraged both games as well as the Pomona Catholic championship game. They did nice write-ups for all three games.
    The write-up that the Tribune did was written by Pete Marshall a staff writer on the Daily Bulletin.

  • True That

    I posted under Clay Fowler’s Preps Blog (Bulletin’s preps sportswriter) asking why he doesn’t promote his blog like Fred does. I guess I see why it is so dead there. He never responded. To bad. His response would have doubled the post count for the past month.

    To the nameless coward accusing Chino Hills of using illegal bats – accept that you lost. They don’t need to alter their bats. They have talent. Get over it. We lost to them twice this season so I know what type of talent they have. As additional proof of ability, look at the travel ball teams most of them are on. You are not on those teams if you need loaded bats to perform.

    Be proud of what your team accomplished. Not bitter over what other teams achieved.