The Arizona Diamondbacks select Los Altos’ Joe Munoz in the second round (90th overall) and Houston Astros take Bishop Amat’s Rio Ruiz in fourth round (129th overall) in the second day of Major League Baseball’s draft

Follow the draft on the MLB draft tracker, rounds 2-15 today; 16-40 on Wednesday

2012 Major League Baseball Draft
Bonita/UCLA, Jeff Gelalich, Cincinnati Reds, 1st round supplemental, 57th overall
Los Altos Joe Munoz, Arizona Diamondbacks, 2nd round, 90th overall
Bishop Amat’s Rio Ruiz, Houston Astros, 4th round, 129th overall
San Dimas/APU, Jordan Leyland, Toronto Blue Jays, 9th round, 295th overall

By Fred J. Robledo, SGVN, twitter@sgvtribpreps
The wait ended early Tuesday morning for Los Altos High School’s Joe Munoz and Bishop Amat’s Rio Ruiz, who were selected during the second day of Major League Baseball’s 2012 draft.

Munoz was selected in the second round and 90th overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks while Ruiz, a first-round projection until a blood clot ended his high school season, slipped to the fourth round and 129th overall by the Houston Astros.

Azusa Pacific’s Jordan Leyland, a San Dimas High graduate named the Golden State Athletic Conference player of the year after batting .441 with 20 HRs and 64 RBIs, was selected in the ninth round by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Munoz, a 6-foot-3 shortstop and pitcher for the Conquerors, had a dominant senior season in leading his team to the CIF-Southern Section Division 3 quarterfinals. He batted .419 with 27 RBIs, nine doubles, five triples and five home runs.

Munoz heard all the predictions as the draft approached. He was projected anywhere from late in the first round to the middle rounds of MLBs massive draft.

He was at school monitoring the draft on his cell phone when his name was called.
“It was a crazy moment,” Munoz said. “I hadn’t heard from the Diamondbacks for two days so I didn’t know when it (getting drafted) was going to happen.

Then his name appeared.

“My heart just dropped,” Munoz said. “It was an incredible feeling.”
Munoz, who signed a national letter of intent with San Diego State, was thrilled with a top 100 selection and has a big decision to make, whether to sign with Arizona or go to college.

“I need to talk to my parents and discuss everything,” Munoz said. “It’s a crazy week getting drafted, graduating and everything else. I’m still coming to terms with all of this, it’s the greatest feeling in the world so that decision will come later.

Ruiz, who gave a verbal commitment to USC as a freshman, had maintained all along that fulfilling his commitment to USC was a serious alternative regardless of where he was drafted.

By going in the fourth round, Ruiz’s chances of going to USC are even greater.

“We have a month to figure it all out and we’ll see what happens,” said Rudy Ruiz, Rio’s father. “Teams knew all along that Rio was a very strong USC commit and with his arm (blood clot) issue, it obviously made some teams rethink their plans.

“We’re going to listen to Houston and see what their plans are, but it would obviously take a pretty-good offer to lure him away from USC. But you never know, either way it’s a great situation for him to be in.”

Rio Ruiz echoed his father’s sentiments during Monday’s San Gabriel Valley all-star game at Mt. SAC.

“It’s a win-win situation,” Rio Ruiz said. “You couldn’t go wrong with either one.
“I either get an education, play college ball and live the college life, or start my pro career, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

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  • 12th man

    Congrats to SGV Arsenal alum Jeff Gelalich for being selected #57 by the Cincinnati Reds

  • 12th man

    Congrat to SGV Alum Chase Dejong on being selected with the 81st pick of the Draft by the Toronto Blue Jays.

  • S Kennedy

    Congrats to lil Joe, he’s an outstanding young man and has worked hard to get where he’s at today. Keep working hard as this is just the beginning of a great future for you!

  • PM

    It was #90 AZ Diamondbacks, not Houston Astros. Either way, Grats to Joe and family!

  • 12th man


  • SGV Fan

    Congrats to Rio 1st pick in the 4th round to Astros #129.

  • confused? says that joe was signed the diamondbacks…and rio ruiz was drafted in the 4th round by the astros.

  • 12th man


  • Fred Robledo

    Thanks everyone, my correction, Joe selected by Arizona and Rio with Houston….

  • Bonita Fan

    What other high school can say they have had 2 first round picks the last 3 years. Congrats to Jeff “Jello” Gelalich on being selected by the reds, and to Jio who is currently playing in the Astros organization. It was extremely fun to watch those two play here at Bonita. Also congrats to Rio and Joe as well. Great week for the SGV with more to come. GO BONITA!


    Wow good to see some of these players getting picked up and going to have the opportunity to play Major League Baseball! There’s a coworker here at work who son plays for the Seattle Mariners and goes by the name of Mike Carp.

    Good Luck to all the players from the SGV and hopefully i’ll watch you on the tube!


  • Harvard Westlake

    had 2 pitchers taken in first round yesterday so I guess they can say it. LOL. seriously though, nice job by Bonita. WHen Garza gets picked later today that will by 4 players taken out of bonita in past 4 years (Jio, Jello (twice), McCreery and Garza)

  • Amat Alumni and Parent

    How about Harvard Westlake? Two players chosen in the first round in this year’s draft. That is pretty good.

  • Bonita Fan

    @ Harvard westlake – very true! completely slipped my mind! those two pitchers will have great success. To have those two pitchers in the same stuff must have been fun to watch. Hopefully they both stay healthy as well as every other player drafted. Good Luck!!

  • Lancelot

    I wish we could get an All SGV team together to play an All OC Team and a All SFV and a ALL CITY team in a 5 game series format type tournament. Look at all the talent from these areas, wow! Talk about some good baseball, these would be great series!

  • Fred Robledo

    That’s a great idea, a two-day all-star extravaganza featuring all-star teams from the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Orange County and San Fernando Valley — Play semifinals, then championship and consolation the following day.

  • Lance R

    any word on former Amat player Tommy Reyes of UC Irvine?

  • All star game

    Fred call it the SGV Classic…the tribune should sponsor this game at the best field in the SGV. However it should be for the underclassmen. This way college scouts and MLB scouts can jot some names down.

  • Lancelot

    Make it happen Fred! I bet that would generate some $$$ for a worthy cause? Or hell let CIF foot the bill and charge at the gate and snack bar. Maybe rotate facilities every year from each respective area?

  • bfan

    Just heard Tyler Pill former Covina HS and CS Fullerton Standout has been promoted from Savannah Mets Low A to St Lucie High A Florida State League and will make his first start tonight. Glad to see local prospects doing well.

  • SGV Fan

    no mention of the kid from upland Daniel Robertson who made it in the first round as the 34th pick? Is that outside the geography of the trib?

  • Fred Robledo

    SGV Fan, yes, it’s a Bulletin exclusive

  • Congrats to all the young men drafted so far ! Great accomplishments for sure and due to a ton of hard work.

    I am a little, albeit only a little, surprised that Garza didn’t get picked up thru the 15th round. However, the Pro guy’s do have a bias, and unfortunately even though a pitcher may have “electric” stuff, they really have a tough time with RHP who are below 6’0″. Call it questions of durability, call it lack of downward plane, call it whatever, the #’s don’t lie so far this year.

    182 RHP’s taken thru 15th Round, 49 of them HS Kids, only 1 below 6′ — and he is listed at 5’11”

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE GARZA, he can deal with the best of them and I’d take him any day of the week, I just think he is getting overlooked because of the tapemeasure…. but hello Fullerton, enjoy college and help them to the College World Series again… cuz right now, the money is all gone… go enjoy the scholly and get the education.

  • Where did lil Joe come from?


    Lots of wasted ink on Rio, fourth round.

    Reading the tribune, its all about Rio, your draft tracker has been following the wrong kid.

    I guess there is more than Rio Ruiz playing baseball in the SGV (haha)

  • Great Idea!

    I love the SGV, SFV, City, OC and IE tournament in baseball AND basketball. Love the underclassmen idea too!

    This could be a rotating thing where Tribune sponsors it one year and it is the SGV Classic, then the IE Sponsors it the next and so on and son on!

    How can we get this going? Even if there isn’t a whole lot of money to be made, although I think the sponsorship opportunities, the gate, concession and other revenue streams would be material, this is a no brainer for both sports!

    Let’s do this!

  • Wasted ink?

    Why are you blaming Fred, the L.A. Times, ESPN and everyone else covered Rio. Is it his fault he got a freak medical condition and couldn’t play. What an idiot you’re. The jealousy never ends

  • I have a great Idea Fred

    I have an idea, since this Rudy Ruiz is so often quoted in the tribune, and on obviously on Fred’s speed dial, why not have him take Big Bob’s place this fall?

  • LA Grad

    Congrats to Lil Joe and all the SGV kids that have this opportunity to play at the pro level. I would love to see all the kids go to college first but it’s great to have options.

    P.S. remember that Sergio Santos would have gone to LA if he hadn’t transferred to Mater Dai

  • LA Grad

    Congrats to Lil Joe and all the SGV kids that have this opportunity to play at the pro level. I would love to see all the kids go to college first but it’s great to have options.

    P.S. remember that Sergio Santos would have gone to LA if he hadn’t transferred to Mater Dai

  • Maribel Munoz

    to where did Lil Joe come from?

    we do not appreciate any negative comments…I see you are trying to pass as family/friend by using Joes family nick name..I AM SETTING IT STRAIGHT.. No family/friends that knows us would ever post or say anything negative on such an important day for Joe and his fellow team mate and friend. It is ashame that I have to comment to clarify but I will not allow any mis interpertation of someone comments.

    Congratulations Joe and Rio and to all of the other young men that are working hard towards their dreams….BELIEVE in it !! It is all possible!!

  • Real talk

    @Fred did RIO RUIZ sign with the Astros or is he still thinking of going to USC?

  • just sayin

    First congrats to the fine young men that were selected and congrats to those that did not for whatever reasons, because you still are holding the cards with a college future. Understand that decisions in life can be very fickle, however they usually always come back to one thing and one thing only, money!!

    If I am the guy writing the checks and you come to me and say lets draft so and so in the 8th round for a bargain but he is not the cookie cutter kind of guy, I say go for it. Why, because that guy will ALWAYS have a chip on his shoulder because they were told they can not do this or that.

    As for the size issue I do not agree even though the numbers are powerful. I believe that many teams would not have wasted their scouts and crosscheckers time if they did not see top talent. What happened was simple, they believe they could not get the player at a fair price given the new parameters of the draft. In other words, a player became overpriced and therefore the buyers were scared off and went to where they could get a value for their pick. Simple as that. Also, just like word gets out when a kid verbals to college and the calls stop cold, so does word get out amongst the teams.


    Don’t get it wrong, Rio can still get some serious money even as a 129th pick, for a guy I know, in 2008 Tim Melville got 1.25 mil as a 115th pick. I guess Rio will get at least one mil if they want lure him out of USC.

  • Pasadenian

    News Flash: Darick Holmes Jr. will be at Oaks Christian next fall

  • Next step

    Just saying

    I agree! Now that kid can go to college and prove himself again. Then they have no choice but to draft higher and pay what the kid is worth. They made the right decision for the kid.

    Nothing wrong with getting your education,maturing more and having fun in college and playing baseball. I had great memories in college and the pro’s came back with a bigger check. Happens all the time!

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Congrats to each of you guys, continue to work hard and work even harder to fullfill your dreams of playing in the big leagues. I wish you nothing but success. Im sure your parents are very proud of you. I love it when these boys get these great opportunities, I just hope we can all appreciate it.

  • Fred Robledo

    Wow, you’re going to have to let it go and like I’ve told others, if you have a beef with me and want to discuss how I’ve been unfair, call the office or shoot me an email because this is not the place to discuss the situation you’re asking about.

  • SGV Fan

    Congrats to Amat and Rio Hondos Paul Paez taken in the 18th round #560 to the New York Mets.

  • Comparisons

    SGV Fan – John Franco type?

  • Reliable source

    I heard from more than one person Fred that a scholarship was taken away from a kid well known that committed to USC. What’s up Fred?

  • more reliable

    not so reliable source – 100% completely untrue. there would be no basis under any provisions of the Letter of Intent/Scolarhsip offer that would allow for that anyway

  • Fred Robledo

    Your reliable source is unreliable

  • Reliable source

    Fred why did you delete my post?

  • Fred Robledo

    I deleted it because one, it was false information, and two, this is a thread to celebrate what these kids have accomplished, not for you to try and publicly embarrass someone. Like I wrote, you have my email if you want to get something off your chest, otherwise, leave the kids and their personal lives alone.

  • CBaseballFan

    Another big SGV Day so far

    Justin Garza Bonita, pick #803, 26th round, Cleveland Indians

    Daniel Zamora Bishop Amat, pick #835 27th round, Toronot Blue Jays

    Cameron Saylor South Hills, pick #1016, 33 round, Los Angeels Dodgers

  • Reliable source

    Ok fair enough but when it comes out that the kid decided to go I a different school or goes pro I will be back to say I told you so. Fair enough Fred?

  • In response to i have an idea

    I second the nomination for Rudy Ruiz to take Big Bobs place this fall.


    No worries, if Rio is expected to be a first round pick, but falls to the 4th round, that only means, the Houston Astros really want him, there’s big chance that they have worked out a deal before the draft.

    Anyway, Rio will either go USC or go pro with at least 1 million signing bonus. There’s no other choice. There’s no other school in the fix.